Malcolm Casselle – New Projects and Profitable Pasts

Malcolm Casselle is the President of WAX. WAX stands for Worldwide Asset Exchange. He also serves as CIO of OPSkins. OPSkins launched WAX to progress their trading abilities worldwide. His education and varied experience with digital start-ups and savvy investing have led him down a successful road of entrepreneurship. He was mentioned in a recent blog by the High Tech Chronicle.

OPSkins is a popular platform used to buy and sell video game items. WAX is an unfragmented asset trading marketplace. They provide easy and international asset exchanges with a decentralized smart contact system. WAX eliminates fraud with settings by their blockchain. Players can conveniently use their marketplace to buy or sell items without leaving their game. WAX is a fast and flexible game platform that focuses on cryptocurrency in order to reduce financial risks. Malcolm Casselle believes the platform will push cryptocurrency into mainstream markets.

Mr. Casselle was born in Allentown Pennsylvania and spent his childhood there. His father was a charismatic Barber who worked hard and gave back to his community. Malcolm Casselle attended high school at Southern Lehigh. He continued his studies at MIT and Stanford University. He received degrees in Computer Science at both colleges. He also speaks Japanese and Mandarin, adding to his already spectacular skill set.

He’s created success in multiple companies. Malcolm Casselle was Senior VP and Manager of Digital Media at SeaChange International. He was CEO of companies like Xfire, MediaPass, and Timeline Labs. Mr. Casselle was a co-founder of PCCW and NetNoir. PCCW is a public telecom trading company based in Hong Kong. As Senior Vice President he assisted in raising billions for their public offerings. PCCW is valued at over 35 billion dollars currently.

His smart investing helped his career and many others along the way. He invested in companies like Zynga, Facebook, and businesses related to Bitcoin. Malcolm Casselle is continuing this career trend with the launch of WAX. The next big thing is cryptocurrency in his mind. He believes the gaming industry will increase its use. That’s the reasoning behind his investment in WAX. Malcolm Casselle has a profitable and trustworthy past in investment markets. His past, present, and future ideas will continue to provide profit and success in the digital marketplace.

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The Oxford Club Provides Great Investing Resources for Members

The Oxford Club is a worldwide organization that has developed excellent strategies for investing that can withstand all market conditions. This private club has one chief goal and that is to help members grow and protect their wealth. They are also committed to doing this with appropriate risk as they disregard the notion that high returns only come with a high level of risk.

Research is a critical function of the talented executive staff at The Oxford Club and this gives their members an edge as they invest. Led by CEO Julia Guth, they are market professionals with deep experience and great expertise as they seek out the very best possibilities for high returns. The analytical skills that drive them are employed in all market sectors and every asset class to suit their members with diverse goals for their financial lives.

The specialized knowledge and research produced by The Oxford Club are accessed by members in the form of monthly newsletters and trading services. There are varying levels of membership each of which provides a growing range of benefits.

Networking and interacting with other members is also a big feature with The Oxford Club and it is one thing that sets them apart from ordinary services that put forth stock recommendations. They regularly organize club events where members can hobnob together and brainstorm different angles on the markets. Their experts attend these sessions and they are some of the top professionals in the finance and investing arena.

The Oxford Club has grown at a steady rate over time and they currently have more than 157,000 members around the world. Their members can be found in approximately 130 countries and they all seek financial independence. This gives members a chance to enjoy life to the fullest and this goes beyond money.

Investment U is how members can deepen their market knowledge and skills and it is an educational resource with few rivals. This part of The Oxford Club offers videos, courses, and conferences so that members can know exactly how to implement the club’s unique strategy. Furthermore, it can help members with experience and those without experience which illustrates its versatility.

Organo CEO Bernardo Chua has the Perfect Blend of Coffee, Tea and Know How

Bernardo Chua is a highly successful entrepreneur end business owner. He is the founder of Organo Gold, and he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Organo Gold had its start in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The company began as a startup venture for Bernardo. He created the concept of Organo Gold, and it has grown into a globally recognized success story. He has accumulated years of experience in launching new startups. Bernardo has a long track record for creating some of the most unique and effective marketing. Visit SlideShare to know more

When Organo Gold was launched, it was marketing and distributing only one widely consumed beverage. It began with a line of coffees. Bernardo Chua created a unique blend of coffee, and to it he added an herb known as Ganoderma.

Ganoderma is commonly consumed by followers of the traditional Asian customs. It is long believed to be beneficial to help ensure an active lifestyle. As the sale of the coffees increased, the company started to offer more varieties of coffee, as well as pre-made coffee servings. Later, a full line of tease and diet supplements were added to the product mix. Bernardo Chua decided to rename the company in 2015. Organo Gold was renamed and rebranded as Organo. The same products are still offered under the Organo name.

Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines. He is an innovative entrepreneur, as can be witnessed with the marketing concepts he put into place at Organo. The products are sold through distributors that represent the company. The distributors are not considered employees, but instead they are independent sales representatives. The products are sold online, as opposed to the use of any retail outlet. Some distributors will also market and sell the products in person.

The reputation of a company and its products are key to the success of its distributors, and ultimately the company. Bernardo offers training to ensure that these distributors have a thorough knowledge of the products offered at Organo. Their loyal customers speak highly of the Organo products, making word of mouth advertising another very important key to its success. Check:

Felipe Montoro Jens Offers Insight on Various PPPs Projects

Felipe Montoro Jens is Brazil’s most exceptional financial advisor. Also recognized for holding various senior positions, he has served as the head cheerleader and president of Odebrecht Properties, EnergiparCaptacao and Odebrecht Participacoes, an investment company. Additional leadership roles include working as a finance executive at Investments Odebrecht S.A. and director at Santo Antonio Energia. Aside from that, he has served at Braskem S.A. and ConcesionariaTrasvase Olmos. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Background Information

Over and above, Felipe Montoro Jens serves as a specialist in infrastructure. He uses his wealth of knowledge to offer constructive advice and critics into the concessions of PPPs. Among his insights are that various northeastern districts should consider transferring their holdings to somewhat private arrangements via grants. Also fundamental to note is that the step was a measure towards preventing the restriction of federal legal transfers as well as limitations of marginal accounts from hindering the economic growth of the country.

His Contribution

In a demonstration provided by Felipe Jens, the VLT project by the Bahian government is meant to cover about 19 miles with 21 stops on the same distance. It is projected that the project will be useful to more than 1.5 million people. This is solely in light of replacing the long-term train station that has been serving the people for decades. To facilitate the project, the government of Piaui has parted with 24 other projects including PPPs. In a meeting to strategize the way forward, the superintendent discussed some of the most significant concessions that have partnered with Brazil’s public sanitation firm. The project is meant to provide a positive impact on the sewer system. Also critical to note is that this partnership will extend the coverage of the project from the initial 24 percent to 80 percent.

The Overview

Felipe Montoro Jens is deeply immersed in the world of finance and everything it has to offer to the people affected by its operations. From banking and its impact on the community to investments and other respective fields, Felipe Jens is known for contributing to the development of multiple projects that most investors find to be useful.

More info can be found by visiting:


Mike Baur Says Not To Be Afraid To Share Ideas While You’re Building Your Business

Should you share your ideas with those around you if you’re planning to start a business and want to be number one in your industry? Some experts might tell you to keep those ideas as closely-guarded secrets, but for Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) Chairman Mike Baur, sharing ideas can lead to even more ideas added onto them and forming partnerships even with other entrepreneurs. The SSUF has been a place where ideas have freely flowed, and Baur has taken pride in offering coaching and advice to those with little or no experience in business administration. Baur works with Red Bull Media as well and he told them other things that entrepreneurs should keep in mind when starting a business.


Along with sharing your business ideas, Baur says more ideas come to you as you realize there’s a need that has not yet been met by another company. He also says that mass and inexpensive communication has made conditions very ripe today for startups, and thanks to services like Squarespace and WordPress you can have your own website up very quickly. But Baur also says the most important part of starting a business is not being afraid of failure because failure means you reanalyze your strategy and then move forward with a new one.


Mike Baur went from contacting clients and helping them manage personal and business accounts in a bank office, to now spending his time out among entrepreneurs and having fun with activities like pitch contests and testing new business ideas. Baur was only 16 when he chose banking as a career, and it was considered to be one of the top jobs in Switzerland at the time since many businessmen from around the world chose Swiss banks for wealth management. He passed through the apprenticeship stage and became a highly commended advisor for UBS Bank, and then he joined the Board of Directors in commercial banking at Clariden Leu, a subsidiary of Credit Suisse. But he quit banking around 2013 because the job was becoming more of a grind and was no longer as fulfilling due to new laws and the tainting of the banking industry reputation.


Mike Baur met Max Meister and pitched his idea for an accelerator to several private equity firms like Goldback Group, AMAG, Y&R Group, and he also joined it in partnership with the University of St. Gallen. The SSUF has had a large interest in Internet of Things startups and financial technology, and this has led to independent startups within the SSUF like Think Reloaded and Fintech Fusion. Startups that have come from the SSUF include MoveAgain, SnowCookie and Joineer.


Chris Burch and The Necessity of Making a Business Fun to Sustain A Business’ Operations

If you’re itching for some practical finance story or article, then you might want to check out Chris Burch’s Medium page. It is filled with so many stories and ideas on the ideology of finance, generation finance gaps, curriculum needed for investors and the interference of the government that’s needed for financial systems to function.

But a curious article that’s getting a lot of engagement from all the articles that he wrote is his review and analysis of the general expenditure of the work needed for most entrepreneurs. It is there that he shot from the hip about how any business should at first be exciting.

The Excitement in Running a Business

Chris Burch shared in his Medium article that despite the initial impression of people about what business seems to be about – numbers, logistics and boring details like that – , people should appreciate business as what it really is : to pursue something exciting.

Business is more dynamic, fun, exciting and thrilling than most business schools make them to be, and to appreciate the fun side of running a business is critical, according to Chris. He even mentioned some of the reasons why a business should always be exciting.

Business needs to be exciting because there’s a lot of challenges. Without the energy to do these arduous mundane tasks of running a business, people wouldn’t last in business. People can also detect if entrepreneurs are having fun in their business, and when they’re not, they are less likely to attract the right people, clients and workers who can make their business grow. Without making it fun, there might be hidden risks that people wouldn’t want to search because they’re too bored to do so. The result: bankruptcy.

About Christopher Burch

Mr. Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, of which she’s also the CEO. He has been sustaining the success of his company because of his impressive investment philosophy that showcases the entrepreneurial values that he has nurtured in his company.

He is able to leverage the company’s sagacious strengths and maximize its ability to be creative, innovate and incubate ideas to generate practical business solutions that help people with their investments.

Connect with Burch on LinkedIn

Tony Petrello: Nabors Industries CEO And A Philanthropic Man

Tony Petrello is a well known member of the society for his philanthropy but also for heading one of the largest oil drilling companies, Nabors Industries. As the CEO of this company, Petrello is among the highest paid CEO in the country. Although Tony is now one of the wealthiest men in the country, he is from a humble background which makes him humble and generous. Tony has contributed and continues to donate to many philanthropic causes, and under his management, Nabors Industries have also been very charitable.

Tony Petrello grew in a very humble background, so he understands the challenges that are faced by people living in these types of backgrounds. For instance, access to education is a challenge among the people who are living in low-income communities. Tony having grown in a low-income neighborhood also had to rely on sponsorship, and luckily he got a full scholarship from Yale University. Having been lucky to get a scholarship, Tony felt the need to establish aids that would provide opportunities for students from humble backgrounds to learn. Subsequently, after he completed his studies at Yale University, he founded a Yale scholarship that allowed bright students from modest backgrounds to access education.

Tony also played an essential role in helping victims and his employees after Hurricane Harvey. He gave a paid off to the affected employees. The off was to allow the employees to recover and assist the victims of the hurricane. Apart from that, Tony and the company created a Nabors relief fund that helped the victims that needed it. The company also established an on-site kitchen that served the victims three times a day.

Tony is a family man, and he has children. Among his children, one of his daughters was born with PVL which later developed to Cerebral Palsy. Tony and his wife sought to find a cure for this condition, and they found that there were very few researchers and institutions that were researching this ailment. As a result, Tony and his wife decided to work with hospitals and research institutes by donating and heading fundraising activities to find a cure for neurological disorders among children.

Learn more about Tony Petrello:

Discover The Secrets Behind The Growth Of Sussex Healthcare Homes

Healthcare has continued to receive tremendous improvements from one level to another. The way health care was a few decades ago, is not the same way it is today. Most people have appreciated the kind of revolution the healthcare sector has continued to receive. This hasn’t happened without the intervention of some organizations or companies such as Sussex Healthcare. The operations of Sussex Healthcare in the healthcare sector cannot be undermined and they have boosted its global level of reputation. It is one of the companies with highly-qualified and competent staff and this has made their healthcare services great.

This independent healthcare company is based in Sussex and it is primarily concerned with providing quality health support services and care homes. The company mainly focuses on caring for the old people and it has about 20 homes it runs. People with health issues that come with such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia get fulfilling services from this company. People with learning and physical difficulties have specialist care services to enjoy in this company. The company has perfected its services to an extent that they even offer care services to people suffering from neurological disabilities. The company has 24-hour services for people who need nursing care.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare Excels in Meeting Complex Nursing Home Challenges

Most of the facilities you find in Sussex Healthcare are properly designed and purpose-built. This means the company has integrated the latest therapies and technologies to ensure the facility doesn’t just look homely but also peaceful. The quality of life is the most prioritized thing in all the company’s care homes. The patients in these homes are given meals that have been thoughtfully prepared using local, fresh ingredients. The organization is serious about its mandate of ensuring its educational opportunities and activities are not only offered within the facility but also in the outer community at large.

Sussex Healthcare was initially set in 1985 with just one home. Today, the group offers more than 580 beds. Actually, the company has become a leader when it comes to providing quality nursing and residential care services in Sussex. One exceptional thing about Sussex Healthcare is that its philosophy hasn’t changed for all this time it has continued to experience exponential growth. The kind of social, spiritual, emotional and physical care standards it has continued to offer has always remained unique. The organization has also ensured the environment of its patients is safe and comfortable so as to foster the independence, self-respect, and dignity the patients need.

Learn more about Sussex Healthcare:

Ian King: The Cryptocurrency Epitome

The rate of technology is rapidly rising. Every decade something new comes up, and the least people can do, is embracing it. The surprise of the 21st century is the cryptocurrency system. It has been hard for many individuals to take in the changes in the market. It is only through the experts that they can get to understand the importance of the system.

Ian King is an expert of the cryptocurrency system. He studied a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but in the process of his schooling, he realized that he had an interest in trade and business trends. He, however, says that the phycology plays a huge role in convincing people on the importance of a commodity.

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital payment that helps you purchase products across the globe. It does need an intermediary. This makes it cheaper and more convenient than the mortal businesses. Follow Ian King at

Ian King writes for Banyan Hills. He majors in the education of the cryptocurrency system. He researches and enlightens the readers in the latest trend in the field. He also advises the firm on the buying and selling of the cryptocurrency. Ian King was hired for the job because of his deep interest in the field. Banyan Hills needed someone who was not simply reading about it but an individual who had been involved in the business.

Ian is very careful about what he publishes for his readers. He has to go through a systematic process to decide whether an idea is valid or not. First, he exclusively researchers on the project to come up with the best crypto idea. He first tries to see whether the centralized system can solve the problem that the crypto idea is solving. The other factor that Ian King considers when dealing with the cryptocurrency is whether the supply will lead to the currency deflating. He then reaches out to the provider to understand the whole structure of the system. After a detailed analysis, he discusses the findings with his colleagues and publishes the article for the readers to invest. He sees the idea come to life through the success of his readers.

Ian King says that he easily gets distracted by new ideas that come his way. He also says that he is not a process-driven person and he, therefore, needs a timetable to keep him updated and remind him of the tasks that he needs to accomplish in a day. Read more:


Jordan Lindsey Gives Take on Bitcoin

Anyone that is looking to build long-term well will inevitably need to learn how to invest their personal assets. While it is always a good idea to invest in the stock market, mutual funds, and other strategic Investments, people should also have a portion of their portfolio allocated for alternative investments. One investment that has been in the news a lot over the past year has been the investment of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin.

In 2017, millions of investors across the world were awed by the dramatic increase in the price of Bitcoin. During that year alone, people saw the price of the point increase more than two thousand percent as it nearly hit $20,000 per coin. While the price of Bitcoin has declined in 2018, there are still many people that believe it has a lot of potential to be a major part of the economy in the future. This can make it a great investment opportunity and now could be a great opportunity to get in at a low price.

One individual continues to believe in Bitcoin and other digital currency Investments is Jordan Lindsey. He is currently the founder and CEO of JCL Capital. In his role with this firm, he is responsible for finding unique ways for investors to invest their personal capital. In the past, he has focused a lot on Foreign Exchange currencies and other unique investments. While these investments have provided a great return on investment in the past, he believes that digital currencies could be the future and will provide an even greater return than other alternative options.

While it is clear that there is a potential for a big increase in value in Bitcoin, investors still need to be aware that there is a lot of risk involved with these investments. Because of the risk that is present with investing in digital currencies, investors should limit their investment allocation to a reasonable level. Investors also need to be willing to ride through the waves of the investment cycle as the coin could continue to fluctuate a lot in value in coming years.