Flavio Maluf Oversees the Merger between Duratex and Eucatex

In business, the responsibilities of leveraging services can overwhelm an individual. Even for the most experienced professionals, this can happen. Taking on a viable partnership can lighten this workload in many ways including lessening an individual’s financial burdens as well as improving the quality of services and products in the company. Alongside enhancing the overall reputation of the company, a partnership unlocks the company’s potential in many ways. As illustrated by Eucatex and Duratex in their latest announcement, planning in business comes in handy when working on a merger.

Eucatex Partners with Duratex

There is a growing demand for products in the industry of wood panel. For that reason, Eucatex and Duratex have decided to sign a deal. The two companies have been working in Brazil’s manufacturing industry for a decade. What is more, they share the same agenda based on leveraging top notch services in their respective industries. From supplying wood panels, metals, as well as sanitary ware, to manufacturing customized tiles, the companies have decided to have a symbiotic relationship. View ideamensch.com to learn more.

What Does Eucatex Do?

Eucatex is a 50-year-old innovative company that utilizes unique , raw materials to manufacture its products. Eucalyptus is a leading ingredient in its manufacturing processes and over the years, the company has made it possible for the community to enjoy living in a healthy environment even with the complex manufacturing processes that can be rather toxic. As a wood manufacturer, the company has over the years gained a huge market advantage and managed to leverage its products to clients across different companies. To improve its services, the company has decided to partner with Duratex.

Details of the Merger

The partnership of Eucatex and Duratex is aligned to provide constructive exchanges to both companies. These changes will go a long way into fostering the bond between employees and clients as well. Over and above, the details of the merger include the exchange of forest assets and a manufacturing facility between the two. Duratex will sell its Itapetiniga facility to Eucatex in exchange of raw materials for manufacturing wood panels. Besides that, the facility will be revived as it has been inactive.

Benefits of this Merger

The benefits of any partnership in business include increased employment opportunities and production capacities. In this case, Eucatex shall acquire a manufacturing facility that increases its production facility. Similarly, Duratex shall acquire raw materials to manufacture more products. The relationships have benefitted both companies. Besides, the two companies deal in the same line of service and have the same alignment of business strategy.

Describing Maluf and His Contribution

Without a doubt, Flavio Maluf played an instrumental role in cementing the merger between Eucatex and Duratex. Perhaps this is appended to his line of duty as the president of the company. Besides, he has worked for the firm for decades and has always advocated for the use of natural resources in production. As such, Flavio Maluf has strategically positioned the company is an advantageous niche.

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Newswatch TV review of Contour’s Ultimate Workstation

Contour Design is a company that prides themselves in making ergonomic peripherals, such as mice and keyboards, for your computer. The advantages of having ergonomic equipment for professionals in fields cush as data entry, content creation, and video editing are far and wide. Newswatch TV partnered with Contour Design to emphasize and promote the ergonomic advantage Contour’s “Ultimate Workstation” has. This campaign utilized television and online efforts with a goal of increasing Product and company exposure as well as sales. Contour Saw the results of Newswatch TV’s efforts, Contour Design’s Product Marketing Manager, Bret Hudson, had this to say about the success of the campaign: “Our sales of our ultimate workstation series have dramatically spiked, and that is all attributed to the work that you have done over at NewsWatch. We really appreciate the overall quality of the video that was produced and we have seen a very positive response in our sales of our workstations from it. Thank you!”. With such a successful partnership, reaching over 200 U.S. markets and resulting in over 690,000 online impressions, this relationship is sure to be rekindled in future campaigns.

NewsWatch TV is a US based TV series that primarily focuses on consumer news. Newswatch TV first aired in March of 1990 with an original focus on financial issues. Newswatch TV is hosted by Michelle Ison, Andrew Tropeano, and Susan Bridges. Since their beginning they have won multiple awards. In 2017 they won gold and platinum Marcom award for their nationwide 30 minute television show. Newswatch content is mainly on individual stories as well as consumer products and services reviews. Celebrities such Chris Pratt, Jeniffer Lawrence, and Woody Harrelson have made appearances on the show. Newswatch is not only a Nationally syndicated show but has a strong social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter as well as Instagram.

Jed Mccaleb Teams Up With Oradian; Stellar’s Method Of Financial Transactions

Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim created Stellar with a purpose. That purpose was to provide financial services to who they named “the unbanked.” This term was created to reference people who had no options for banking. These individuals had no way to safely save money, conduct international transactions, and write checks.

This idea came from the information Jed McCaleb had about cryptocurrency and his thoughts on how unfair the financial systems were. People who from the underdeveloped, less-privileged parts of the world had to resort to hiding their money in their homes simply because banks and similar institutions didn’t exist where they lived. Stellar has already made great progress in eliminating this problem by having their system implemented in these countries.

Stellar has created a method to use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in order to exchange currencies and conduct transactions. This system can operate much cheaper than current transaction methods. It also operates much faster than normal methods. This is due to its blockchain coding, which utilizes a decentralized method of record keeping. Instead of relying on a bank to keep track of transactions and funds, Stellar’s records are kept on dozens of machines, storing identical ledgers on each machine. This is the system which makes all cryptocurrencies possible.

Stellar is quite different from other digital currencies though. Unlike bitcoin, Stellar doesn’t use data mining to create new coins. Stellar simply issues the coins, 100 billion coins at the creation of the organization, and new coins will be issued on a 1% inflation rate.

Ultimately what makes Stellar different from more wide-spread methods of banking is the elimination of expensive fees. Stellar doesn’t require paperwork, credit scores, deposit fees, transaction fees, or any hidden fees.

Stellar can’t operate alone. It needs organizations all over the world to implement the Stellar system. Recently, Stellar teamed up with Oradian to create a transaction system in Nigeria. According to The Gates Foundation, nearly one-quarter of the entire Nigerian population had no access to banking options; Stellar has done its part in helping Nigeria. 300,000 individuals in Nigeria now how access free financial transaction services.

Chris Burch: Owning a Piece of Paradise

The state of Indonesia is dotted with more than 13,000 beautiful islands, each with their unique character. Chris Burch, an American entrepreneur, and businessman has fallen in love with the beauty of Indonesia, and he decided to build up a hotel within the islands with the help of James McBride, his travel buddy who is also a hotelier. Together, they decided to purchase a lot within Sumba Island and develop it into one of the best resorts on earth. Sumba Island can be considered remote because it is far away from any major settlements in the country, but one could experience a unique experience when visiting the island because of the helpful and hospitable character of the locals.

The island of Sumba is also blessed with beautiful sceneries, and the beaches found on the island are still untouched. These beaches have not experienced any development, and Burch will be the first one to develop these areas. The resort he built on the island of Sumba is known as Nihiwatu, and it will cater to the upper class since it is a luxury hotel and resort.

Nihiwatu has been a paradise for many tourists, especially those who are coming from the west. It has been drawing their curiosity for years, and for those who braved the Indonesian archipelago just to visit the resort, everything is worth it. Nihiwatu has been around since 2012, and they have been recognized by different award-giving bodies for their service. The $30 million investment that Burch poured in into building the place has seen its full potential.

Travel + Leisure, an influential and widely read tourist magazine, declared Nihiwatu as the planet’s best hotel and resort. This distinction was given in 2016, and the editors behind the magazine stated that the natural beauty of Sumba Island compared with the hospitality of the resort’s staff is what makes the experience remarkable. Chris Burch and James McBride thanked the magazine for their nice complements, and they promised that they would continue to perform better to serve their visitors (nihi.com).

Today, the current project being implemented by Chris Burch and James McBride is the creation of roads that would connect Nihiwatu to the island’s port. They are also trying to create more jobs to feed more people who are living on the island. Nihiwatu has been one of the best employers for the locals who wanted to earn money.

More on https://thenewsversion.com/2018/03/chris-burch-nihi-sumba-island/

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Paul Mampilly advices the business world to invest in trade markets

Paul Mampilly is an American investor and a futurist. He is the senior editor of Profits Unlimited which he also founded. A platform he uses to guide average investors to venture in stock that is expected to shoot. Paul acquired his MBA in 1996 from Fordham University in New York. Paul also writes for Winning Investor Daily on a weekly basis. Additionally, he is also in charge of True Momentum at Banyan Hill Publishing and Extreme Services; both are trading services. Paul has served different financial institutions where he assumed many positions. He also acquired considerable experience which he now uses to assist the daily investor. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Talk Markets.

He founded Profits Unlimited, which is a financial newsletter meant to reach out to the daily investor who may not have much money but willing to invest. In a period of 2 year, the newsletter gained over 80,000 active subscribers making it the fast-growing newsletter due to its successful stock picks. Its massive growth led to naysayers calling it a scam. Paul Mampilly has continued to give successful predictions to the subscribers allowing them to make good returns of their invested monies. His top recommendations have seen higher profits; as high as 63% and 74%. This has made Paul to continue thriving in the business world.

The investment guru has received a number of awards including the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition in 2008 -2009 where he got first place. Paul Mampilly has also featured in the various business news including Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, Reuters and CNBC just to mention a few. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

Paul has encouraged investors to invest this year through an article written on Banyan Hill Publishing; he has recommended trades that people should invest in 2018. Paul gave insightful overview of stock tips. The article named the mega trends explains some of the key market trends. Fintech or financial technology is among the companies expected to generate better returns, such companies include mobile payment. The mega trends encourage investing in 2018. Using Paul’s tool one can quickly identify the companies that will stagnate the company going up.

The former hedge fund manager, however, states that the cryptocurrency bubble is going to crash. Although Paul can’t predict when the burst is expected, he empathetically says that in the near future people will lose their money. He gives an example of the 1999 stock bubble, where most investors were almost left without any investments after a great bubble that hit the stock market rally. Check: http://sovereignsociety.com/meet-the-experts/paul-mampilly/


PSI Pay Gladly Fills the Gap in Digital Wallet Payments Differences

The world of technology is evolving by the minute. Time is gone when people had to physically travel to banks in distant places to access their money. Digital wallets are the latest disruptive technology that is taking the financial world by storm. Banks have either had to cope by partnering with companies that offer digital wallet payment services or start their own similar services. PSI Pay is yet another Digital Wallet that seeks to satisfy online cash transaction needs. Typical of a business that seeks to carve a special niche on the market, PSI Pay comes in with a tweaked service that offers a uniform cross -country payments.

What Are Digital Wallets, and What Is Online Payment All About?

Digital wallets are just what they are called. They are accounts that allow users to access cash with ease and transact online. Digital wallets work differently in different countries. The common denominator is that a digital wallet helps users to conduct transactions across online payment systems fast and without the risk that other online payments involve. So, they are wallets because they hold cash that can be accessed at the press of a button, just like one would reach into the traditional leather folder that has been used to keep money while on transit over the years. In essence, a digital wallet has called people to replace the traditional leather money folders with mobile devices. PSI Pay is a UK-regulated financial technology company. It offers online payment

services to international clients. The company is partnering with Kerv Wearables to develop a payment ring that does not require contact to effect payments. Details of the technology reveal that the partnership will make use of the MasterCard License secured by PSI to allow the Kerv users to use the contactless payment ring to effect payments across a whopping 38 million locations across the globe. The users from Kerv will fill their accounts using either their debit, credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer through either the auto top-up method or manually. The deal is hailed by many online payment enthusiasts as a major revolution that will drive digital wallet effectiveness to new heights.

Advantages of Digital wallets

Digital wallets, like PSI-Pay’s ecoCard, are handy tools. You can access them with ease wherever you are. They also offer enhanced security. They come with strong security features that make it hard for fraudsters to access cash that belongs to others. Furthermore, with digital wallets such as PSI Pay, one does not have to carry around numerous cards. They ease the baggage and enhance security.

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What The Acquisition Of Baho Food By OSI Industries Means For Baho’s Employees

Baho Food has been a major food distributor in Europe for many years, and now they’ll be a part of OSI Industries with a deal that was recently made. It’s unknown what the cost of the acquisition was, but it’s been seen as a win for both companies. Baho Food was undergoing some operating losses in the last few years and was looking at shuttering its plants, but thanks to their new parent company they will remain open and have additional products in their portfolio to go with their already existing line. Baho Food employees will get to remain on at their jobs as will managing director John Balvers as OSI Industries elected to keep various aspects of the company in place. It will also keep its brand name while under ownership of OSI Industries.

OSI Industries is privately-owned but has a large global presence with factories and offices located in 17 countries including the US, and more than 60 countries total that it serves. The company was first founded in 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky and his family moved to Chicago and decided to make a living in the meat wholesale business. Their family-owned business was officially named Otto & Sons in 1926, and about 30 years later as the Kolschowsky sons took over management the company made its first major deal with McDonald’s restaurants to become their beef and chicken supplier. This deal was the beginning of huge growth for OSI Industries and transformed it from a domestic family business to the corporation it is today.

Even though OSI Industries may no longer be a family-owned company technically speaking, CEO Sheldon Lavin has sought to retain that model in the way things are run at the company. Lavin had served as a financial advisor to the Kolschowsky family in his early days at the company before being sold ownership, but even as he took the company to new levels he never forgot that the people comprising its workforce were the most important. Over the last several decades OSI Industries has been committed to safety both on the assembly lines and in the environment of the regions where their plants are located. But they’ve also looked to add as many new jobs as possible and retain current employees at each company they buy. OSI Industries also values community involvement and the biggest non-profit they support is the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Contact OSI Group: www.mapquest.com/us/illinois/osi-industries-llc-7716434

IC Systems’ Five Core Values

IC Systems is a premier debt collection company headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company is very ethical and that business foundation is part and parcel of the longevity of the company. IC Systems, a privately owned firm, started in the last century in 1938, has carried into the new century the same guiding principle of ethical honest service. The company provides debt collection services across many different industries from Healthcare to Telecom, from small businesses to big brands. The company’s entire culture and business practices are based on its five main core values (https://www.nhms.org/content/ic-system). These core values are People, Integrity, Performance, Pride, and Innovation.

This is a quick look at how the company incorporates those core values in its business decisions and company culture.

A core value is people. Debt collection clients, the clients’ customers, company employees and the local community all consist of people. Regardless of which group (client or consumer) a person may be in, they are treated with dignity and respect. To treat all people with respect invokes another core value at IC Systems, namely integrity: the decision to do the right thing in all situations.

Another strong proof of the company’s core values in action is the fact that it is been nominated as a finalist for the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics an impressive three consecutive years in a row from 2013 to 2015. The company’s emphasis on the core value of integrity is also exemplified by the service and Outreach performed within the local community. Recently one of IC System employees received the 2018 Rising Star Award from VHEDC, an economic development corporation for his innovation and charitable presence within the community.

The third core value is performance. Proper performance in the debt collection services yields fantastic results for the clients. Proper performance in ethical debt collection also includes compliance with industry and governmental standards. IC Systems is very proud of their compliance record because it is a direct connection to their fourth core value of pride. The company meets or exceeds most requirements when it comes to government compliance, risk management, and security. The company is licensed for professional debt collection services in all states. IC Systems is proud of the license status they have because the company can pursue debt collection activities nationwide. Finally, the fifth core value is innovation. IC Systems was early in moving toward electronic systems in the early 1960’s. Their network and system processes are at the forefront relative to using technology to provide superior collection activities.


James Gregory Aziz Leads National Steel Car With Exemplary Leadership Skills

When it comes to the success of a rolling stock business, strategies tend to play a pivotal role in them. Some of these strategies include minimizing expenses and incorporating useful negotiation skills. Over and above, proper execution of the mentioned strategies must also be observed. As such, excellent leadership skills come in handy. An astute leader wears multiple hats that encompass teamwork, excellent entrepreneurial skills, and patience. One leader who fits this bill is Gregory James Aziz.



Background Data

Born on 30 April 1949 in Ontario, London, Gregory James Aziz went to Ridley College and afterward joined the University of Western Ontario where he studied Economics. He subsequently joined Affiliated Foods which was his family wholesale food business in 1971.It’s while he was at it that he got to practice his well-taught business skills which made the business have tremendous growth within 16 years.



Work Experience

He doesn’t stop there as he further goes on to work on several investment banking opportunities this presents him with an opportunity to understand how a good business idea with the proper strategies critical foundations to is the making of a great business. While working at this, he gets to develop people’s skills. Since he got to personate people’s problems with their specific solutions, Greg Aziz became a problem solver in every aspect. It’s while he was at it that he was managed to broker the purchase of National Steel Car. This goes to prove that person’s skills are as necessary as technical ones.


Additional Information

After working for quite many banking investment institutions, Aziz focused on the purchase of National Steel Car in 1994. He had the primary objective of transforming the way in which the previous administration managed the company. And now, he is the engine of this company. Since the purchase of National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz has been instrumental in guiding the firm through considerable business ideas, business management, manufacturing and project management. See This Page for related information.


The Overview

Behind the management of the company, is his resilience and determination to focus on excellent service delivery for his clients. Alongside his abilities to focus on strong engineering capabilities, Gregory James Aziz has initiated strong partnerships to foster exemplary business ties. That is why he is a revered leader in all aspects.


Lessons from Greg Aziz

Without a doubt, young entrepreneurs can draw leadership skills from Gregory James Aziz. From a humble beginning, he worked his way up to a senior leadership position.


Read More: https://gregjamesaziz.tumblr.com/

With so Many Advantages to be Found in Starting Early, Financial Expert, Chris Linkas, Advises Young Adults to Not Put off Investing.

Although terms such as stock portfolio and investor seem to naturally conjure up images of bespectacled, silver-haired CEOs, the truth is anyone with disposable income can become an investor and start a stock portfolio. This is a truth that long-time financial expert, Chris Linkas, likes to drive him, especially to young people.

Oftentimes, young adults, just emerging from college, or the military, lack a specific savings strategy. “Time for that later” is the likeliest response of most, and one with which Linkas would be apt to disagree with. Having entered into the world of finance in the early nineties, right when the savings and loan crisis was enveloping the U.S., Linkas understands that there’s money to be made, whether or not the economy is doing well, and procrastinating is not the answer.

In fact, there are numerous advantages to be gained by those choosing to invest early. The sheer luxury of time allows youthful investors to start small. By putting their money into relatively safer investments, sizeable nest eggs are earned over decades, as interest compounds regularly on already accrued interest. While nest eggs grow bigger, skill sets sharpen, financial ones proving themselves to be no exception. As budgeting abilities get better and fiscal instincts grow keener, young investors may tire of merely watching their retirement egg fatten and their personal circumstances improve (https://www.discogs.com/artist/2617983-Chris-Linkas). Instead, they may decide that it’s time to tackle the more volatile side of the stock market.

As the head of an investment group with interests spread throughout Europe, in areas as distinct as shipping, corporate savings, renewable resources and commercial real estate, Chris Linkas understands the need to branch out, to diversify and take some risks. Starting young affords stock buyers the opportunity to try some riskier ventures, thereby experiencing the heady possibility of a big return, or conversely to recover from a loss, should that prove necessary. Whether one manages to latch onto the next big thing, or simply continues to faithfully add to the same reliable investments, month after month, any struggling twenty-something can aspire to become a well-to-do sixty-something. The key, according to Linkas, is to stay alert and opportunity-ready.