Money Market Funds

A money market fund is an open ended mutual fund that that invest in short term debt security. They invest in commercial paper and US treasury bills. Money market funds are as safe as bank deposits and give you a higher yield. They are regulated in the United states with the Investment company act of 1940. Money market funds are unique from different funds because they are made to keep a constant price of 1:00 per share all the time. They only pay interest and never give you capital gains or dividends. One of the most common types of money market funds is one that holds short term securities and can hold treasury bills, commercial paper, bankers’ acceptances, short term CDs, and others. it matures in 120 days or less.

People who want can take the risk of obtaining higher yield for their investors should get a money market fund. They are generally safe to invest in because it is government insured. Investors who keep these funds may risk missing out on profitable rates of return else where.

Bruce Bent II is a finicial expert and businessman who has indepth knowledge of money market funds. So much so, because in 1970 an his father was the founder of the first money market fund. Bruce Bent II learned a lot from his father and later started his own career in the financial sector. Bent II graduated with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy from Northeastern. Soon after, he was on his way to being a respected and sought after financial expert. Bruce Bent II added some rules and discipline to the world of money markets. The impact would create an industry that is now over $3.0 trillion and who serves millions of investors.
Brent Bruce II currently works with Double Rock Corporation as the acting president and vice chairman of the board. He has used innovated techniques and stratedgies to help various financial institutions including banks, retail marketers and broker-dealers.

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Equities First – Alternative Lending Has Become A Necessity

The Great Recession is said to have steepened the credit crunch as employment and demand went down, while credit losses within financial institutions surged. According to the vice-chair of US Federal Reserve (Janet Yellen), the grips of the adverse circumstances have been witnessed for some time with the progress of balancing sheet deleveraging spreading to almost every part of the economy. That caused consumers to pull away from purchases, particularly on durable commodities, to enlarge their savings. On the other hand, businesses were witnessed laying off employees and cancelling planned investments to preserve cash. Financial institutions are said to shrink assets to get capital and enhance their opportunity of weathering the present storm. Some analysts said to understood the dynamic well as they had warned of the deleveraging paradox where firms and individuals would take essential and smart precautions to get back the economy to usual status. In that commotion, banks and other lending organizations have been witnessed making the lending rules tighter where only qualified and borrowers who meet certain set standards could secure loans. Alternative lenders have thus done their best to cover the gap that leaves many potential investors stranded and seeking for working capital. Al Christy, the founder and CEO of Equities First had confirmed the increase traction of borrowers seeking stock loans from the firm and with the hurting borrowing trend in conventional organizations, the trend is predicted to go up. Equities First at LinkedIn .

The giant in shareholding lending services, Equities First ( is taking a gander in assisting small organization and individual borrowers have access of affordable and easy capital. Based in Indianapolis, US, the company is running other global offices where it has operated uncountable transactions successfully. Stock-based loans are affordable due to their small percentage that is fixed until the end of the payment time. There are other benefits attached to the product and those seeking for more information can contact the specialists or even visit their site above.

How Dr. Cameron Clokie Became A Top Surgeon In Toronto

Dr. Cameron Clokie is an entrepreneur and surgeon who lives in Toronto, Canada. He founded his company, Induce Bioligics Inc., and serves as its Chief Executive Officer on He is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with a specialty in musculoskeletal reconstruction. He has been in the industry for 30 years and has established himself as a leader in the industry.

In 1985, Dr. Clokie graduated with his degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. He earned his Ph.D. in 1992 from McGill University, specializing in bone regeneration and dental implants. His skill in this field has led to him being a sought-out expert in surgical management of the jaw, serving as both a teacher and clinician. Additionally, he has published several papers in his field and lectured around the world, talking about oral healthcare, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and other dental issues.

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During his career, Dr. Cameron Clokie has worked in both academic dentistry as well as private practice. During his career, he has been the Head of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. He also served as a professor at the University of Toronto until he retired from academics in early 2017. He has been a prominent board member at a number of other private companies and has served time on scientific advisory boards.

Dr. Cameron Clokie’s innovation in dental surgery has resulted in him holding or waiting for approval of 25 US and international patents. As an expert at bone healing, he has devised methods to coax broken or missing bones to regrow. One of his patients, Peter Russel, lost part of his jaw to cancer. Dr. Clokie was able to regrow the bone and now the 60-year-old patient’s jawline looks like it did when he was 30. Dr. Clokie’s method uses a protein which can cause a patient’s own stem cells to become bone tissue. He is a the forefront of research into this method of regrowing bone to help patients. He also used this method to regrow the jaw bone of a 20-year-old patient who had also lost part of her jaw, this one to the removal of a benign tumor.

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Lori Senecal Makes A Habit Out of Overcoming Adversity

When people set out to seek careers and goals that they are really passionate about, they are going to be met with a few challenges. The challenges they face depend on the type of career they go after. It also depends on the type of personality they have. For one thing, a lot of people have desires that are not necessarily the same as their skills. However, their passion can help with the development of their skills. This is why it is recommended that people pursue what they are passionate about. They must pursue it in the face of adversity.

Lori Senecal has pursued advertising in the face of her adversity. She was working against a lot of obstacles that stood in the way of her success. Among the obstacles she has to face was her introversion and her shyness. Among the reasons that they were working against her is that the advertising world is believed to require an extremely outgoing and emotive personality for success. However, Lori Senecal was able to find something else that is helpful for her. In an article on Adweek, she has relied on her focus on the task at hand and the efficiency of the work she does for her clients.

Her approach to advertising has proven to be effective in that she has managed to keep her conversations short and focused on the task at hand. She has wasted no time on the personal life of her clients because she knows what they are here for. Her clients want to get an effective advertising campaign for their company. Therefore, she gets as much information about her clients and their company as necessary so that she can bring forth good results with her advertising campaign. The effectiveness and the timeliness of her campaigns are what bring the customers back.


Jose Henrique Borghi – Highly Sought After Advertising Professional in Brazil with Exceptional Career of over Two Decades

Jose Henrique Borghi is a well-known advertising professional in the Brazilian advertising and marketing world. He has worked for some of the largest multi-national companies like Unilever, Fiat, Mitsubishi, and much more. Jose Borghi is known for creating some of the unique and highly effective marketing campaigns that captivate the target audience and helps the clients to achieve their business and commercialization goals. One of the ad campaigns that is remembered till date by people from across the globe is the one he created for wildlife conservation, named “Mammals of Parmalat.”

Presently, Jose Henrique Borghi holds the position of co-CEO at one of the top Brazilian advertising agencies, Mullen Lowe Brazil. At Mullen Lowe, Jose Borghi works with the creative team to develop innovative marketing ideas for the clients’ marketing and advertising projects, and is also responsible for client management and adding new accounts to the business.

Jose Henrique Borghi has been active in the advertising space for close to three decades and has an extensive list of achievements in the field. He has won awards at more or less every platform that honors the advertising world, including 16 Abril Awards, 20 Awards at Cannes Film Festival, 15 Awards at New York Film Festival, 7 Awards at London Film Festival, 11 at One Show Awards, and so on. Click here to know more.

Jose Henrique Borghi’s dream of making it big in the advertising world started when he saw some advertisements that won awards at the Cannes Film Festival. He was highly inspired and moved by such award-winning ads that he decided to pursue it as his career. It is what led him to join Pontifical Catholic University and to complete his graduation in marketing. Jose Henrique Borghi has a thorough understanding of not only Brazilian Advertising but has also done some phenomenal work for international media as well. Mullen Lowe Brasil, headed by Jose Borghi caters to many national as well as international clients.

Equities First – Stock Lending Counteracting the Financial and Economic Crisis

The world monetary crisis has raised vital questions on how global policy frameworks regulate, monitor, and manage global liquidity. In public and international financial structure, liquidity is negatively impacted by excessive volatility. In that line, G20 has been working hard to bring about the best solutions. Before they have been focusing on essential array of financial and banking reforms but have stopped to address the vital challenge of calibrating world liquidity in order to cater for the global economy necessities. To date, acquiring a conventional loan is really a challenge, but small business and individual investors have sought other better means of acquiring affordable working capital. The number of stock loan borrowers has been on the rise and Equities First takes pride in providing innovative solutions at a time when the world is fighting a lot of monetary issues.

The urgency of changes is reinforced by various factors and most well among them is; in the next decade, developing economies will probably account for at least 50% of the world financial assets, with a number of systematically vital financial institutions emerging, especially in Asia. Another factor is the timing and prospect of the US Federal Reserve as the interest rates are on the rise. The rise coupled with the new concern regarding retrenchment in world capital flows, has added weight on the significance of liquidity management as a world public necessity. Click Here to Read more News .

Central banks have worked to do this amid crises by highly increasing the amount of swap agreements. But they have also stopped due to establishing of institutionalized world swap network, which is understandable as they are basically driven by domestic mandates. The trend of borrowing stock loans has increased with various investors reaping the benefits of alternative lending solutions offered by Equities First. The loans come with various benefits which include small interest rates, higher loan to value (LTV) rates, non-purpose and non-recourse features among other gains. for more .

Former Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson Creates A Major Profit To Benefit His Philanthropic Work

Over the course of the last two years the well-known business leader Bruce Levenson has become even better known for his philanthropic work than he has for the quality of his industrial work. Bruce Levenson has proven a success in almost every area he has chosen to become a part of, including his work as a philanthropist involved in many different areas of interest, and as an NBA owner who was quickly classed as indispensable to the league when he took control of the Atlanta Hawks franchise.

Upon selling the Hawks franchise for a Forbes estimated $850 million after purchasing the franchise along with the rights to operate Phillips Arena and the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers franchise in 2004. Not only did Bruce Levenson sell the Hawks franchise for a major profit in 2015, but he was also responsible for overseeing an amazing turnaround of the Hawks franchise from the very last position in the standings when his Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment consortium took control. Selling the Hawks to billionaire technology executive Tony Ressler has allowed Bruce Levenson to become even more involved in philanthropy than he ever has been in his long and illustrious career.

Bruce Levenson has always enjoyed a business career that included him taking a number of risks that many would have stalled over, but Bruce Levenson saw opportunity where others did not and set out to create something new and successful. In his business life, Bruce Levenson was originally working as a journalist at “The Washington Star” before deciding to join business partner Ed Peskowitz as the founders of the United Communications Group, which began life as a single oil industry newsletter; over the years UCG has moved from a single newsletter to become one of the leading real time information providers for a range of different industrial sectors.

As a philanthropist the work of Bruce Levenson seems to only get more impressive as time moves on with his commitment to a number of different causes, including the U.S. Holocaust Museum the Levenson family have played a major role in creating over the years. Since leaving the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson has worked to develop his philanthropic options with his position as chair of a ball developed by the Kennedy Center for the Arts benefiting the Anti-Defamation League. Levenson has also worked diligently to create the “Do Good Institute” at the University of Maryland,, which provides a dedicated education in philanthropy and not for profit leadership.

Traveling Vineyard Sets The Standard For Wine Consultants

The Traveling Vineyard is a very interesting concept. It has become one of the most significant websites around when it comes to any type of work from home position.

This position of wine consultant that a lot of people take on is a very interesting position. It has given many others that chance to work from their homes as they learn about different wines and the way that wine is sold.

The ability to get exclusive wines from the Traveling Vineyard has changed the way that people look at wines. So many people are interested in building up their wine collections, but many of them simply do not have the knowledge to know what wines are going to enhance their collections. This is why the consultants from the Traveling Vineyard are so popular. They help a lot of the wine collectors build a better collection. In many cases these consultants have been trained on wine pairings and they know exactly what types of wines are available.

The best thing about the Traveling Vineyard consultant job is that there isn’t a set schedule. Each representative can pave their own path. They can throw wine tasting parties when it is convenient for them. There’s nothing that is set in stone. These are consultants that also have the ability maximize their incomes by expanding their geographic area. There is nothing in the Traveling Vineyard rule book that stops consultants from building clientele in other cities or states. The amount of money that is made with the Traveling Vineyard all comes down to the motivation of the representatives. There are a ton of representative that have been interested in work with the Traveling Vineyard for this reason. They know that there is no limitation if they are willing to work hard and acquire customer.

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The True Proof of the Value of Kabbalah

That is why, in addition to courses and events, the Kabbalah Center created the Kabbalah Center’s Charitable Foundation. The Foundation is committed to sharing financial and other resources with people in need, as well as creating programs that benefit the local and global community. This is accomplished by identifying urgent needs in the world, and by creating effective responses to these individual circumstances. It is mainly volunteer students from the Kabbalah Center who are responsible for these programs. Volunteering is one of the most powerful ways of using the wisdom and tools of the Kabbalah and putting them into practice. Sharing with others is how miracles manifest in our lives. The Kabbalah is a movement that does not remain motionless. It is an active, living, and constantly growing force. She builds with the efforts and the Light brought by her volunteers. Each individual comes with his or her own magic. If you are interested in bringing your magic to one of our charitable projects, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at your Kabbalah Center. The Centers approach is comprehensive, compassionate and effective and without being hampered by bureaucratic and administrative barriers.

By contemplating of Kabbalah, we figure out how to complete our fate. Now and again we disregard the way that we have not prevailing with regards to fulfilling our fate. This sentiment disappointment overwhelms in majority people sooner or later in their lives. What’s more, shockingly, the more we endeavor to fulfill our fate, the more it breaks us. Satisfying one’s predetermination” does not mean encountering brief bliss or prosperity, for we have all encountered with fugitive moments of satisfaction. The word “Kabbalah” can have many different meanings according to the people who use that term. In a word, it is a very old wisdom that reveals the functioning of life and the universe. In the literal sense, the word Kabbalah means “to receive”.

When we talk about connecting ourselves to the energy that will enable us to accomplish our destiny, we mean that we will be connected to this energy in a sustainable and even permanent way. Kabbalah is a very old and yet entirely new paradigm that teaches us how to live. It teaches us that all areas of our life – health, relationships with others, business – have the same origin and root. It is a technology that explains how the universe works at the fundamental level. This is a totally new way of perceiving the world that can bring you the peace and serenity you may be looking.

Jeff Schneider: Leading by Example

Using his leadership experience, Jeffry Schneider has helped many kids over the years improve their emotional and physical wellbeing. He’s worked tirelessly with organizations inside and outside of schools that focus on enriching the lives of children. In these programs, Jeffry has empowered kids to realize that they have the power to achieve any aspiration in life. From working with kids who have been through the trauma of natural disasters to spending his time at facilities for mistreated children, Jeffry uses his knowledge and innate skill to teach today’s youth the value of health and hard work.

Jeff leads by example, therefore, he wakes up every morning before sunrise (often even before his alarm), so that he can hit the gym, exercise, and maintain his healthy lifestyle. If he’s in a place where he can’t access a gym, he takes a jog at a nearby park. In addition to working out daily, Jeff loves running marathons, eating healthy food at almost every meal, and practices meditation. It’s amazing and inspiring to see how much time he devotes to his health especially compared to others in his field. His commitment illustrates the idea that no one is too busy to change their habits. Instead of wasting time finding reasons why he can’t do something, Jeff simply goes for it.

Jeffry understands it takes just as much effort to make excuses why you can’t accomplish a goal as it does to accomplish it, one of his many admirable qualities.

While he has many causes that he supports, as a father, he has an unwavering commitment to help the world’s children. He has made it his mission to help kids everywhere as he knows they are the future. By supporting children, he’s supporting the future. In this way, Jeffry will continue to motivate others for as long as he can. Jeff strongly believes in the power of individuals everywhere mastering their capabilities, so he strives to ensure that all children self-actualize. His altruistic personality is revitalized by giving to disadvantaged groups, and he hopes to leave a legacy that inspires others to do the same with their time.

With selfless trends like “Giving Tuesday” beginning to take off, Jeffry Schneider realizes that there is a significant change happening in the business world. More and more, people want to be increasingly morally and spiritually engaged in their local, national, and global communities. Schneider also understands and observes that people want to disengage from consumer culture so that they can lead more fulfilling lives. Because of this, Jeffry Schneider is trying to help the cause and lead by example seeking satisfaction in life from immaterial things.

Along with sponsoring those who actively give back, Jeffry has also made it his mission in life to help people from all walks of life lead healthier lifestyles. A strong believer in health and wellness programs, Jeffry makes these a part of his and his children’s lives in addition to supporting others instill wellness programs in their lives. He believes and teaches that we all have the power to make healthy choices and that these small choices in the present can support a healthier future. Whether he’s volunteering his time at one of the many local nonprofit organizations, or participating in fitness runs, health seminars, or other community events, Jeffry leads by example and strives to make positive change in others.