From Billy Graham to Rock Gods: The Career of Clay Hutson

At the beginning of his career production manager, stage manager, and sound engineer Clayton (Clay) Hutson worked for the traveling ministry of Reverend Billy Graham. Then his career took a 180-degree turn.

In the last decade since establishing his own entertainment solutions company, Hutson has worked with just about everybody who is anybody in the music industry. A partial list of his clients includes Guns and Roses, Lady Gaga, One Direction, Pink, and Prince.

A native of the Mid West Clay Huston would ultimately settle in Nashville basing his company there. He chose his adopted home because of Nashville’s importance to the music industry. Hutson’s post-secondary education focused on theater design. The decade of praxis that would enable him to succeed on his own was acquired while working for a few different entertainment solutions companies.

Like most successful entrepreneurs where most would have seen a reversal of fortune Clay Hutson saw an opportunity. When the last company he worked for began to feel the effects of the recession of 2008 Hutson responded by striking out on his own. The company Hutson has built handles logistics management, production design, and management, rigging and stage management. Hutson also produces shows and offers monitor engineers.

Clayton Hutson has also founded Ronin Event Creative. As a production company, Ronin organizes festivals, trade shows, and a variety of entertainment-related events.

To grow his business Clay Hutson employs a tried and true formula. His approach is to work hard for the client and provide them with a quality product. Hutson believes this approach will bring in more word-of-mouth clients.

In any business reputation is everything. Fastidious attention to detail by checking and double checking his work is how Clay Hutson safeguards his reputation. Hutson believes that there is no such thing as a minor detail. This philosophy is reflected in the scrupulous attention he pays to every detail when planning an event.

Clients want the latest in entertainment technology like video walls incorporated into their shows. To keep his company on the cutting edge Clay Hutson keeps himself current on the latest trends in entertainment technology.