Talk Fusion 2016 Year Award

Talk Fusion is the first world Video Marketing solution and focuses on advertisements. Technology Marketing Corporation awarded Talk Fusion’s revolutionary Video Chat Product the Communication Solution Product of the Year Award. The award was the second in 2016 from the integrated media giant. The Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award honors special services and product that enable video communication, data, and voice have improved over the last one year. The award showed that Talk Fusion had the best product and solutions in the market.

Talk Fusion uses the power of WebRTC technology to allow users to communicate face to face with anyone on any device. You can easily find the Video Chat App in the Google play stores and also in the iTunes. It makes communication become accessible, and also has increased trust within the online business sector as the willing buyer can call and communicate with the seller one on one. Talk Fusion’s Founder and Chief Executive Office said that it was just the beginning as his talented Information technology team had a big plan for the future of Video Marketing Solution. The team is dedicated to working to improve the current condition of the video to make it better.

Ryan Page, Chief Technical Officer, viewed this as a great achievement and as a confirmation of a bigger goal as it showed how the Talk Fusion team is innovative and efficient. Talk Fusion also introduced Free Trials and launched a new site geared towards helping Talk Fusion Associates and users reach more clients.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007, and its primary purpose was to help businesses stand out from increase sales, profits, competition as well as to make their customers loyal. Talk Fusion provides many ways that make marketing more persuasive, memorable and engaging. Talk Fusion products are marketed all over the world person to person by Different Associates.

The Midas Legacy – Helping People Manage Their Finance Smartly For A Financially Secure Future

The Midas Legacy, headquartered in Winter Garden, Florida, is one of the prominent names in the field of economic research and offers wealth advisory services. The company helps individuals manage their income, plan for their retirement, or simply guide them to invest well for a better and more secure future. The main aim of the company is to save people from making common mistakes that people with little or no knowledge about investing or managing their money. The advice offered by the agency assist clients to get on the right track, so that they are able to live a full-filling life, free from financial worries.

As the world becomes more competitive and financial market continues to show its potential as a volatile playground that can turn life upside down without notice, it is important to have a financial strategy in place that can rescue when the primary plan is not effective. And, this is where The Midas Legacy and its team of highly professional and experienced finance professionals come into the picture. They don’t only analyze at your finance but also incorporates your lifestyle, future goals, and other personal and professional objectives into consideration when guiding you towards investment, retirement planning or financial planning in general. They are professional enough to be competitive but friendly enough to care and this is what sets their financial services apart from other counterparts in the market.

The Midas Legacy does financial mentoring and after closely assessing your accounts and lifestyle, helps the client to understand where they are going wrong. The agency also helps the clients to understand how to achieve financial independence by looking for investment options available in the market, know more about the parameters that move the market, know more about the alert signals regarding personal finance, and stay disciplined consistently with finance. The firm does not only help in terms of offering financial planning but also helps the person to become a better human being and find inner peace, which effectively also helps in improving health.

The comprehensive service that combines personal and financial well-being is a unique concept that The Midas Legacy offers with the confidence that it would improve and impact the life of their clients positively. The members of the agency are given the Midas Code book, which is the source of wealth of information on how to regain control of personal finance, invest smartly, entrepreneurship, retirement planning, health, and other aspects of life. The Midas Legacy has in their best-selling panel authors, high-end stock market investors and multi-millionaire businessmen and entrepreneurs, and the clients of the agency have their combined expertise at disposable.

Toys for Boys Co-Founder Enthralls Guests at Exclusive Event

Danilo Diaz Granados pulled off yet another incredible feat by organizing an event in Miami for upscale patrons this summer. The TOYS for BOYS co-founder was behind an event whose highlight was an excellent menu, elegant and exceptional reviews, helicopter rides, vintage Dom Perignon champagne, and a boat ride in the sundown. Granados co-founded TOYS for BOYS in 2013, and since then, he has successfully held some very well planned and high profile occasions for elegant guest. Granados said that his intention in holding this exclusive event was to provide his guests with an unparalleled experience where men in Miami can find the most colorful and extraordinary products and places.

Handpicked Guests Get a Rare Treat

Guests were handpicked and indulged in a very private and exclusive breakfast at Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum Sales Center. They also had a rare opportunity of taking a special sneak peek into the hugely awaited residential building in the affluent Biscayne area of Miami. Granados and his guests took a 30-minute helicopter ride to Palm Beach Race Track with each of the guest getting an opportunity to hop behind the wheels to have a drive on a racetrack. The guests then jumped into the helicopter and headed back to be presented with the Dom Perignon champagne and lunch at the River Yacht Club on the Miami River with Dom Perignon as the hosts.

About the Toys for Boys Co-Founder

The Toys for Boys co-founder graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics at Babson College. After graduation, his base became Miami, and he worked as an investment advisor and an entrepreneur. He also worked as an Associate of FCP and is the wing liaison for Equity Investments programs at the organization. He has also been an Associate at Fireman Capital Partners since 2015 and worked as a researcher in issues concerned with equity investments and specifically hedge funds, energy efficiency and the advancement of groundbreaking startups. His background has equipped him well for his role as an investment opportunity adviser, and he always makes sagacious decisions even when providing investment consultation for clients.

The Far Reach Of OSI Group To Food Distributors Worldwide

OSI Group has had a highly successful business model and has done a tremendous job marketing their products to clients in the food distribution business.

Recently they bought a UK-based company, Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe has been supplying processed meats, sauces, and various pre-designed entrees to countries across Europe, and they will now have a chance to continue doing so but at a greater capacity. OSI Group will serve as the parent company but will allow Flagship Europe to retain its current leadership and staff and provide them with greater funding for operations. OSI Group has made many acquisitions over the years and have grown into a billion-dollar enterprise.

OSI Group has been a company for more than a century. It was founded in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky who opened a small butcher shop in the growing city of Chicago. It stayed in business for over 40 years before the McDonald’s Corporation entered into a partnership with this shop to supply its meats, and not long after McDonald’s grew into one of the most well-known fast food chains. OSI Group continued to add to its portfolio of client distributors and before long it became one of Chicago’s highest volume production companies.

OSI Group specializes mostly in beef, poultry, and other processed meats. Its meats can be purchased both in raw packages, or precooked and customized into a finished product. Packages include sausages, bacon and breakfast foods, as well as prepackaged sandwiches and even pizza. OSI Group adheres to some of the strictest industry safety regulations and even won the British Safety Council’s 2016 Globe of Honour for its safety measures.

OSI Group has passed on through the Kolschowsky family to the current owners David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin. But it’s not lost its core values of treating employees and customers like family, as opposed to simply running another corporation by the book. OSI Group has long maintained a practice of offering or attempting to retain current employees whenever they buy a new plant, and seeking to increase job opportunities. OSI Group has plants operating throughout the US, Europe and East Asia.


How Real Estate Is Purchased And Developed In Brazil

The acquisition of land and its subsequent development is very different than real estate development as we know it in the developed world. Most of the land in industrialized nations has already been bought, exploited and costs significant amount of money. Brazil can be said to be the opposite. It is a developing country with lots of untouched land and potential.

Think rain forests and jungles. Companies can purchase large tracts of land to make way for farming and ranching. Mining companies can acquire land cheaply and hire construction firms to create a boomtown. If this sounds like the Wild West to you, that’s because it is similar.

In cities a different form of development and acquisition takes place. Land is usually more expensive because it is found in a developed area and demand may be greater. Developing the land is also more difficult and will often require the skills of a company that can meet all safety and environmental regulations.

One of these great urban development companies is Construcap. It is a Brazilian building and real estate development firm that traces its origins all the way back to the 1940s. Over the decades it has steadily expanded and now has engineering divisions in addition to contractors for construction. Construcap is now one of the largest construction firms in Brazil and regularly completes major projects such as soccer stadiums and hospitals in Brazil.

Here are just some of the services and projects that Construcap has completed or can due for its clients. The company serves both the private commercial sector and the public or government sector with its building, engineering and property management services. Construcap can build dams, tunnels, bridges, airports, railroads and even subways for municipalities and the federal government. For the private industry Construcap has constructed entire resorts for the hospitality industry and factories and warehouses for a wide variety of industry such as the mining, chemical and automotive sector.

Construcap uses an integrated management approach in its operations. The company also cares deeply about its workers and often takes their insight when it develops company housing and services. Construcap also has philanthropic undertakings such as promoting literacy and HIV prevention throughout Brazil’s schools.

Jason Halpern – Setting New Benchmarks In Adaptive Reuse Real Estate

Since taking over his family business in 2010, Jason Halpern has set a new standard of building luxury properties by integrating historic elements using adaptive reuse. His company, JMH Developers is a fast growing full-service real estate firm that has invested nearly $500 Million in New York City, alone. Despite these large sums of investment, Jason likes to call his company a boutique real estate firm.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

As a full-service real estate development company, JMH Developers plans and owns numerous residential and commercial projects, particularly in New York and Miami. Using innovative approach to design and construction, the company plans everything from branding, due diligence, marketing, and strategy. Once the initial platform is set, it takes charge of construction, design, and planning.

One of the recent examples of its innovation is a 235 room hotel on the water front of South Beach, in Miami. The Aloft South Beach offers a prime location in the heart of the historic distric within walking distance of countless major attractions. Preserving the history, JMH Developers and its partners developed the site using the adaptive reuse of the historic Motel Ankara. The innovative construction technique not only ensured that historic elements of the structure remain intact, but it also allowed designers to offer 360 square feet of room space to visitors. In fact, the large open spaces and tall columns in the lobby are reflective of the benefits of the model.

Jason Halpern

Under Jason’s supervision, this is not the only innovative concept. Recently, the company also restored a warehouse on 184 Kent to 340 luxury apartments. JMH Development is also responsible for the Townhouses of Cobble Hill project. In fact, such astute planning is not possible without an in-house team of experts working on nearly every aspect of property building. Using the expertise of architects, marketers and engineers, Jason Halpern is actively working on changing the landscape of New York and Miami metropolitan areas. Accordingly, each project ensures that the original elements of the older structure are preserved.

Already, the company has recieved numerous awards such as the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award in the adaptive resue category. As for Jason Halpern, he has shown entreprenuerial spirits after founding JMH in late 90s. He learned the art of real estate development through his family by starting his career in the family-owned Halpern Enterprises. Since then, he has learned a great deal about the real estate projects, particularly in the residential and mixed-use segments. His recent interest focuses on developing hospitality projects. As such, Jason has already plans to own a site on Long Island for a new hotel in New York City.

Helping the Less Privileged with Adam Milstein

The Jewish community is known or giving and donating to the less fortunate in the society. This is the life that Adam Milstein has dedicated himself to. Changing the lives of fellow Jews and the less fortunate in the society. For this reason, he was honored by the Jerusalem Post as one of the most influential Jew. Adam Milstein has done many good things in his life. He is the founder of the Adam and Gila Foundation together with his wife. He is also the founder and the current chairman of an organization called the Israel-America Council. The main goals of these two major organization are to help Jews to live a better life and familiarize with the Jewish culture.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel at a place called Haifa but later moved to Kiryat Motzkin where he spent his childhood. He has mastered the art of following the footsteps of his dad. The two have many things in common. Adam just like his dad has served in the Israel Defense Forces. The two have also served in the war. Adam’s dad fought in the war for independence for Israel while Milstein fought in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. The two are also immigrants as his father moved to Israel from Argentina. Many years ago, Milstein also moved into the United States of America. Finally, Adam and his dad are into the real estate business. Currently, Adam Milstein is a partner at an American company called the Hager Pacific Properties where some of his responsibilities are accounting and disposition.

Adam Milstein is a man who loves reading. He attended the University just after the military service. For his undergraduate, he specialized in economics and business from Technion College. He later attended the University of Southern California for his MBA. His first job in the commercial reals estate included working as a sales agent.

Apart from the two mentioned organizations, Adam Milstein is involved with other organizations such as the Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network, and Israel on Campus Coalition. He has worked with prominent people in the Jewish Community to improve the livelihood o fellow Jews. These people include Haim Saban as well as Sheldon Adelson.

Capital Group Company’s Board Elects New Leadership

Mr. Timothy Armour is an intelligent investor and talented executive. He is a graduate of Middlebury College, who holds a degree in economics. He became an employee of the Capital Group Companies, Inc. back in 1983. He was one of the participants of the renowned Associates Program. He committed his expertise and talents to facilitating the growth of the Capital Group, and his efforts were rewarded by earning a promotion to the position of equity investment analyst. As the Capital Group’s analyst, Armour handled international communications and service firms based in the United States. Currently, he is the chairman and equity portfolio manager of the company.

Capital Group Names Tim Armour as the Chairman

The Capital Group’s Board of Directors appointed Tim Armour as Capital Group’s chairman in 2015. Capital Group is the hub of American Funds and one of the greatest investment management companies in the world. Prior to this appointment, Armour was serving as the chairman of the management committee of Capital Group as well as Capital Research and Management Company.

Armour and other senior leaders of the company’s management committee will team up with other committee members to oversee the operations of Capital Group and formulate, communicate, and execute the firm’s business strategies. The senior members comprise of Rob Lovelace, who is the head of the Capital Research and Management Company and Capital Group’s president, Phil de Toledo. The transition mirrors a leadership succession plan, which has been in place for many years, and was implemented after Jim Rothenberg (former chairman) passed away.

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Tim Armour’s statements

Speaking on behalf of Capital Group, Armour expressed his sorrow for the untimely demise of Jim Rothenberg. He described Mr Jim Rothenberg as a goal-driven leader, who had earned a reputation for addressing the needs of Capital’s clients, financiers, and associates by making wise decisions.

He attributed the success of Capital Group to the collective talents and experience of associates who support the firm’s mission of delivering high quality and excellent investment results to its customers and investors. Armour promised to work with other leaders in continuing Capital Group’s 85-year legacy of helping investors make smart investments.

About Capital Group

Capital Group is one of the biggest and oldest investment management firms in the world. It manages assets worth $1.39 trillion. The California-based company started its operations in 1931, and it has offices in America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. It has over 7,000 associates in various parts of the world.

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Fabletics beats Amazon in online activewear sales

Fabletics is one of the latest brands in sportswear fashion. The company strives to give customers a chance to purchase personalized items. Through the clients lifestyle and fashion tastes, the company seeks to develop products that talk about the wearer. Kate Hudson is the mastermind of Fabletics. She has had a vibrant career in business and acting. While she faces public pressure and scrutiny, Kate knows that her commitment to her brand is of more importance. Fabletics has been in operation for only three years. The company has succeeded and is now a significant threat to Amazon.

Kate Hudson has succeeded with Fabletics because she is a great believer of inclusion and diversity. Fabletics pays a lot of attention to changes in technology and fashion. The company sells personalized activewear and sportswear. At Fabletics, all these clothing items are available in different sizes for everyone. Anyone that visits the website is guaranteed that they will have a product that fits them. Customized products can be made upon request. All one has to do is to send a request and a customer care agent should assist them.

Fabletics offline business model

Fabletics has succeeded mainly because it focuses on a different business model. Fabletics competitors concentrate on a showroom business. People view the products offline and purchase cheaper items elsewhere. Fabletics business model focuses on a reverse showroom. The results from this model of activity have turned out to be highly positive. Their current business model enables them to build customer relationships and gain reliability.

Approximately 50 percent of people that visit the offline stores are already Fabletics members. The other percentage become members once they visit the stores for the first time. When customers are shopping, they first try out an item online and later purchase it from brick and mortar stores. Fabletics doesn’t focus on purchases made online or in stores. Instead, the business model focuses on the best service for customers.

Fabletics strategy with statistics

The next reason why Fabletics is highly successful is that they focus on statistical data. The company concentrates on the right customer content. However, it understands that digital data is critical for the best customer service. The company makes use of both online and offline data to get ahead of competitors. The company gathers data about individual preferences for their activewear clothing.

Local stores have been created for local members and people that prefer offline shopping. The company combines both the latest online shopping trends with traditional shopping to elevate satisfaction. About diversity, Fabletics has clothes for everyone and every body type. The company adds new types of clothing all the time. The kind of tests performed at the start of memberships makes the company ahead regarding customer preference and satisfaction.

In a bid to improve its diversity, Fabletics opened up a male section store as well. Men can take any orders varying from accessories to sportswear. Fabletics has diversified their range of products. The company today sells swimsuits at their main website for both men and women clients.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Two Business Units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

IAP Worldwide Services has acquired two business units from the DRS Technologies Company. The two companies include the Oklahoma-based Aviation and Logistics Business Unit and the Aberdeen-based Tactical Network & Communications Solutions business group. The Aviation and Logistics business provide mission support, aircraft management, repair, and logistics support services. On the other hand, the Tactical Networking & Communication Solutions business offers communication, information technology, and engineering support services to the United States Defense Department and other non-governmental agencies in the world. The two acquired business units will be integrated to form one natural force for good to foster service and solution delivery for the company. This is a long-term growth strategy for the enterprise.

This acquisition will increase the company’s capabilities to render services to their highly-esteemed clients. For IAP Worldwide Services, they value their customers. For this reason, they engage in seeking solutions to expand their service delivery charter to perform effective measures to address their solutions. For the acquired businesses, they will help IAP Worldwide Services to expand their addressable market. The Aviation and Engineering Solutions is the now unit formed after the integration of the two business units. The existing National Security Program unit will act as the guideline to help the new business unit grow in accordance to the company’s missions. According to the Chief Executive Officer and President of IAP Worldwide Services, the two business units will fit naturally into the service delivery platform of the company. For this reason, IAP Worldwide Services will expand their service and solutions portfolio to the United States and international organizations and agencies.

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Doug Kitani, the President and Chief Executive Officer of IAP Worldwide Services, the company established an early strategy to help them grow organically. For this reason, the company grows through lean operations, customer-focused discipline, and innovation tough government services at their core. This acquisition demonstrates the support IAP Worldwide Services receives from their board members and investors. For this reason, they will continue to pursue their dream as a company.

IAP Worldwide Services is one of the leading worldwide service and solutions company with more than six decades of professional experience. IAP Worldwide Services provides a wide range of solutions and services to the United States Government and other non-governmental organizations and agencies. The company is a world-class leader in the provision of management programs. The company integrates and leverages on their unique capabilities to provide innovative, safe, and reliable solutions to meet the diverse customer needs and imminent challenges.

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