Securus Corrections on GTL Inaccurate Claims

Securus Technologies is the principal provider of criminal and civil justice technology in our prison industry to foster investigations, public safety, monitoring as well as corrections. The firm recently issued a press release correcting a GTL press release. According to Securus, GTL’s press release was founded on malice, and it was totally inaccurate and misleading. The purpose of Securus’ press release was to correct GTL on several of its inaccurate claims.


GTL alleged that they were only a few months away from returning to court to eventually prove to the jury how Securus Technologies infringes on its patent. In addition, they noted that Securus Technologies targeted three other patents for IPR challenges, but the patents were fully PTAB validated. On Securus correction statement, they pointed out that with GTL claiming that they are a few months away from returning to court, there is a high likelihood that the jury will not hear any evidence from both sides any time this year, let alone in a few months as GTL claimed.


Another allegation of GTL, the firm argued that they were seeking relevant damages as well as an injunction. If the injunction were granted, Securus would be required to quit utilizing the patented technologies of GTL on its video visitation avenues in all correctional facilities where there is an infringement. On correcting this, Securus Technologies noted that the keyword in the claim was “if granted.” From Securus point of view, the GTL patented technologies on Securus video platforms are not in use. Therefore, Securus corrected that there would not be any facility where an infringement will be occurring. As such, there will be no injunction granted to GTL.


Rick Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. According to him, GTL should comprehend that any patent-related litigation consumes a lot of time and money before it is completed successfully. He noted that GTL is always issuing press releases, most of which requires his corrections, but they are never up to the task by responding to Securus technology challenge.


Town Residential: Changing The New York City Landscape


New York City, The Big Apple, or The City That Never Sleeps. Whatever your definition is for this city, New York is a real estate mecca. There are numerous NYC apartments for sale throughout the five boroughs. They all range in size, shape, and amenities. Amenities are like bonus’ as they tend to help lure in more potential tenants. With so many NYC apartments for sale in today’s market, many people tend to feel frustrated and oversaturated with the huge amounts of information. If your seeking a luxury styled apartment in the city, Brooklyn and Manhattan dominates the scene with some of the best high tech, over the top amenities. So where do you go for the best updated real estate services? The solution is Town Residential.


Town Residential is the premier New York City luxury real estate firm. Yes, there are some pretty fine NYC apartments for sale that hosts some pretty nice toys. Town Residential has a pro-active approach to real estate, unlike many other firms. The firm has the best listings and all of the up-to-date information you can ask for. Town Residential has firmly cemented it’s position from best-in-class customer service and seamless execution. With great Executive Leadership from Andrew Heiberger and Jacqueline Pestana, all new or existing clients will receive the best and most complete searches to help them find that perfect apartment. The firm has a great foundation and services while specializing in:


  • Leasing
  • Luxury Residential Sales
  • Leasing of Property Developments
  • Marketing
  • Sales


Searching through this never ending maze of streets is difficult even for native New Yorkers. This action wastes a lot of time so why not work with a professional? There is nothing to lose, but surely there is something to gain. There are plenty of NYC apartments for sale, but all aren’t equal. Town Residential has the Knowledge, know-how, and expertise to guide you in the right direction. The firm has divisions that service clients in sales, new development, leasing, and town locations. Town Residential are industry leaders that are creating a new standard of excellence in the city.

The BRICS Alliance Is Still Strong According To The President of Eucatex Flavio Maluf


The eighth summit of the BRICS nations is making headlines in India. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are all dealing with their own set of economic issues, but the alliance between the five nations is as strong as ever. Brazil and South Africa are trying to shake a lingering recession, and China is trying to convert to a consumer-driven economy. Russia is focused on rebalancing its geostrategic position in Europe, and India is dealing with rapidly rising gross domestic product growth, and that is putting the country in an unusual position. The tension between Pakistan and India seems to be increasing because of the economic growth in India, so all eyes are on that relationship. But the good news is BRICS is still a viable alliance between the emerging markets that fueled the global economy for the last eight years.



Brazil’s President Michel Temer has done an outstanding job getting the country back on the right economic track. Corporate executives like Flavio Maluf, the CEO of Eucatex, are giving the new president high marks for his recent economic decisions. Eucatex has been a leader in Brazil’s building supply export business for decades. Flavio’s grandfather started Eucatex in the late 1950s, and he only sold one product. That product was ceiling tiles made out of eucalyptus wood. The older Maluf sold the tiles to the domestic market, but they became so popular that Argentina and Ecuador wanted to buy them. Eucatex started to export its only product to other South American countries, and that fueled interest from Europe and Asia. By the time Flavio Maluf joined the company in 1987, Eucatex was shipping ceiling tiles to several countries around the world.



Flavio Maluf was named the president of Eucatex in 1997. He is credited with turning the company into one of the first environmentally friendly companies in Brazil. Flavio converted all the Eucatex factories to renewable energy users, and he purchased a eucalyptus forest, so the company could plant a new tree for every tree that was used for Eucatex products. Maluf also added several new products, and all of those products are produced in an eco-friendly way.  See Flavio’s full list of credits on LinkedIn.

How Don Ressler Has Inspired The Growth Of Entrepreneurship

Don Ressler is credited for having launched successful startups that have turned into competitive businesses. He has worked with different professionals to come up with solutions to the business world and one of the areas he has invested his time and money in is the development of eCommerce stores that have global reach. The first idea that Don Ressler launched was, which specialized in the sale of fitness items and offered advice to fitness enthusiasts.

He needed capital to move to other major projects, so Don Ressler sold the company to Intermix Media in 2001. It is during the negotiations that he met with Adam Goldenberg, who later became his partner in business. They had the same energy and motivation to push for the implementation of new ideas and their first company was Alena Media, which fared quite well for the few years they run it. Alena Media offered marketing services and being their first joint venture they earned millions in the first few years.

Intelligent Beauty
The success obtained from this experience motivated the duo to try something bigger, so they sold Alena to News Corp in 2005. With the requisite capital at hand, Adam and Ressler went about drafting their next move, which included the launch of a company that could offer more than one product and services. To proceed, they held a brainstorming session and came up with an idea to launch a retail store for beauty products.

Intelligent Beauty on operates two streams namely DERMSTONE and SENSA. SENSA offers weight-loss products while DERMSTONE offers cosmetics and skincare items.

In March 2010, Ressler and Adam made another move in their quest for bigger achievements. This time they launched JustFab, a subscription retail that offers beauty products in different categories. In 2011, they employed Kimora Lee Simmons to work as the Creative Director and President. In the same year, they approached Matrix Ventures and were issued with funding amounting to $33 million, which went to the expansion and reinforcement of the infrastructure of the company.

One year later, JustFab received $76 from different companies and the money was spent on the expansion of the company to cover other markets like Canada and Germany on Brandettes. Apart from this growth, JustFab has also bought over several companies including FabKids, which offers products for fashion kids through a subscription system like JustFab.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Wants Everyone To Relax In Her Office


Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the best plastic surgeons in the world, but she is also one of the best business managers in the industry. She has created a place that all women will want to visit because it is so different from what people are used to, and it will help them calm down when they come to the office. It is a nice place to be, and it sets the tone for the rest of the work that has to be done to help a woman feel good about herself.


The office itself is a very calming place that will help women feel good about their choices, and it is also a place where every woman will be able to rest when she is thinking about the ways that she can change her body. She is in a major search for her new self, and she has to be able to express how she feels about herself and her body. The only way to do that is to come into an office that will make her feel like she belongs in this body.


The consultation that she gets is given in a nice exam room, and that makes it a lot easier for her to start making choices for her body. Every woman will be able to tour the office if she wants, and they will talk to Jennifer Walden about how this works. There are many ways to a woman look better, and she will learn a lot from Jennifer Walden during the meeting.


The meeting that women have with Jennifer Walden is helpful, and it shows her what the perfect thing to do is. She gets to make real choices, and she can schedule her appointment today. Every patient of Dr. Jennifer Walden will feel as if she has landed in the best place to get her surgery done.

Seattle Genetics and Dr. Clay Siegall Develop Effective Cancer Therapies

Biotechnology company Seattle Genetics is known for developing and commercializing effective cancer treatments using empowered monoclonal antibody-based therapies. The company has its headquarters in Bothell, Washington and is an industry leader in the use of innovative antibody-drug conjugates technology. Their ADC conjugates technology are able to harness the ability of monoclonal antibodies to directly deliver cell-killing agents to cancer cells. ADCs kills cancer cells, spares non-targeted cells and reduces traditional chemotherapy’s toxic effects. Those drugs are used in 60 countries.

Founded in 1997, Seattle Genetics is a company where scientific excellence, integrity, teamwork, rigorous research and innovation are highly prized. The entire staff is passionate about and driven to help people suffering with cancer. Their collaborative efforts have led to the development ADCs and of a number of technologies in its product pipeline that show great promise in the treatment of cancer. The ultimate goal of the staff of Seattle Genetics is to improve the outcomes for cancer patients. Seattle Genetics’ leadership encourages intellectual curiosity and an entrepreneurial spirit that has led to many breakthrough therapies.

The co-founder, president and CEO of Seattle Genetics is Dr. Clay Siegall. Dr. Siegall has been involved in cancer research for over three decades. Prior to co-founding Seattle Genetics he worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Siegall’s ongoing work and innovative leadership has created the drug development practices that have pushed the company into the forefront of effective cancer treatments with the FDA approval of ADCETRIS. The drug now helps cancer patients worldwide.

Although Dr. Siegall is a scientist by training, he has been very instrumental in raising funds for Seattle Genetics. He has entered into multiple lucrative strategic licenses with Pfizer, AbbVie, GlaxoSmithKline and Genentech. These agreements have generated in excess of $325 million for Seattle Genetics from its ADC technology. Dr. Siegall also raised over $1.2 billion from public and private funding sources for the facility. His work has helped to make Seattle Genetics a global brand and led to Dr. Siegall being voted Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012.

Jim Hunt’s Contribution Towards the Growth of VTA Publications

VTA Publications is a private limited company incorporated on 3rd December 2012. Its headquarters are located in Norfolk. The firm has been in operation for almost four years with only one director. VTA Publication is a non-fiction publisher specializing in distance learning courses. Also, the company organizes events for the corporate sector. The company was formed to outsource experts from different fields and bring them together to create a platform where customers can receive investment advice. VTA endeavors to empower its clients with advanced economic and financial advisory services. Furthermore, it acts as a booking agent for seminars and events. Also, it trains its clients on how to generate revenues through commodities and Forex. The company has earned the reputation as one of the largest providers of long-distance learning.

Over the years, VTA publication has gained fame as a reliable investment advisor. It strives to help the middle-class Americans become successful by providing reliable tips on how to trade stocks. Just recently, the company launched VTA’s Wealth Wave to help low-income earners manage their wealth.

About Jim Hunt

Jim Hunt is a well-established entrepreneur with significant impact on the investment advisory sector. He is better known for propelling the growth of the financial investment industry. Jim is the brain behind the success of VTA Publications. Currently, he serves as the CEO of VTA Publications as well as a financial consultant. Jim became famous for his vast knowledge and expertise in the stock market. He is a veteran in spotting market trends, sharing the information on You Tube, and speculating financial future changes. Currently, Jim provides investment advice online through his company VTA Publication.

Jim Hunt is famous for his inter-personal relationships with his clients. He trains amateurs on how to trade in the stock market through the internet. Apart from being a consultant, Jim works as a writer and a web developer in the United Kingdom.


Sam Tabar Is Appointed As FullCycle Energy Fund’s COO


FullCycle Energy Fund has named Sam Tabar as its new chief operating officer. The new post will see the experienced executive develop FullCycle’s fund management strategy, a key factor in ensuring that the company achieves its goal and missions. This announcement was made in December 2015.
Sam Tabar could not hide his joy following his appointment. He said that the new opportunity would give him the chance to use his experience in fund management strategies to save the environment. He pointed out the important role that the FullCycle Energy Fund is playing towards providing the society with cheap and renewable sources. Sam believes that the company will only be able to achieve its goal if he cooperates with other senior leaders at the firm.
The shift from expensive and environmentally unfriendly sources to cheap and clean sources has been inhibited in the past. Inadequate funding has caused this challenge. FullCycle hopes to change this situation by funding promising projects. How good Tabar does his job will directly translate to the success of the company.
FullCycle Energy Fund was founded in 2013. The organization aims to bring cheap and clean energy to the society through funding new projects. These clean energy sources are critical for powering the growing communities around the world because of their low carbon footprint.
Sam Tabar has a long history in overseeing budget strategies. His first experience with budgets was when he joined Merrill Lynch (Bank of America) to serve as the head of capital strategy. In his position, Tabar had to work closely with the bank’s fund managers and its institutional clients. Through his initiatives, the bank has succeeded in its growth objectives. Sam Tabar has also worked as the co-head of marketing at Sparx Group. At this largest independent fund in Asia Pacific, he was charged with the duty of managing the institution’s global marketing efforts.
Tabar is a renowned entrepreneur, with tons of credits to his name on LinkedIn. He has invested his money in Tribute and SheThinx. The latter is engaged in supplying sanitary towels to women in Africa. Tabar is a professionally trained lawyer. He holds a Masters of Law degree from the esteemed Columbia Law School. Before joining the financial world, he worked for Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom, which is a successful law firm.

Keith Mann Taught Us How To Fundraise For The School

We have been trying to do fundraising for our school for a long time because we know that we need to take the initiative to get this done if we are going to have a better school. Me and a lot of the other parents have been organizing events for a while, but I have no way of knowing if we are doing the best thing. Keith Mann fixed all that when he came into our community and taught us how to fundraise for our school. We have been trying to do that for a while, but he wanted to show us the best way to make this work for the people in our community.

He has raised money for our schools more than once, and he has shown us that there is a better way to raise more money in less events. He works with us, and he has been committed to all our kids by also having his own scholarship for college seniors. The kids who are applying for this scholarship are going to go off to college and make a difference, and we want the kids who are still in school to have better schools to be in.

He has been showing us what to do, and he has been doing a lot of the work to help us. We could not be happier that he has been able to help us, and we welcome him back any time because we can see the difference in our kids. They are going to succeed because Keith Mann helped us when we needed it.

The Remarkable Leadership Abilities of Dick DeVos

The Michigan-based entrepreneur and investor, Dick DeVos, is continuously coming up with new strategies for expanding his business empire. He has spent his entrepreneurial career working in several executive positions at the NBA’s Orlando Magic, Amway, and The Windquest Group. He has established himself as a powerful philanthropist and political donor.


Early life


DeVos developed a passion for business at a young age. He received unconditional support from his parents, who assigned him minor roles of operating the family business (Amway Corporation). DeVos and his brother graduated from showing the guests around during Amway’s convention to giving product demonstrations. Upon completing his high school studies, he joined Northwood University and earned a degree in business administration.


Business career


DeVos landed his first job at Amway Corporation in 1974 and held leadership positions in several divisions such as research and development, marketing, manufacturing, finance, and sales. In 1984, he was appointed as one of the company’s vice presidents in charge of Amway’s operations in 18 nations. He spearheaded the opening of several new markets and tripled global sales to surpass the national sales.


DeVos’ family purchased NBA’s Orlando Magic in 1991. The family named DeVos as the CEO and president of the basketball franchise. He held the role for three years and rejoined Amway as the President. Under his leadership, the company increased its presence in over 50 nations and regions on six continents. In 2000, DeVos directed a revolutionary capital restructuring, which formed Alticor (new parent firm) and other subsidiary companies. Within 20 months, Alticor cut more than 1,300 jobs in Michigan region. DeVos and Doug DeVos (his brother) have been instrumental in the growth of Alticor. They have set new standards in the market.


Charity work


Apart from success in business and politics, DeVos has been a reliable leader in a broad range of community projects. He is the pioneer of Education Freedom Fund that awarded over 4,000 scholarships to needy kids in Michigan to pursue an aviation course at West Michigan Aviation Academy. He has been in charge of various healthcare improvement projects in the Grand Rapids Area.


Dick DeVos heads the Grand Rapids-based Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which has contributed thousands of dollars to artistic, educational, religious, civic, free-market economic, and community-based organizations since 1990. Some of the local beneficiaries include Kids Hope USA, the West Michigan Aviation Academy, Mars Hill Bible Church, and so forth. Since 2009, the foundation has financed the ArtPrize, a popular art competition held in Grand Rapids.

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