Alex Pall’s Musical Evolution

At times our hobbies and passions may turn out to be some rewarding lifetime careers just like that of Alex Pall of the band Chainsmokers. His DJing career kicked off after his current manager introduced him to Drew and as a result, Alex quit his job and Drew moved down from Maine to New York.

On meeting, they both knew that it would work out well since they understood their musical capabilities from the start. After learning each other’s dreams and ambitions, it was then time to get to work, to create an identity for their own. The band kept in touch for long hours for they both understood that it was a journey and they had to learn a lot along the way if at all they were to achieve their dreams. This new career was not all about paying bills but rather a self-discovery journey. With the keen understanding of their music’s deep engagement with their audience, it became more than just a job to them.

The two have decided to take active roles by singing some of their songs since most of their previous work involved songwriters. At times the two write some of their songs, but whenever they involve a songwriter, they are always there to guide them to make it more about them. The Chainsmokers has always wanted to work with a unique artist who has a strong voice. The song “Closer” featuring the incredible Halsey was written in a tour bus by Drew and one of their buddies, and they saw it as a great step to create an identity for them alongside the song “Don’t Let Me Down”.

With respect to social media, the band’s music has become international, stretching far to South Africa, Philippines and more places. What matters to them is the connection between their music and the fans irrespective of their appearance or age. Due to their forever expanding audience, the duo finds the need to keep on pushing themselves and doing more exciting things. Their live show “#Selfie”, can only get bigger and more exciting due to some of their musical changes. Moving forward, The Chainsmokers is taking its production further and also putting on a festival which is an entirely curated show. For the duo, it has and will always be about pushing new boundaries and giving their audience a whole new exciting musical experience.