A focus on Bruno Fagali: Founder of Fagali Advocacy

Bruno Fagali, a Brazilian lawyer, is the founder of Fagali advocacy. He is a specialized lawyer known for his professionalism and integrity in legal matters. His primary specialty is in public law and anti-corruption law. He, therefore, handles public law, bidding law, administrative contracts, regulatory law, federal civil actions, expropriation actions, executive improbity actions, administrative and civil popular actions among others.

Being one of the rising lawyers in Brazil, he has spent the last few years establishing himself and growing his law firm. He attended the Pontifical Catholic University, Sao Paulo and graduated in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Law. He then specialized in Administrative Law in the same university from 2010-2012. He later joined the University of Sao Paulo in 2015 to study a master’s degree in State Law and graduated in 2017.

During his education, he took small additional courses related to his career. He also did some volunteer work and internships in big institutions like Getulio Vargas Foundation. Mr. Bruno was an intern at Office Model Dom, Pulo Evaristo Arns where he specialized in family law and civil procedural law. He was later employed at the Radi, Cali and Associate advocacy as a litigation and public lawyer.

In 2016, he established his Law Firm called Fagali advocacy, which specializes in anti-corruption law, compliance, public law, and election cases. This firm is still small and growing. It has however been recognized as one of the new generations of rising law organizations in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali is deeply involved in all legal changes that are happening all over the world, and his organization discusses the news and answers any questions arising from the changes. Bruno has also published several articles on his Fagali advocacy. He has also been involved in several Brazilian publications.

His main aim is cleaning up the various corruptions that are associated with public funds by conducting an integrity drive to firms as well as departments that are getting government contracts. His latest discussions have been directed towards transparency law enforcement for the marketing industry.

Learn More: www.bv.fapesp.br/pt/pesquisador/21548/adriano-fagali-de-souza/