Guilherme Paulus: The Epitome Of Shrewd Entrepreneurship

     The Brazil shared property sector holds an annual Top Seller Event that brings together the best business minds. The 2017 edition was held at the Mabu Thermas Grand Resort and had Guilherme Paulus as the first speaker.

He spoke about his role in the establishment and growth of CVC tour operators whose board he chairs. He started out with IBM as financial constraints kept him from pursuing a career in the medical field. He enrolled in their internship program but the work with calculators did not suit him.

Casa Faro provided a way out and he worked as an airfare salesman for two years. He met a federal deputy looking to set up an outlet in Santo Andre. His proposal was enticing and Guilherme Paulus became a partner. His experience and labor would serve as his investment at the beginning.

The idea of CVC came to life in 1972 but 9 years down the line he contemplated closing shop. The challenges in the market were proving to be more than he was prepared for while the tough financial times only made matters worse. His big break came from Mercedes Benz who was organizing a tour for some of their employees. His sales skills saw him win the bid and this marked a turning point for the firm.

Guilherme Paulus has worked closely with Valyer Patriani, his partner, to establish CVC to what it is today. The latter was responsible for the Roberto Carlos show that placed CVC in the limelight. They became eligible for a number of charter flights that translated in amazing income for the firm.

Their innovative ideas have had a great impact in the market. Virtual stores, hotels, shopping malls and an airline have made them stand out from the other service providers. Guilherme Paulus has also overseen the acquisition of a number of firms. They recently completed the acquisition of Visual Tourism.

Having enjoyed great success in the tourism sector, the accomplished entrepreneur ventured into the hotel business. Guilherme Paulus founded the GJP Hotels & Resorts firm in 2005 to provide a reclining spot for his traveling clients. The group serves more than 11 states in Brazil with close to 20 hotels to its name. The hotels cater to the financial needs of their diverse clients as they range from the premium line to the five-star hotels. Three stars and four stars are also part of the line.

The 68-year-old has won the entrepreneur of the year award a couple of times thanks to his hard work. He continues to provide solutions to his clients while providing job opportunities to numerous Brazilians.

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Ted Bauman Uses Expert Advice to Better the Everyday Man’s Life

Ted Bauman is an investment guru, and individual with enough personal experience to merit the gift of advice. Bauman is a former hedge fund manager, investor, advisor to the U.N., stock expert, and international economist. Operating heavily out of Africa, where he migrated in the mid 80’s, Bauman has gained a wealth of experience through his exploits. He holds two postgraduate degrees from University of Cape Town in economics and history. He returned to the states in 2008 and became a panelist for Banyan Hill in 2013.

Banyan Hill Publishing is an investment organization offering invaluable advice through its lauded website. Banyan’s sight contains articles, newsletters, and magazines edited by foremost experts in every sector of investment. These experts offer actionable insight to everyday investors to gain them profitable returns. Banyan’s mission statement since its founding has been to help the little guy, the amateur investor with no experience but a drive to live a better life. Banyan, which came to be as the Sovereign Society in ’98, employs the best minds it can find. Ted Bauman certainly fits the bill, as his unique skill set cannot be found anywhere else. Bauman writes three magazines for Banyan and contributes to their daily newsletter as well. The magazines are the Bauman Letter, the Plan B Group, and Alpha Stock Alert. Read more about Ted Bauman at

The Bauman Letter imparts Bauman’s experience as an avid economist. Teaching readers how to protect and grow their money. Ted’s economist expertise makes him very popular as it affords him a bird’s eye view of overall markets. The Plan B Group deals out Bauman’s international experience, teaching readers how to facilitate moving abroad. Alpha Stock Alert relegates the Alpha code, a stock strategy he created. The code allows readers to pinpoint alpha stocks that are positioned to provide profits.

Banyan Hill also hosts the Total Wealth Symposium, a yearly event designed to teach would-be investors how to make profits within their chosen market. Ted Bauman as well as other panelists serve as speakers in this event, which retains a high rate of success. This year the panelists set a goal for attendees, that their combined advice would net them one million by the end of the year. A very lofty goal but achievable with the expertise present. Ted Bauman is also a respected journalist with articles in several international journals on the process of urbanization.



NetPicks Offers A Few Forex Trading Tips Gratis

NetPicks, a company that has been helping people become forex traders since 1996, recently offered a few tips to newcomers who want to make money trading currencies. The most basic thing to know is that you trade in currency pairs, betting that one of the two currencies will change in value against another currency with the bet being whether it will go up or down. NetPicks teaches people how to make this determination and also provide charts and a real-time signal service to its clients.

Forex trading is known by a few other terms such as currency trading and FX trading. People can make trades 24/7 because there is always a forex market open somewhere in the world and they are all accessible online. The most common currency pairs all involve the United States dollar. The USD is paired most commonly against the British pound, the EU’s euro, the Australian dollar, the Canadian dollar, the Swiss franc, and the Japanese yen. Forex traders can do other currency pairings but the risks of doing so make it inadvisable, visit (

Forex traders can also do leveraged trading, where they borrow the funds they use to trade and then have to pay that money back, win or lose. This can be facilitated through a margin account. The team at NetPicks says no one should ever borrow more than they can pay back if they decide to go this route.

Mark Soberman founded NetPicks and put in place a team of highly skilled Forex traders. He says he and everyone else at his company also trade currencies and so they offer real world experience to their clients who want to do the same. He says they don’t do offer any “academic” or “theoretical” information, instead only cold hard facts they learned themselves.


Recent articles include what to do if you decided to do options trading and it went south on you. Another good article is about staying consistent with your trade plan and not reacting with emotion to changing market conditions which leads to bad decisions.

The story behind the success of Chris Burch in the investment world

Chris Burch is a seasoned investor and entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience. He has invested in over 50 startup companies that have hit the global sphere due to their success story. Chris Burch is the founder and chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. This is a company that focuses on brand development, creativity, and business incubation to develop ventures that impact on peoples’ lives. He has gained resourceful knowledge that has made him develop solution-oriented brands, through integrating consumer behavior to develop innovations that have been used in the contemporary world. The company has embarked on the development of consumer products ranging from hospitality, home furnishing, technological industries, organic foods and Blink Health. You can check for more information.

Chris Burch loves discovering new ideas that help in changing our perception towards things. As such, in 2015, Chris Burch invested in the rehabilitation of cult surf destination on the island of Sumba into a world-class hotel. His vision for the entire project was to revive the once remote Indonesian island into a hotel and tourist destination for people. The hotel which sits on an island with an approximate size of 4,000 square miles has been voted as number one Hotel in the World by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine in 2016 and 2017 respectively ( Since its discovery in the 16th-Century by the Portuguese explorer, the company remained uncivilized due to lack of contact with the modern world. The strategic location of the hotel Nihiwatu beach which is 2.5 km long has two reefs that serve as protection from storm and bad weather conditions

Chris Burch has a rich history from his early teenage years. He was born in Pennsylvania where his father owned a distributorship of mining equipment and supplies. During holidays, Chris Burch would help his father with the construction activities. Chris focused on building on his integrity and ensuring he succeeds in his future life.

Felipe Montoro Jens report about the IDB

On 24th March an essential meeting of governors of the inter-American development Bank was held in the city of Mendoza, Argentina. The minister of planning, development and management at that time was Dyogo Oliveira who frequently defended the rapid increase of private investments like the infrastructure projects in Brazil. He took his time to emphasise on the importance of creating financial mechanisms capable of maximising the private investments in infrastructure projects for Latin America, under the leadership of the expert Felipe Montoro Jens. Dyogo Oliveira proposed that the IDB would promote studies that would give out better solutions for the projects risk management and therefore facilitate the growth of the private investments in the region.

Luis Caputo who is the finance manager and chairman of the bank’s Board of Governors together with the minister of planning’s proposal came to an agreement that the IDB should work to be able to maximise private investments in Latin America. Garrido who is the secretary of state for economy and business support of Spain emphasised on the dynamism of the markets of the region and highlighted Brazil as the best country for Spanish investments. From Minister Oliveira perspective, he saw the need for new investments from the countries with the support from the Inter-American development bank was necessary to face the industries revolution which was already coming. The main challenges highlighted by Dyogo Oliveira was now to build the roads, to provide water that would promote sanitation and the investments on new routes to encourage industrial revolution. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro’s report according to the president of the inter-American development bank was that the main challenge was the construction of infrastructure which will improve the connectivity between different countries. Moreno emphasised that the Inter-American development bank has already come up with new demands that would later result in reinforcing better policies governing the investment to provide gender equality and environmental sustainability in the project.

Oliveira noted that the Brazilian government had been looking into infrastructure and financing for development with the best practices of the countries of the region. In the news portal the minister of planning, development and management broadcasted about how Latin America had been dealing with infrastructure projects of about 1000 which was valued at $360 billion, but according to the minister despite the actual gain in money, many projects were unable to mobilise private capital.



Roseann Bennett’s Discusses Current Medical Trends

Roseann Bennett is a well regraded individual in the medical community. She co-founded the nonprofit organization Center for Treatment and Assessment in New Jersey. Her experience includes degrees from Seton Hall University in marriage and family therapy, and certifications as a Clinical Trauma Professional and Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional.

Roseann Bennett goal is to change the therapy scene and create better experiences for all patients. In recent years, technology has begun to change how practices interact with clients. An article on the website Release Fact discusses the recent Telemedicine trend in the community.

The concept of Telemedicine is using electronic means to transmit medical information. This can be as simple as sending a picture, or as complex as detailing symptoms for the doctor on the other end. The idea has been around for a while with telephones, and even earlier in Australia. However, thanks to modern technology such as phone cameras and video calling, it’s easier than ever to communicate electronically.

There are many reasons why a patient may use telemedicine. The pure convince of talking to a doctor from your home, in addition to not having to pay for a doctor’s visit are a major perk. That allows for illnesses to spread less effectively as well. A patient can also find a specialist more easily, since a person may not have one in a reasonable distance. View Additional Info Here.

As useful as telemedicine can be, there are many cons to this treatment method. Using online servers means there is a chance your information could be hacked. There’s also the simple fact of not being face-to-face with the doctor. That could potentially lead to the doctor not getting the full picture or miscommunication about the severity of the problem. The doctor quality can also greatly be depending on luck. It’s important to recognize these issues when using telemedicine.

In the modern era, doctors such as Roseann Bennett have to be well versed in the current technology options. Roseann Bennett believes that while telemedicine can be a great solution for a lot of patients, many already have great doctors available locally. If a patient is able, she firmly believes going to the doctors is always the superior choice.


Learn more about Bennett in her interview on


Things You Need to Know about Aloha Construction

Aloha construction is a leading roofing company that has grown tremendously since its establishment. The firm is located in Illinois. Besides, the firm also offers its services to more of its customers in Southern Wisconsin, Washington, Tazewell, among many other counties in the United States. The firms team of employees have worked together to deliver the best services to its clients. The excellent leadership skills exercised by the firm`s executives have also played a major role in fueling the growth of the firm. Aloha construction has also highly contributed towards the growth of the local community, and this has helped the firm gain a great reputation.

Aloha construction was recently among the big companies selected by a panel of judges and nominated to receive the Torch awards. The awards are usually offered to companies that exercise good ethics in their operations and those that contribute towards the development of their communities.

Aloha was highly honored for its ability to put its customers first. The judges involved in choosing the companies to be honored with the Torch ward believe that Aloha construction has always strived to ensure that their clients are satisfied with their products and services. A vast number of people that have sought the services of the firm have expressed their satisfaction due to the quick services that they received.

Additionally, the firm is also highly focused on the welfare of their employees and the firms executives strive to offer the best working conditions to their workers. Their ability to listen to their employees’ complaints and advocations has seen Aloha Construction outshine many firms of its kind. The unity exercised by the employees has promoted teamwork, which is a major basis for a successful firm.

Aloha construction has also strived to give back to the Illinois Community through the various contributions they have taken part in, besides the numerous sponsorships they have offered to people in the community. The firm recently sponsored the Kane County Cougars baseball team, the Bloomington Thunder Hockey Team, among many other teams, with the aim of nurturing the talents of the youngsters in the community.

Jed McCaleb- co-founder and CTO of Stellar Development Foundation

Cryptocurrencies have changed the manner in which future financial sector will look like. For a long time, people have always thought of technology of technology as a method of creating devices or relaying information with ease. Not many people thought that it could be used to transact money. Yes, technology is now being used to facilitate the transfer of money. It is not just transfer of money, but a new form of currency known as cryptocurrencies. These are currencies which cannot be controlled by any government or one single person. It takes the powers of controlling the money to the people. The government cannot even trace what the money is being used for. This is the new technology is what people like Jed McCaleb have wished for. This new technology has huge potential to change the industry by ensuring that everything is kept away from governments’ control.

Even though the cryptocurrencies are gaining prominence by each day, the biggest challenge that the industry is currently facing is the security of the systems which are being used. Bitcoin currently is protected by machines which are constantly solving mathematical problems. However, these machines require a huge power supply. The process is therefore costly.

Jed McCaleb, the co-founder, and CTO of Stellar Development Foundation is the latest person trying to make the industry safe. He is currently creating a new system that will make it possible for people to send money online freely just like they do with emails. The security of the new system is something that is being emphasized. Unlike the Bitcoin system, the new system by Stellar does not need a huge power supply. It is an advanced system that creates trust in the system.

According to, The new single payment system by Stellar will allow one to send cryptocurrencies and the person on the other end to receive it in the form they wish. You can send bitcoins, and the other person will receive dollars, yen, etc. everything that happens with the new system is designed to make the industry secure. Payments system for digital currencies will make the industry to grow tremendously. Right now, the biggest problem facing the industry lack of a trusted payment system and Jed McCaleb is working on resolving the issue.

Contact: Jed McCaleb | LinkedIn

The introduction of Freedom checks to Master Limited companies

Freedom Checks have played a significant role in the economy of United States. Investing in Master Limited companies for any country means that the nation will be presenting the most active competitive product to the market. The issue of freedom checks has given the United States to be among the countries with good economy. The state realized that it has the comparative advantage in oil and natural gas production. It decided to concentrate its activities in this sector. In so doing, it passed a law that gave Master limited companies an advantage of operating freely. The government gave them opportunities by allowing them to have a free tax payment to their investors. The main aim was to encourage domestic investment in oil and natural gas. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Freedom checks to Master limited companies gave them opportunities to increase and expand their companies. This created good competition to other industries. Master Limited Companies are involved in the distribution of oil and natural gas products. Besides delivery, they also drill wells and transport these products through pipes.

For the company to qualify to be termed as Master Limited Company or to use them, it has to agree to specific qualification. First, the company must be willing to give out ninety per cent of its revenue to the shareholders. Secondly, it has to accept to give this cash payment annually.

This issue of freedom checks was earlier on believed to be a scam. Most investors did not believe in their existence. This unresolved issue was supported by the information that was posted to media. However, those who presented the data had little knowledge about them. This misled the people until later on it was confirmed as a real scenario.

Matt Badiali is among the best recognized financial analyst in the United States. According to his educational background, he qualified to be the best and trusted individual in his profession. He managed to visit several oil and gas companies in different areas. He also interacted with chief executive officers from different companies, and this gave him full knowledge of what he required.

Matt Badiali’s experience and skills in his profession made him come up with results about freedom checks. According to him, companies gained unexpected profits through them. However, he added that a company needs to invest for quite period before it starts experiencing the extraordinary benefits. Check:


Waiakea Water: Pure and Natural Water

Among many other things, there are a lot of reasons why people choose to go all-natural. It may be their choices on food, but it can also be their choices in water. Tap water is known to contain toxins and contaminants, especially in particular states. Aside from this, there is also a difference in its quality, as well as some people preferring the taste of natural water. There are some things you have to consider when purchasing natural water.


The truth of the matter is, not all bottled water has the same quality. Although others would claim to be distilled, purified, or even mineral, not all bottled water companies come from a good natural source. In fact, some claims of an alkaline water may simply just be regular tap water that has been passed through filters and given an extra pH boost.


About Waiakea Water

Waiakea water is set apart from all the other water brands. It is a bottled water product that stands among the rest of its competitors. Why? This is because Waiakea water can guarantee the purest quality of water coming from a natural Hawaii volcanic water resource.


Waiakea water is very pure and has gone through a filtration process like no other. Volcanic water is known to be filled with many helpful minerals. Additionally, the Waiakea water pH is also alkaline, which helps our body fight diseases and gives us an immunity boost. We are all aware that high acidity drinks can cause different types of diseases and conditions in our bodies.


Having volcanic water benefits aids our body in neutralizing acidity, which helps us prevent diseases and breeding conditions that an acidic system may cause. Waiakea is set apart from all other brands of bottled water because its alkaline source is natural.


The great thing about Waiakea water is that its pH is rated as an 8.2. This means that the water is naturally alkaline, which makes it a great choice to fight body acidity. Instead of drinking sodas, juices, and even other bottled water brands, Waiakea is highly alkaline which presents a lot of health benefits.


Many people may see the process of filtration as something that’s very mechanical. However, Waiakea water undergoes a unique filtration process. In 14,000 feet, the water is filtered and purified from the natural ground, through the porous rock of the Mauna Loa volcano. This natural process purifies the water and packs it with many health benefits.


Waiakea water is considered one of the first brands to promote Hawaiian water from Mauna Loa volcano. To taste and feel the difference, grab a bottle from your local shops and grocery stores.