Active Philanthropist, Adam Milstein, is Dedicated to Educating and Building the Jewish Population in America and Globally

It would be difficult to find a more dedicated active philanthropist than Adam Milstein. Born in Israel, where he grew up, Adam served in the Israeli Army for two years and then attended Technion College for business. In 1981, he moved to California with his family so that Adam could get a better education in business. He attended Southern California University, and it was his college-friend David Hager who he joined with to establish the successful, Hager Properties.


Adam is the managing partner of Hager Properties, which is now one of the leading real estate brokerage firms in California. But Adam Milstein didn’t stop there; he used his talents and business skills to develop other businesses that would help the Jewish/American population. He considers himself an “active philanthropist” because he uses his time, energies and finances to actively participate in helping the Jewish people.


The United States has the largest population of Jews besides Israel with over 60 percent of the Jewish people calling America home. Adam Milstein fulfills a tremendous need in assisting this minority in understanding their roots and their connection to Israel. Adam Milstein was born in Haffa, Israel, so he has experienced the Jewish life firsthand.


Today, in southern California, he has been acknowledged as 39th out of the Top 50 World’s Most Influential Jewish Leaders, and this is because of his determination to be an active philanthropist, not simply one who donates funds. He and his wife founded Israeli-American Council, IAC, which is considered the world’s fastest-growing Jewish-centered organization. He serves as the National Chairman.


Today, Adam Milstein manages IAC while serving on the Board of many other agencies focused on bettering the Jewish population. As a prominent Jewish philanthropist, he offers his leadership talents to such key organizations as the AIPAC National Council, StandWithUs, Stand By Me, Israel on Campus Coalition, Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowships, and the Jewish Funders Network, all from his location in southern California.


Adam Milstein is extremely active and committed to the Jewish population in America and improving the relationship between the two countries internationally.  Go To This Page for more information.

The Chainsmokers:: 2018’s most Foreseen Chart Toppers

In the Forbes press release “The Chainsmokers Discuss ‘Sick Boy’ Single And How Their New Music Is ‘Darker’ Than Ever Before”, The Chainsmokers are revealed to be one of the most popular chart topping bands since 2016, despite their name not receiving as much recognition as some of their songs like:



Lack of name recognition has hardly put any sort of dampeners on the Chainsmokers success though, as they’ve continued to saturate both Top 40 Pop charts as much as they’ve captured EDM fans. Their new single “Sick Boy” has been called the “Next Phase” in the groups career by Forbes contributor Hugh McIntyre, who has been following the fascinating life cycle of the Chainsmokers, who he says has faced and championed some serious daunting challenges in their career. (Read more about Chainsmokers on Beatport: The Chainsmokers)


In an interview with McIntyre, Andrew Taggart let fans in on some of he and Alex Pall’s journey over the past few years, as they built a reputation for putting on new songs every month. Now, after 9 months of not publishing anything, they are eager to see what fans think of “Sick Boy”; their latest release, which has been hailed as one their “darkest” and deepest song to date. Taggart attributes this to he and Pall’s personal journey into radical self-acceptance, as they learn how to express themselves as they wish to see themselves, rather than trying to be what they think their fans or studio’s expectations of them are. A noble process for sure, and one that they recognize is a delicate tightrope walk. Another reason why they chose to focus Sick Boy and many of there new songs, on what it feels like to be alive right now, and what it’s like to try and become themselves while juggling their rising celebrity statuses.


The Chainsmokers’ music fuses streams of indie, dance beats, pop, hip-hop, and expertly crafted electronic soundscapes into cool rifts of smoking sound.


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Jeff Yastine Reveals Surprising New Tech Sector

Jeff Yastine spent many years as a senior correspondent and anchor for PBS Nightly Business Report. That kept at the center of changes in the business world. He is now the editor of the Banyan Hill financial newsletter Total Wealth Insider, so he continues to remain in close touch with the most important and power business and economic trends of the day. He reports these to his readers long before the mainstream business press hears about them. View Jeff Yastine’s profile at LinkedIn.

And now Jeff Yastine has found a new, emerging sector of the high tech industry that is, not so many, dramatic or exciting. It gets no attention from mainstream journalists because it’s not a hot, interesting topic. In fact, it’s sort of “boring.” But it’s important, even vital. Without it, companies would run the risk of achieving their business goals, but then being shut down or fined by the government or even having executives thrown into jail.

President Trump promised to “drain the swamp” of business regulations. And he has eliminated some of them. But it’s impossible for anybody to totally deregulate business. That’s why it’s essential all companies operate with the law, especially highly regulated industries such as financial and healthcare companies. The price of failure is high, but the regulations continue to grow at what seems an exponential rate. Read this article at to know more about Jeff Yastine

To keep every company in America from having to hire their own team of dedicated lawyers, some 80 companies have emerged as the leaders in the field of regulatory technology, or “regtech.” These companies specialize in keeping up with changes in the law, required regulations and paperwork the government requires other businesses to follow. Traditionally, businesses have done this in-house or, when necessary, hired business lawyers. But government regulation has grown so vast the cost of keeping up with it is prohibitive for many smaller companies. It is an onerous burden even for law firms. Therefore, it’s less expensive to outsource the cost of keeping up with the regulations to a firm that specializes in it. That firm can make a profit because they sell their services to multiple companies within the same market niche.

Jeff Yastine is always on the lookout for outstanding investment opportunities for the readers of his newsletter. He specializes in finding value stocks due to make shareholders wealthy by going up in price. As a financial journalist he covered a wide variety of business and financial topics, from how foreign investment has changed Cuba’s economy to the financial impact of Hurricane Katrina. Visit:


The Roles of Graham Edwards as the CEO in Telereal Trillium Company

Telereal Trillium Company is among the greatest United Kingdom’s companies in the field of property-owning and managing ( It is located in a large space of land and has a workforce that is enough for the work. The major areas where this company is involved is in investments and developing great plans while establishing them throughout the UK. They collaborate majorly with largest UK occupiers and this has led to a reduction in cost and increased risk management while the entire property management business is transforming. Behind all this establishment there has been a great influence and input from the CEO called Graham Edwards.


About Graham Edwards and his roles

He has been the CEO of the telereal trillium company since the year 2011. Edwards has been involved in other roles like being the property owner and the service provider of the department of work and pensions in the UK. What you may need to know concerning him is that amidst this, he has been with business interests in many areas and some of them include the real estate, mining, engineering, water, and software. This is quite some passion and for the reason, he excels in most them.

Edwards major roles include initiating transactions that result in the outsourcing deal of the property company. This is one of the deals that he was involved in and it worked out very well. He is actively involved in negotiations whenever it is time for the company to acquire some land securities and to establish the transaction in the company. These transactions are some of which that established the company in the market and in the long; there was great boosting in the annual revenues of the business.

Edwards has also engaged in fund management and that way you are sure there will be no misuse of funds. As he reads economics in the Cambridge University, some of these skills become of great significance to the company and most staff can learn from that. As a result, there is also more building of the company name and fame all over.


Desiree Perez Is Showing Her Success Off

Desiree Perez has worked with Jay Z for more than 20 years. She’s been with him through the entire career that he has had and she has helped him produce so many of the success stories that he has. That has helped him produce what we now know him to be. We see Jay Z and we understand that he has made millions of dollars and produced some of the most popular music of our day. That success has a lot to do with the work of Desiree Perez as she worked to build something greater than what he started with. She’s helped him make himself into something greater and she doesn’t stop trying to make Roc Nation into something greater.

That works for him in a way that others in the music industry wish they had. Nobody seems to be able to emulate his success or the way that he has remained relevant for so long. Roc Nation is going to go places it hasn’t in the past. We saw it change through the years as physical CDs got replaced by MP3s and we now see what it has become in the age of streaming. The company is always changing and always making itself into something new.

That requires the strategy and genius of someone who knows what they’re doing and is willing to make a change when it’s necessary. Desiree Perez gotten where she is because she’s focused on giving her all into a company that stands for what she believes in. Her understanding of the music industry and what makes it tick is why she has managed to make hundreds of millions of dollars for Roc Nation. Beyond her role at Roc Nation she has even made a goal of doing everything she can to help bring more women into executive roles in music.

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Jeremy Goldstein Talks EPS And Its Implementation In Corporate Structures

Working towards sustainable economic development has always been one of the main criteria for corporates who are looking to grow and expand. However, a lot of times, the demands that come from employees could disrupt the flow within a corporate, thereby making it somewhat of a hassle to work around. Corporates want to be able to develop, but also want to keep the employees working with them happy and satisfied with what they are offered. Learn more:



One of the ideas that corporates have started to implement is EPS, which refers to employee per share. The concept was aptly described by Jeremy Goldstein, who is a prominent corporate lawyer living in the city of New York. Having worked with a large number of companies through the course of his career, he has witnessed the struggle that they tend to face when they are met with employee demands, often confused about how they should fulfill them. When EPS is implemented, the company can keep in check the number of employees they can hire, and also the other intricacies that go into offering employee incentives. It also helps the corporate decide what kind of incentives need to be given to employees, and how much of an incentive these employees can be entitled to receive.



The EPS system has been seen to have worked brilliantly for large corporates who are otherwise unaware of how they should be granting benefits to employees. In addition, this system also encourages more people to buy shares of different companies, so that they can support all the employees who work for it. Companies that have implemented EPS have seen an incredible amount of increase in their share capital, which has, in turn, led to better incentives for employees.



On the other hand, EPS can have certain drawbacks that corporates can end up experiencing. For one, it becomes difficult to determine just which employees should be entitled to receive these incentives. It creates a disparity between the employees and leads to forced competition between them. Corporates can also start favoring one or more employees and offering incentives to only them over other employees who may be more deserving than them.



Jeremy Goldstein, in the article outlined how compromise is the best route that both the corporate and its employees can take if they want to get certain benefits without going overboard.



Goldstein is a notable name in the field of corporate law and has worked with a wide range of clients and corporates through the course of his entire career. He currently leads his corporate law firm, which is Jeremy Goldstein and Associates in New York City. He is considered to be an incredibly reputed name in the field of law, with an immense amount of experience, particularly in the field of financial law.




Energy Stream Brings Delaware onboard with Energy Services

Stream Energy founded in 2005 by Pierre Koshakji and Rob Snyder as direct selling company of energy services. They offered services first to Texas, following the deregulation of the Texan electricity marketing. Moving forward to George in 2008, and then to the Northeast in 2010. Stream moved into servicing other aspects of life as well. On Tuesday, December 5th, 2017. Stream Energy announced their line expansion into Delaware. They also launched their wireless, protective and home services at the same time.


Delaware became the eighth state to join Stream’s Energy providing list. The states include Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Maryland, and Illinois, plus Washington D.C. While other states don’t have access to their energy services, they do carry their other services. 2018 may open other doors for Stream Energy as for providing clean and efficient energy. However, due to regulations of some given states, it could take a moment for these doors to let anyone through. This does not mean they have to wait for one geographical area to open, they can explore other avenues in the meantime. Delaware was a great capstone to ending 2017, there is plenty of excitement left for Stream Energy to have x. The new leadership, the open markets in Delaware, the growing markets in other areas.

Stream Energy is a leading life services direct selling company, started in Texas and now reaches into eight different states with new leadership and a clear focus on providing clear value for its customers and associates. They have earned $8 billion in less than 15 years and is quickly becoming one of the largest direct selling companies in the global energy market today. Stream Energy focuses on word of mouth advertising and quality service over main stream companies. Associates enjoy freedom to grow and independence from the mainstream work force. You can connect with them socially, they are people friendly.


Jed McCaleb Preps the World for Change

Jed McCaleb is widely recognized as the founder of eDonkey, one of the first peer-to-peer file-sharing networks of the dot-com era, and throughout his career, has maintained the mission of utilizing technology to increase efficiency to improve humankind. It was upon recognizing that the current condition of the world’s infrastructure needs much improvement, that he decided to delve into his latest endeavor – the creation of is a localized payment network that allows the currency to be moved from one place to another, providing resources for populations that have traditionally been neglected by established banking institutions.

It was Jed McCaleb’s interest in Bitcoin that led him to create Stellar, as upon recognizing that it was a distributed database, he understood that financial institutions could be connected by utilizing this groundbreaking platform. Currently, there are billions of people around the world that are considered to be unbanked, as most banks throughout the world do not find it cost-effective to service people that fall within a certain income bracket. With, these unbanked populations will be able to move monies from point A to point B at a decreased cost when compared to what their current options are. This, in effect, will change the way in which banking institutions operate on every continent. When working on Stellar, Mr. McCaleb usually divides his time into two separate parts – “focus mode” and “reactive mode.” During focus mode, he works on building his actual platform, and while in reactive mode, he focuses on networking, sending and responding to emails. In order to constantly remain productive, he maintains his sight on the overall project that he is building, so as to not waste time on things that he deems unessential.

Aside from focusing on his operations at Stellar, Jed McCaleb has become increasingly interested in the developing tech, artificial intelligence. He predicts that over the course of the next two decades, artificial intelligence will increase efficiency for the human population exponentially. Because of his staunch belief in the power of artificial intelligence, Jed McCaleb has become actively involved with the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, donating funds, while also overseeing many of their operations as an advisor.

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Siteline Cabinets Keep Up With New Trends

Cabinets in the home provide a place to store items and offer a chance to increase the value and decor of the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms. Siteline Cabinets designs custom made cabinets to customers tastes and budget. Cabinets are designed for home and business offices too.

Their custom made cabinets are not build in bulk but made to order according to customer design requests. Their professional cabinet makers have high standards and produce quality work. The cabinet makers work quickly and deliver the cabinets on time.

Kitchen cabinets are one of their most popular categories. The company has many different styles. Shaker style cabinets are still in demand and due to new technology better designed. They have recessed door panels with a clean look. Sometimes the cabinets are painted with white or black paint. Shaker style cabinets are made of quality wood found in North America.

Siteline Cabinets are custom made which means customers can choose different woods and colors to match almost any decor. The design of custom cabinets make a kitchen or room unique and adds value to your home. Some trends for custom cabinets are increased use of quality woods, custom colors like gray, yellow and green, using multiple finishes in one kitchen, technology, and under the cabinet lighting.

High tech options can be built into your kitchen cabinets depending on the customers need. Many customers have charging stations build in to charge mobile devices that they use. Some customers install a docking station so they can use a table or smartphone to follow recipes. Often customers have TV’s, speakers, or tablets built into the cabinets using a wireless connection.

Designs for the cabinets should be functional and improve the space in the kitchen or room. The Corsi Group opened a furniture manufacturing plant in Virginia to make their Siteline Cabinets. It began selling the cabinets in later 2015. They employ about 200 people. Siteline sells traditional and contemporary styles of cabinets.

For more information on custom cabinets contact Siteline Cabinets at 1-800-999-7606.

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Who is The Maker of Original Habanero Shaker, Joel Friant

The Original Habanero Shaker is an exciting and interesting way to make food more spicy and flavorful. The man behind the Original Habanero Shaker, Joel Friant, is even more interesting.

Joel once worked as a real estate agent, remodeling old homes in his spare time. After many years of success in the real estate business, Joel decided to venture into other areas of business and opened a restaurant. This new restaurant was unlike any before it. It was the nation’s very first Thai food fast food restaurant.

The spicy and exotic dishes of the restaurant inspired Joel to create a new product. He tested different methods for drying and flaking habanero peppers while keeping their unique flavor and powerful spiciness. His efforts led him to create what we now know as the Original Habanero Shaker.

The Original Habanero Shaker took off like a rocket and was soon stocked on grocery store shelves across the state of Washington.

Joel decided it was time to return to his original business and so he once again started selling real estate. It was very apparent that Joel was a natural born businessman and he quickly found his way to being the top salesperson in his real estate office. Soon after Joel opened his own office, one that gave out mortgage loans for real estate purposes.

Joel realized that he knew how to be successful and decided he wanted to teachers others how to be successful as well. He decided to use his own business methods, as well as the business methods of other successful people, to develop a guide to success.

He spent time writing articles and conducting web seminars in an effort to spread his formula for success and soon people discovered that they could be successful by listening to Joel.

Joel continues to teach success to this day.

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