How Greg Aziz Bought The National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is an accomplished businessman in North America. The reason for his prominence is that h leads one of the largest businesses in the region known as the National Steel Car. Gregory Aziz is the Chairman and CEO of this organization which he bought from Dofasco in 1994. National Steel Car deals with the manufacturing of railroad freight cars. Under the leadership of Gregory Aziz, this company has been operating with great precision. It is one of the companies which have a good track record of results and can be depended upon to deliver for the railway industry. National Steel Car has its manufacturing plant in Hamilton, Canada. It is one of the biggest engineering companies in the region thanks to the contribution of Gregory Aziz. He has managed to keep the company on track of good results by applying the best management skills while leading NSC.

Gregory Aziz was born in Ontario, Canada in 1949. He is one of the people who has made a great difference in the region by applying his business skills and economics expertise to lead the country. Greg attended Ridley College and later University of Western Ontario. He holds a degree in economics.

After completing his university education, James Aziz started his career in business by working in a wholesale food business that was owned by his family. In 1971, Affiliated Foods was just a small business that supplied fresh products in the local markets in Ontario. However, after Gregory J. Aziz joined, he took up the mantle of leadership and pushed the company to the highest levels of success. After two decades, Affiliated Foods was the biggest food company in the region and was supplying even to the United States.

In the 1980s, Greg Aziz left the food business and ventured into the investment banking industry. He went to New York where he worked with a number of banks. While working with these investments banks, he had an opportunity to interact with many people in the business sector and even got an opportunity to see some of the investment opportunities that were available then.

In the 1990s, an opportunity came up through Dofasco. This company was managing the National Steel Car and was on the verge of relinquishing its mandate. It was selling the engineering firm to willing investors. Greg Aziz made a decision to purchase the company and revive its operations.


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The commencement of Talos Energu

Recently, in May Talos Energy Inc. and the Stone Energy Corporation merged to form “Talos Energy”. The two oil and gas companies have a history of instinctive strategic development and asset management procedures. Stone, having filed for bankruptcy in 2016 welcomed the merger allowing Talos Energy to go public without the associated costs involved in making an initial public offer to the market. Tim Duncan, the current CEO of the newly formed Talos Energy and former Talos Energy Inc. CEO said that this merger would benefit shareholders due to their increased scale and liquidity. He further appreciated the efforts of everyone involved in sealing the $2.5 billion-dollar deal in which he took four months to seal.

As the oil and gas industry rebounds from the 2015 collapse of oil, recent developments have made the price of oil to increase to over $ 60 dollars for a gallon of oil. The merger will see Talos Energy boost production to a capacity of 47000 barrels. Talos Energy will also have proved reserves of 136 million barrels of oil equivalents. The newly Merge company will also maintain a 1.2 combined gross acres in the Gulf of Mexico, not including roughly 160,000 acres off the coast of Mexico.

Talos Energy also announced a new credit facility it had entered into with an initial borrowing base of $ 600 million dollars, with $300 million available. The newly formed company has a liquidity of $450 million dollars, out of which $150 million is in cash, net of transaction related costs. Talos Energy also pranced about their Pro forma Year-End reserves at SEC of approximately 205 MMBoe, out of which 150 MMBoe were proved reserves thereby increasing its financial flexibility.

Talos Energy also released its financial and operating guidance for the year 2018 with Tim Duncan announcing its release and what it meant for Talos Energy together with its particulars. Tim Duncan stands on the help of successfully turned around assets and companies. In 2005, he spearheaded the acquisition of the Phoenix field which is now Talos’ largest asset. Another one of Tim Duncan’s great scores was the discovery of Zama -1, which proved to be a success after Talos teamed with Premier Oil to drill a 1000-foot indicator well.

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Ted Bauman Receives High Praise For His Low Risk Investment Advice

Ted Bauman is a financial expert, and he works Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor. The company produces and publishes a full line of financial newsletters aimed at investors located around the globe. Their expert advice is presented by a host of editors, all of whom bring years of financial expertise to their readers. Ted has worked there for several years, and he brings his own insightful financial wisdom to the readers of his works. Read this article at Gold-Eagle

Ted is the author of several publications, including The Bauman Letter. He is also the editor of the Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. He began in his role at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. The firm’s clients are made up of investors at different experience levels, and each signs up as a subscription member at Banyan Hill. They can be made up of investors with either low, moderate, or high risk tolerance. The team of editors will have their areas of expertise, and their goal is to inform and educate the subscribers with practical financial advice, wealth building tips, asset preservation strategies, potential tax saving tips, and more. In his publications, Ted Bauman gears his writings on investments always aimed toward a low level of risk. He is diligent in his research of both domestic and international interest to his readers. He has developed a loyal client base consisting of tens of thousands of investors, and he is recognized for his consistency and strong results. He always has the best interest of his clients in mind. Ted Bauman has built a reputation for advising of the steps and strategies to help protect investor assets, as is evident in all of his publications and articles.

Ted Bauman is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. Originally born in Washington DC, Ted was raised in nearby Maryland. He spent many years in South Africa, having gone as a young man and working there for 25 years. Ted earned his post graduate degree in the dual studies of Economics and History while in South Africa. He attended the University of Cape Town.

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Understanding Constitutional Law by Professor Sujit Choudhry

Professor Sujit Choudhry has over the years been involved in researches that touch on constitutional law and also involving politics. The globally well-known scholar’s work includes the use of constitutional design in helping the shift of violent conflicts into passive democratic politics, decentralization, minority and group rights, and presidential. His work has also touched on the constitutional building procedures and also the oversight in the security sector. Professor Sujit Choudhry has also been broadly involved in the writing of the constitutional law of Canada. Among his latest work is a chapter released in the ‘constitutional Democracies in Crisis?’

The chapter revolves on a tweet that was made by Eric Holder in December 2017 who was the attorney general during President Obama’s era. In the tweet, Holder defined the termination of Robert Mueller who at the time was white house Special Counsel “absolute red line”, according to ( Holder continued to say that if Mueller was to be removed, what would follow is a “mass, popular, peaceful support of both.” According to how Sujit Choudhry understands the tweet is that it is based on two models which one is the symbolic use of “red line” and the other one is when Holder lives it to the Americans to decide whether there was an abuse of power by the officials. Besides, Professor Sujit Choudhry emphasizes that only the people will give the direction to be taken on the matter, based on

Holder’s tweet according to professor Choudhry is based on the concept of constitutional self-enforcement at a focal point, see ( He insists that constitutions are governing expectations of those in authority and the people and is determined by the aptness of the performance of the officials by focusing on the rules in the constitution. Sujit Choudhry adds that when there are violations of these rules at any point does not give the court the authority to assume them as such. It is for this reason why Professor Sujit Choudhry finds it surprising for Holder to write such a tweet despite him once serving as the “chief law enforcement official.” According to Choudhry, Holder could instead focus on the legal challenges even if he was supporting Mueller, check this

Entrepreneur and Biker Michael Hagele Dispenses Invaluable Advice for Beginner Bikers

Experienced mountain biker and technology enterpreneur Michael Hagele has detailed the steps necessary for beginners to take in order to ensure a safe, secure and enjoyable mountain biking experience. Hagele suggests beginners attend a mountain biking program, or alternatively undertake initial outings in local settings with like-minded, preferably experienced, companions. As numerous major metro areas employ difficult grading system in marking out mountain biking trails, finding a suitable trail should not be difficult for a beginner. Trails vary widely, depending on location and geography; relatively straight smooth trails surrounded by open land can be contrasted with trails surrounded by heavy forestation or mountainous trails.

Michael Hagele recommends high quality equipment, including dual suspension systems for premium shock absorption, disc braking to facilitate optimum all-weather performance and a hydraulic seat for easy adjustment. He also touts the benefits of renting, which numerous bike shops facilitate by offering significant rental discounts. View Michael Hagele’s profile at

Hagele also points out the need to acquire a well-fitting helmet, sturdy – but not necessarily tight – athletic shoes, as well as breathable and elastic lightweight athletic wear. Optional items include gloves, as well as navigation and equipment kits for longer traverses.

In preparing for a ride, Hagele suggests constant gym training to prepare one’s body for the rigors of mountain biking. In immediate advance of a ride, he advises a sufficient meal, as well as a stretching regimen. While riding, Hagele instructs beginners to begin slowly then slowly pick up their speed, while maintaining reasonable distance from other riders.

He also counsels taking particularly careful note of the weather before a ride, as storms, humidity, extreme heat, extreme cold, rain or length of sunlight can have a significant effect on the ride.

Michael Hagele serves as outside counsel for various companies in the technology, biotechnology, energy and aerospace industries. He is the holder of a degree from the University in Iowa and a Juris Doctorate from the University of California in Berkeley. A highly experienced mountain biker, Hagele rides between 200 and 400 miles monthly. Visit:


Ian King Guiding Investors thru the Cryptocurrency Universe

Unicorns in the Making

Rarely do venture capitalist expect a startup to be given a $1B valuation at the starting gates; they have a special word for them: “unicorn.” Unicorn startups are in 13 states and valued at $360B. According to King, there are at present 276 companies valued at over $1B.

Unfortunately, the persons who profit from these “unicorn” startups are the high-end investor. It is rare the value returns to the investor. Could the big cryptocurrency boon be another “unicorn” for investors and the venture capitalist? Today there are over 200 bitcoin currencies on the market. Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.

Altcoins vs. Bitcoin

The blockchain technology is being diversified to fit many kinds of applications and services. In order to meet the demands of innovative entrepreneurs applying the technology new sources of capital are arising to invest in these technologies.

King envisions this may be creating a type financial mania in the market; that is, the mindset of getting in on the next best thing.

Rise of the Cryptocorn

Ian King calls attention to the blockchain mania as the rise of the “cryptocorn” Within a year of one another, Bitcoin stood out at one side of the spectrum as the first, then following only a few months, nearly 47. At the same time as crypto coins increased the market share has continued to drop to 33% market share.

There a New Kid in Town: ICO

This new wave of cryptocurrencies has been named “altcoins,” and at present, the market has seen a huge proliferation of them; growing from 64 in early 2014 to today with a total of 1,398, says Ian King.

When a new authentic “altcoin” is placed on the market for purchase investors can use an ICO to purchase shares in the new cryptocurrency and that usually refers to a type of Bitcoin exchange. The good thing for investors is that investors who get in on the new altcoin purchase have an investment which can show a market liquidity.


Ian King

Ian King trades cryptocurrencies and is a senior analyst for Banyan Hill Publishing. He edits the Banyan Hill Publication Crypto Currency Trader, which offer investors an easy way to get into the cryptocurrency investing world.

He has over twenty years experience trading and analyzing the financial markets. Ian King has been covered by Fox Business News, Investopedia and other financial market news journalist. He’s worked at Salomon Brothers’, Citigroup, and Peahi capital. He began his work with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017. Read this article at

Stellar Co-Founder Jed McCaleb Hopes For A Universal Payment System

Jed McCaleb is one of the early innovators in the blockchain technology. He joined the industry immediately the first digital currency was launched. In 2010 after reading an article about bitcoin, he was impressed by the new currency that was decentralized and would not be controlled from a central position by anyone. Even before bitcoin was created, he had always thought of a similar concept. He wanted to make the world enjoy a currency that no one would control, and he accomplished his mission successfully when bitcoin was launched in 2009. By the time he was learning about bitcoin, only a few people knew about it. In fact, he is among the first people to subscribe to the bitcontalk forum which opened the discussion about the cryptocurrencies.

Within a year after learning about bitcoin, Jed McCaleb had already introduced himself as an industry innovator. He came up with a plan to make the industry better by innovating new ways of doing things. By 2011, he had created an exchange platform that was unique than others. It was a centralized exchange platform that would allow exchange without requiring the second party. The platform was known as Mt. Gox. It was the one which marked the entry of Jed McCaleb into the industry. Jed McCaleb has ever since implemented various other innovations which have greatly changed the industry.

Jed McCaleb is now the co-founder of Stellar. With this new firm, he is trying to create a universal payment system that will allow the use of cryptocurrencies in transactions. The plan is to make the digital currencies useful by ensuring that people can shop with them just like they do with any other currency. He is also predicting that non-crypto assets such as shares and stocks will be digitized in the next one decade.

With the current initial coin choices, Jed McCaleb mentioned one CNBC that the blockchain industry remains highly untapped. He is hoping to change the situation using Stellar. His experience in the industry is becoming increasingly important to the industry as he is one of the innovators who are determined to make the blockchain technology useful in the financial industry. So far he has a good track record which shows that he is up to the task ahead.

Official Contact Details: Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn

Heather Russell Koenig

Heather Russell Koenig is a and Executive Vice President and chief legal officer for the consumer credit reporting agency, TransUnion. Although Heather is a new acquisition to the very prominent agency, she is sure to make an impact right away. Her predecessor, John Blanke, is set to retire after 15 years with the company, but prior to his departure he is doing everything to help her transition into her new role. Heather is no stranger to hard work. She received her Bachelor of Arts from William and Mary College while majoring in english and biology. In furthering her education, she attended American University and received her Doctor of Law in 1997. Her diligence and concentrated studies have more than proven worthy.

Prior to joining TransUnion, Heather held the partner position with the very prominent Buckley Sandler Law Firm. There she served as the overseer of their Financial Institutions Regulation, Supervision & Technology (“FIRST”) practice. The (F.I.R.S.T.) practice helps their clients, such as banks and financial service institutions develop strategies to help combat financial stagnation. To put things into perspective, a few of Buckley Sandler clients, past and present, include 17 of the 20 largest banks in the United States.

Prior to her position with Buckley Sandler, Heather also held other executive level positions. One very noteworthy being that of Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary at Fifth Third Bank, which was at the time the 12th largest bank in the US. She also spent some time with Bank of New York Mellon, which is one of the three oldest banking corporations in the US, holding about 2 trillion dollars in assets under management. There she held the title of Global Chief Regulatory Counsel and was able to found the International office of public policy and Regulatory Affairs. The objective of the Regulatory Affairs Department is to manage the bank’s relationships with its Regulators in over 100 countries worldwide.

The future is very bright for Heather Russell and the TransUnion company. There may not be anyone more excited about this then Jim Peck, president and CEO of TransUnion. He has stated that he is confident in Heather’s leadership qualifications.

More news about Russell’s appointment as new CLO:

Jeff “JL” Yastine Offers Lucrative Opportunities to Clients

Banyan Hill Publishing

In 1998 The Sovereign Society was established as a publishing company that supported investment strategies, offshore accounts, options trading, and a host of other meaningful reports for the investor. The Sovereign Society was rebranded as Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016, only a year after Jeff Yastine joined Banyan Publishing. Today Banyan Hill boasts over 400,000 subscribers to its expert wrote newsletters and investment reports. Read this article at

What’s in a Banyan?

The Banyan Tree inspired the rebranded name Banyan Hill Publishing. The Banyan Tree is the largest canopy tree in the world. The Banyan Tree’s canopy can grow as high as 86 meters. It provides coverage for everything under the tree. Likewise, investors who take shelter at Banyan Hill for their investments knowledge receive that all-encompassing support from the experts at Banyan Hill. The banyan tree has “aerial roots” which fall from its branches and burrow into the ground acting like supports for the branches.

Seeking Investor Advice

The Great Banyan located near Calcutta has an area of 486 meters and a height of 86 meters. The original trunk was 51 foot wide with over 3000 “aerial roots.” Today an investor has twooptions to receive help. He can go to an advisor that will give general advice or teh investor can take hold of his investments on their own. Banyan Hill provides the best of both worlds while giving the investor prescriptive advice from experts in the financial sectors they are investing.

Leads to Lucrative Investments

With sufficient stock market and investment experience practiced for well over twenty years, and experience in financial journalism, Jeff “JL” Yastine teamed up with Banyan Hill Publishing as editorial director in 2015. Jeff Yastine looks at the trends in the various markets, whether business, economic or monetary and offers to investors lucrative investment opportunities, which has gone unnoticed.

Emmy-nominated anchor

From 1994 to 2010 Jeff Yastine performed correspondent work for PBS Nightly Business Report. In 2007 He was nominated for an Emmy for covering the American Infrastructure. Jeff Yastine has been influenced by several distinguished investors: Warren Buffett, Michael Dell, and others or entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson.

Jeff Yastine Major Reporting Events

1990s Tech bubble

1999 Return of Panama Canal to Panamanian Government

1994-Foreign Nations impact on US Government

2003-Foreign Nations impact on US Government

2008-Real estate crisis

2010-Deepwater Horizon oil spill

2005-Hurrican Katrina Financial Impacts in 2005

2007-Report on Deterioration of Infrastructure in the US (Emmy-Nominated)



Neurocore Provides Drug Free Alternative to Reduce Anxiety Symptoms

The Gazette Day, a UK news agency, recently published Erica Smith’s article “Can Neurocore Help When Anxiety Becomes Too Much to Handle”. The article discusses the possibility of using brain training to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Though most people feel stress throughout their lives, when anxiety begins to overwhelm and affect the daily life, there may be a mental health condition at play. Though no one knows why some people are more likely to have anxiety disorders than others, some suggest that it may be related to the brain. When anxiety begins to impact a person’s ability to function in day-to-day life, it might be time to look into the different options available. Brain training centers like Neurocore, which is an applied neuroscience brain training center located in Michigan, provides non-invasive treatment.

However, there are a variety of different anxiety disorders. General Anxiety Disorder is an anxiousness and worry that begins to intrude on a person’s normal life. Even minor things like chores or being late can become a source of uncontrollable anxiety. Panic Disorder is when people will have repeated panic attacks over the course of a month. People who have experienced panic attacks suggest there are symptoms like trembling, breathing difficulties, feeling dizzy, or feeling a loss of control. Social Anxiety Disorder is the fear of being judged or humiliated by others that can lead to an overwhelming sense of anxiety. They have specific social situations that act as triggers for the anxiety. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can lead to overwhelming fears and thoughts that lead to anxiety. They feel the need to relieve the stress through rituals or other compulsive behaviors. Neurocore suggests that a treatment plan can help people control the anxiety orders listed above.


A variety of therapies are available to people with anxiety disorders. Treatment plans may include medication, anxiety management strategies or cognitive behavior therapy. People with anxiety should consult a healthcare professional to get personalized treatment.

Neurocore provides a program for anxiety without the use of drugs. They use innovative brain training to help prevent anxiety, social anxiety, and even panic attacks. Almost 90% of their clients have seen an important reduction in the symptoms of anxiety. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.