Jose Neto of JHSF is an Admired Leader

JHSF is a leading real estate company based in Brazil. It is prominent for prioritizing recurrent assets like shopping malls, airports, and hotels. The property developer holds major real estate projects. It operates in the Brazilian market. However, JHSF has spread its services to other geographical areas like Uruguay and America. Since its establishment, JHSF has served over 1,200 clients by developing more than 5 million square meters in property development projects.

Background Data

JHSF was founded in Sao Paulo. Under the leadership of the two brothers Fabio and Jose Neto, the company focused on the development of real estate projects. In 1990, the company split into two. Jose managed JHSF while Fabio managed JHSJ. That marked the inception of a busy, entrepreneurial year for Jose Neto.


Jose Neto is the chief executive officer of JHSF. He was promoted because of his dedication. Jose works with his team to promote friendly work relations. He is kind and competent. In his capacity as the CEO, Neto has built strong entrepreneurial relationships. He uses these bonds to attract high-profile partnerships in Brazil. Jose has invested time and effort to build the business. It is no wonder JHSF has worked with millions of clients to establish high-quality commercial and private property.


Jose handles design, construction, and marketing. He has vast skills in business management. Jose is an alumnus of Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), a university based in Sao Paulo. Having joined JHSF in 1993, he mastered the managerial trends of the company. He equipped himself with a leader’s traits.

Additional Information

JHSF is now a leading company in developing shopping malls in Brazil. Entrepreneurs in Brazil would agree that the company supports the economy by a large share. With Jose Neto on board, JHSF is set to deliver competent results.

Bob Reina – The Man Behind TalkFusion

Bob Reina’s Background Story

Bob Reina has a degree from the University of South Florida. Prior to TalkFusion,he was an official Police Officer. Bob Reina is a originally from Florida. Mr. Reina is known for a variety of leadership roles. He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and CEO. He is the renown visionary of video marketing and technology.


Reina’s vision for the future of video technology began with a simple e-mail. Prior to founding TalkFusion, there was no way for individuals to send e-mails with videos attached. But thanks to the collaboration of Bob Reina and his good friend and IT expert Dr. Jonathan Chen, the humble beginnings and birth of video e-mailing came together.


What’s Bob Up To Now?

After achieving the impossible, Bob Reina ventured forward and created TalkFusion. Bob Reina is the CEO and Founder of TalkFusion. TalkFusions goals and main philosophy is based on two golden rules. The first rule, to envision and create a brand new way for individuals to connect via video technology. Secondly, to change the world of direct sales businesses with this new found video technology. By doing this he has changed the marketing world and created a new world for business owners to interact with their customers.


In addition to being the video technology guru, a great team builder, he is also a

motivational speaker and philanthropist. Reina has more than a hundred YOUTUBE motivational videos available to encourage individuals to succeed. He is a proud supporter of the Humane Society. He is also attached to many other non-profit organizations that are champions for helping animals. Bob Reina’s name is synonymous with hard working, inspiring, and caring. He is surely to continue to create more advances in the technology realm. In addition, his non-profit work and giving will continue to blossom for animals everywhere. Learn more:

How Does Samuel Strauch Help His Investment Clients?

     Samuel Strauch is an expert investor who helps all his clients with real estate purchases in Miami. The Miami area is a large space where new residential, commercial, and industrial developments are started every day.

Samuel’s Beginnings

Samuel Strauch started out going to Hofstra University for business, but he came back to Miami to work for the family company. He gained a lot of information about real estate investment in the area, but he then started his own company.

Metrik Real Estate

Metrik Real Estate is the company Samuel Strauch started to help his own clients. He works on investments every day, and he is familiar with commercial, industrial, and residential developments. Someone who wants to use Samuel’s services picks from a lot of different properties, and he helps them maximize their investments.

Samuel’s Miami Roots

Samuel Strauch has Miami roots that make him a much more effective investor. He is familiar with every part of the city, and he has learned about all the different areas of the city where development takes place. His Miami roots inform him about the things people should invest in, and clients are often dazzled by how much Samuel knows about the city.

Samuel Strauch has a wealth of education and experience that makes him the perfect investment advisor. He helps people make money on their investments, and he runs his own firm where his clients receive service. A lifetime of working in Miami has made Samuel one of the most respected investors in the city.

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Entrepreneur and Business Executive Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur and executive who has been a part of guiding many companies to success. Over the course of his career, he has been involved in the development of M&As, startup company guidance, and creating new methods for operating businesses. Wakeman founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC back in the year 2015 ( In terms of his education background, Wakeman has a Master’s degree in business administration and finance along with a bachelor’s degree in economics. When he first began his career, he worked at General Electric. Glen would later found a company known as Nova Four. At this company, he would have a number of important role such as managing finances, business development, and serving as the President, CEO and Board of Directors of the company.


A Well Known Businessman Named Glen Wakeman

One of the things that has helped Glen Wakeman establish himself as a well known businessman is his performance methodology. This approach to business emphasizes risk management, human capital, leadership power and the general execution of business operations. Along with developing the 5 step performance methodology, Glen has also become a successful investor and writer during his career. These two careers have allowed him to develop an ability to inspire others in business. By having a lot of experience with emerging markets and corporate management, Glen has become a highly effective market strategist as well. On a regular basis, he provides guidance to executives who are looking to take advantage of new opportunities. Few executives has had as significant an impact on a variety of industries as much as Glen Wakeman has.

Today Glen remains as a highly active participant in a number of business opportunities. As a result, his experience and knowledge with leadership is highly valuable. On a regular basis, Glen provides a lot of key strategic advice in terms of helping companies raise capital, benefit from angel investors, and using international financing platforms. Glen has an exceptional attitude where he is very passionate about business. He always looks to find out about business innovation, development and establishing growth in the international markets. Wakeman has spent a number of years living in a variety of different countries and ran businesses from over 30 regions throughout the world.


Why Is OAI Group The Top Custom-Food Provider

Custom foods are some of the most purchased and sought-after food products on the market. Custom foods are basically standard foods with a twist. This means that the food itself may have slight differences via the ingredients. Just about every kind of restaurant serves some form of custom food. The same thing goes for supermarkets. The honest truth is that most restaurants and supermarkets do not posses their own farms for harvesting foods. In general, most restaurants and supermarkets depend on custom-food providers to deliver the goods. This is where OSI Group enters the frame, and it represents custom-food solutions to the highest degree.

OSI Group tops the list of custom-food providers as well as standard-food providers. The company was founded back at the turn of the 20th century by a German, and it has entered the 21st century with a sizeable lead over the competition. Before we get into the actual process of producing the foods, just know that this company is always seeking individuals who share a love for foodservices. Employment is bit here and OSI definitely has plenty of opportunistic options. The environment here is very challenging, but being challenging keeps the employees on their toes. These individuals have a chance to grow within a bustling industry. To simply state it, OSI Group is a stimulating and rewarding place to work.

The company has an extended supply chain that spans through numerous countries. Clients will receive an array of options to choose thanks to the company’s manufacturing facilities and global network. OSI can basically reach just about every continent because many of its factories, its offices and its facilities. They are located on just about every continent. This can’t be said with much confidence from the competing brands. OSI Group definitely sits at the Mt. Olympus of the foodservice industry.

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Jeff Yastine – Financial Advice for the Small Investor

As Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine has his eye on the final decision-making for what is published in Total Wealth Insider. This periodical is published through Banyan Hill Publishing. Yastine started his career at the publishing firm in 2015 as editorial director, though he brings with him over twenty years of experience. His knowledge base includes stock market investing and finance journalism. He has been at the center of economic and finance regarding events around the globe.

Kennedy Accounts

Jeff Yastine has spoken with many financial reporters about the Kennedy Accounts. This little-known program allows purchasing stocks directly from source companies instead of using a broker. This direct stock purchase plan keeps investors from paying brokerage and other fees. There is also a potential small break in cost per stock when purchased directly.

These investments are coined the Kennedy Accounts due to the legislation being encouraged by President John F. Kennedy. Though legislation was designed to enable all citizens the ability to invest through this program, it is heavily regulated and not well-known.


Jeff Yastine was a spokesman for a PBS program, The Nightly Business Report, for six years. His program was nominated for an Emmy award. Jeff interviewed a diverse set of investors and economists, entrepreneurs, and successful businessmen. He has spoken to individuals like Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, and Sir Richard Branson among others.

He assisted investors through the early-2000s real estate crisis and the rise then fall of the dot-com industry. With his experience in the media, he spent time reporting factual information on the financial outcomes of such events as the Deepwater Horizon disaster and the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. His reporting on the underfunding of American infrastructure earned him a 2007 nomination for the Business Emmy Award. Read this article for more info.


Jeff Yastine writes articles that enlighten the financial world of upcoming and problematic investments. He has pointed out the value of cybersecurity investing and retail resurgence. He discusses how undervaluing stock helps the general investor to buy low and watch their investments increase when their invested businesses begin to flourish.

Many of his stock purchasing suggestions are for companies that big investors will not touch due to the bull and bear market predictions. He writes about the fluctuation of the markets and how even presumed dead industries can come back to life.

Jeff Yastine is an expert in the financial market. He uses his knowledge and experience to inform and educate everyone instead of concentrating on current big investors. His inclination is to help everyone to succeed in the markets rather than assisting only the rich to get richer.

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Christopher Burch – Champion of Philanthropy

Christopher Burch was born and raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania. In 1976, as an undergraduate at Ithaca College, Burch along with his brother launched his first business venture. With two thousand dollars in hand, they created Eagle’s Eye clothing. With this small investment, the Burch brothers expanded the company, which soon grew to over 50 retail stores and more than $140 million in sales. The company was later sold in deal that netted over $60 million (

Christopher Burch is now the chief executive officer and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Based in New York City, the company handles brand development and venture investments. He is also co-founder of Tory Burch LLC. In 2012, because of Burch’s uncanny business skills, Forbes declared him a billionaire.

In one of his latest endeavors, Burch bought and remodeled Nihiwatu Resort. This luxury play ground located on the Island of Sumba, Indonesian boasts five stars and is any vacationer’s dream. It employs more locals than anywhere else on the Island. The property consists of thirty plus exquisite villas with private plunge pools and more amenities than one could ever imagine. They include island excursions, surfing, spearfishing, yoga and horseback riding. There are cooking lessons for guests who want to test the local vegetation of the area. The beach is absolutely fabulous and considered like being in heaven by swimmers and surfers. The view overlooks the Indian Ocean and Nihi Beach.

What is unique about the Nihiwata is through the generous philanthropic nature of Burch Creative Capital, a portion of Nihiwatu’s profits are now donated to the Sumba Foundation, established in 2001 by the resort’s first owner. The Foundation’s mission is to fund community-based projects dealing with nutrition, health and education. Guests of the resort are welcomed to learn about the efforts of the Foundation and many participate in the Foundation’s volunteer projects.

Because of this philanthropic aspect and for many other reasons, Burch’s Nihiwata was named “Number One” Hotel in the World in Travel and Leisure Magazine in 2015.

What’s in the future for Christopher Burch? He and his partner soon hope to move on to Nicaragua and Costa Rica to build more resorts, check

Obsidian Energy: Rebranding And Restructuring The Penn West Petroleum

Obsidian Energy was introduced to the public in June 2017. The Calgary-based oil and petroleum company is the result of the restructuring and rebranding of the Penn West Petroleum, which has experienced a massive loss and bankruptcy due to the oil and petroleum price crash. Under a new management, Obsidian Energy is hoping that they will be able to exceed what Penn West Petroleum has accomplished in the past. Today, Obsidian Energy is slowly becoming a middle-sized oil and petroleum supplier.


After the dissolution of Penn West Petroleum, many oil and petroleum fields owned by the company in the Western Canadian Regions were left untapped. The new management of Obsidian Energy decided to make new explorations to find resources in the area.



Obsidian Energy held some caravans across the region to explore the remaining wells, and to their surprise, oil and petroleum still exists. Extraction came days after the discovery, and the company was able to make 31,000 barrels of oil per day. These products are now being sold in the international market, and Obsidian Energy is slowly making a profit. The management at the OSI Industries is hoping that they will be able to discover new oil and petroleum wells so that they could earn more profit. The company sees a brighter future ahead, now that they have tapped the resources of the western region. Obsidian Energy would have to go a long way before they can surpass what Penn West Petroleum has achieved in the past, but Obsidian is optimistic that they will be able to do it in a few years.



In the past, long before the oil and petroleum price crash, Penn West Petroleum is consistently recognized as one of the top 60 Canadian companies. They also provide jobs to a lot of people, especially those who are living near Calgary, Alberta. However, the excessive production of oil and petroleum products by Iran and Russia in 2014 resulted to the price crash. The oil and petroleum industry is yet to recover from the disastrous price crash, and Obsidian Energy believes that they will be able to get back on track. Refer to This Article for more information.



Paul Mampilly Newsletter is Performing so Well

Paul Mampilly boasts for having one of the leading financial newsletters in the United States. The magazine was founded by Paul Mampilly, and it has managed to attract many Americans because of the skills it has been offering. The magazine is known as Profits Unlimited. The magazine has managed to cross a major milestone this year. According to Paul Mampilly, Profits Unlimited has a great future, judging by the kind of progress it has been making in the recent times. Several platforms have announced that Profits Unlimited, under the leadership of its founder, Paul Mampilly has sixty thousand subscribers. The experts in the finance department say that Profits Unlimited is one of the leading magazines in the investment industry.

Impressing clients, especially in the modern times is not a walk in the park. Paul is a professional finance executive who used to work for Wall Street for the last two decades, and this is why he commands so much respect among American consumers. In his career life, the businessman worked for top clients in the country such as Kinetics International, ING, Deutsche Bank and many others. Paul emerged as the winner of a popular competition that was held by the prestigious Templeton Foundation. During the tough competition, the businessman managed to turn a fifty million investment into eighty eight million in less than an year. What shocked the whole American market was the fact that the gain was achieved during the financial crisis. This took place in a tough time where almost all the industries in the world were getting losses. Paul made sure that there were no shorting stocks during the competition.

Paul Mampilly abandoned his prestigious career in Wall Street several years ago. Last year, the finance executive decided that he was going to Banyan Hill Publishing so that he could start Banyan Hill Publishing. The primary aim of the newsletter was to offer Main Street Americans with the investment opportunities they needed so that they can live a normal life. When the finance executive was starting the newsletter, there were so many things he had in his mind. Fortunately, he has been able to achieve his goals. The businessman has also met the demands of his customers, and this is one of the reasons his company has been performing so well over the years. Banyan Hill Publishing is happy to have accepted Paul Mampilly to join the institution last year. Apart from being highly experienced, the businessman is hard working. Visit:

The Equities First Holdings Offices In The UK

The Equities First Holdings offices around the UK help create stock based loans. The company is expert in loan funding, and they have knowledgeable staff members in every office.

Offices in the UK accept visits from customers at any time, and they allow customers to complete applications, ask about terms, and change rates. The staff memebers explain what stock based loans are, and they show how the program involves less risk for everyone.

The UK has financial laws that the staff understands, and they explain how those laws impact each loan. They help customers make informed choices, and they show customers how to fund a loan to the exact amount they need. Equities First never charges too much, and they do not force customers to accept loan packages outside their budget, and resume them.

Equities First operates with offices in the UK to serve every customer who needs a bit of extra cash flow.

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