Paul Mampilly Newsletter is Performing so Well

Paul Mampilly boasts for having one of the leading financial newsletters in the United States. The magazine was founded by Paul Mampilly, and it has managed to attract many Americans because of the skills it has been offering. The magazine is known as Profits Unlimited. The magazine has managed to cross a major milestone this year. According to Paul Mampilly, Profits Unlimited has a great future, judging by the kind of progress it has been making in the recent times. Several platforms have announced that Profits Unlimited, under the leadership of its founder, Paul Mampilly has sixty thousand subscribers. The experts in the finance department say that Profits Unlimited is one of the leading magazines in the investment industry.

Impressing clients, especially in the modern times is not a walk in the park. Paul is a professional finance executive who used to work for Wall Street for the last two decades, and this is why he commands so much respect among American consumers. In his career life, the businessman worked for top clients in the country such as Kinetics International, ING, Deutsche Bank and many others. Paul emerged as the winner of a popular competition that was held by the prestigious Templeton Foundation. During the tough competition, the businessman managed to turn a fifty million investment into eighty eight million in less than an year. What shocked the whole American market was the fact that the gain was achieved during the financial crisis. This took place in a tough time where almost all the industries in the world were getting losses. Paul made sure that there were no shorting stocks during the competition.

Paul Mampilly abandoned his prestigious career in Wall Street several years ago. Last year, the finance executive decided that he was going to Banyan Hill Publishing so that he could start Banyan Hill Publishing. The primary aim of the newsletter was to offer Main Street Americans with the investment opportunities they needed so that they can live a normal life. When the finance executive was starting the newsletter, there were so many things he had in his mind. Fortunately, he has been able to achieve his goals. The businessman has also met the demands of his customers, and this is one of the reasons his company has been performing so well over the years. Banyan Hill Publishing is happy to have accepted Paul Mampilly to join the institution last year. Apart from being highly experienced, the businessman is hard working. Visit:

The Equities First Holdings Offices In The UK

The Equities First Holdings offices around the UK help create stock based loans. The company is expert in loan funding, and they have knowledgeable staff members in every office.

Offices in the UK accept visits from customers at any time, and they allow customers to complete applications, ask about terms, and change rates. The staff memebers explain what stock based loans are, and they show how the program involves less risk for everyone.

The UK has financial laws that the staff understands, and they explain how those laws impact each loan. They help customers make informed choices, and they show customers how to fund a loan to the exact amount they need. Equities First never charges too much, and they do not force customers to accept loan packages outside their budget, and resume them.

Equities First operates with offices in the UK to serve every customer who needs a bit of extra cash flow.

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Perry Mandera Goes Above and Beyond for Homeless Youth

Perry Mandera founded Custom Cares Charities, a charitable organization which dedicated to the transport industry. His passion is to help other people, and his directives get followed in custom care charities. Perry Madera is an entrepreneur and a caring husband to the wife and his children along with his faithful attendance at his church. He is a proud and avid fan of sports. He is a member of the United States marines corps reserve. He got assigned to the Bloomberg (motor pool) after joining. He learned how to drive trucks as he was playing his role in that company.

He is on the board of directors at Illinois trucking association (ITA). He graduated in 1975 from his high school learning in Chicago. After receiving an honorable discharge, he went back to his civilian life. He has worked for different transport companies since then. In 1980, he began his own business and sold it in 1985. From 1984-1988, he served as Republican ward committeeman for 26th ward in Chicago due to his interest in politics. He was so young when he got elected as a committeeman in the Republican ward.

Perry Mandela believes in giving back to the society, hence has donated substantial millions of money to charitable organizations. He mostly bases his help on organizations that dedicated to helping veterans and the young people in the society. Perry Mandela offers financial support and his time to all organizations passionate about the eradication of cancer. His favorite charitable organizations are Walter & Connie Payton Foundation and Jesse white tumblers. Perry donated over 6,500 winter coats for underprivileged children in Chicago.

He has donated much money to transportation needs. Perry Mandera gives supplies to all the victims negatively affected by California wildfires. He utilizes the custom care charities in granting thousands of dollars to the requirement in festivals like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Illinois transportation association recognized Perry Mandera as “top 100 American transportation executives of the millennium.”


Dr. Jorge Moll: The Neuroscience Expert and Business Success

His successful career is attributable to the education he received during his formative years. He studied at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and graduated with a medical degree in 1994.

He then underwent further training in Neurology medicine during his residency at the same institution. In 2004, Dr. Jorge Moll gained a PhD in experimental pathophysiology from Sao Paulo University Medical School.

Other than conducting research, Dr. Jorge Moll is an expert on neurology. He is a transparent, open, and skillful neuroscientist who believes that findings from scientific research can only be productive when shared. A typical day for him involves meetings and holding discussions with students, associates, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

This gives him a chance to collaborate, share information and exchange ideas that lead to further developments in neuroscience.

During a research project, the scientist cannot control the outcomes. The researcher can only hope for the desired results. Dr. Jorge Moll falls victim to this phenomenon.

He has failed severally because the results from his study differ from expectations. Sometimes, the results take longer than necessary to turn out which leads to his inconclusive results.

Whenever he fails, Dr. Jorge Moll varies his approach to the situation. Rather than use the method repeatedly, he questions the strengths and weaknesses of his strategy to find out where and how to make improvements to achieve the desired result.

Jorge Moll is a distinguished member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, International Neuroethics Society, the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, and the Society for Neuroscience.

Additionally, he sits as a member of editorial boards for various periodicals. He also doubles up as a reviewer for many journals that educate readers on neuroscience.

Jorge Moll believes that the current publications and careers in neuroscience limit what can be achieved. He proposes a model that would give room for new, high-risk ideas that provide solutions to current problems in neuroscience.

These ideas should be implemented quickly or discarded. Whenever he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family in Rio de Janiero.



Stream Energy Builds Community and Business through Philanthropy

Philanthropy is an incredible endeavor for any individual or business, and Stream, an energy business based in the city of Dallas, Texas understands the real reasons why. Any business that only sees the financial aspect of its existence, but fails to recognize the human side is not going to succeed and prosper. That is why Stream Energy immediately took up the cause to help neighborhoods in need when a natural disaster struck in its home state.

Hurricane Harvey had devastating effects that were felt well outside of the city of Houston, and will be for years. Stream Energy, like many other businesses, charities, and individuals in the state of Texas and around the country, stepped in to offer all the help that it could. Immediately following the hurricane, Stream Energy sought to aid its employees as well as its clients. The company knew that they could do more than just offer financial assistance and relief, so they set out to found a corporate sponsored charity foundation called Stream Cares.

This new foundation gives Stream Energy a way to organize and legitimize its charitable work and giving. Giving back and donating to worthwhile causes is something the company has been doing for over a decade, and encourages as part of the company’s culture. Doing this with a new organization gives confidence to those that also want to help the company in its giving, as well as encourages both employees and new clients that are looking for a company that they can trust and values many of the same ideals that they do.

From a company standpoint, setting up a philanthropic side to its revenue generating business, because it adds a new element to the company profile. Businesses that otherwise have no to little public profile are able to gain publicity and maintain an appearance in the general public, which also happens to be the intended client base.

Louis Chenevert is Essential to Everyone

The banquet hall was full. People who had worked in the business over the last few decades came to celebrate and honor the life of Louis Chenevert. He was the chief executive officer of United Technologies Corporation and it was only because of his hard work and his wisdom that the company is thriving today.

After enjoying the champagne and the hors d’oeuvres he returned to his corner office on the top floor and began to reflect on how the United Technologies Corporation became so successful. It is true that he was a wise chief executive officer and he knew his plan going in, but it was in the reflection that he realized just how strategic his ideas were.

The great recession nearly destroyed the United Technologies Corporation. When he was called to become CEO the stock price was tanking and falling by the second. He knew that something had to be done if this once great aerospace manufacturer was to survive.

The first thing he did was create extra income revenues that would help his company stay afloat. He worked with Pratt & Whitney to take their military contracts and worked with Otis to take over their corporate infrastructure contracts. Perhaps the most eyebrow raising was when he acquired the business Otis for a grand sum of $16 billion. Many people did not think that was a wise move during a time when businesses were struggling to stay together. However he knew that by diversifying in this way UTC would be able to not only survive, the company would be able to thrive.

The second thing he did was decrease the exuberant spending existed in the company. He saved his company $15 million a year just by transporting goods between his factories.

The third thing he did was regulate his company to abide by environmental law. This alone gave his company contracts that otherwise would have been out of reach.

Now retired from United Technologies Corporation, he works as a consultant for Goldman Sachs. He brings much to the table and is placed in the executive banking division.

Greg Aziz Raises NSC

National Steel Car has been like a phoenix rising from the grave. This company has conducted over a century worth of business then it seemed as if it was on the brink of closing its doors. It had once been the most innovative and creative company in back industry when he began to fail as it grew complacent. This complacency made it so that the business had 1 foot in the grave. What were they to do?

National Steel Car decided they would bring in the expert to turn their business around. That is when they decided to hire Gregory James Aziz as the newest chief executive officer for their company. Every business that Greg James Aziz has served with he has turned into a multimillion or multibillion-dollar company. This would be the same thing for National Steel Car.

Greg Aziz began by focusing on returning National Steel Car to its vision of innovation and excellence. In order to bring this vision about, he had to give them a task this seemed impossible. He told them he wanted a rail car that could do two things. The first thing was to be fully customizable by a customer without any helping hand from National Steel Car. The second thing he wanted was for that railcar to be capable of carrying additional goods while going additional distance and also producing fewer carbon emissions.

This vision began to excite the heart of the executives at National Steel Car and they were more than happy to help James Aziz out in this matter. However, they acknowledge they did not have the skills to make this happen. They began hiring specialists in the area of innovation and creativity would stay on retainer and keep posting classes to equip the people in the organization.


On top of this, Gregory James Aziz began granting authority to other workers so that they can make the necessary decisions the best they knew how. This multiplication of leaders allowed National Steel Car to thrive on excellency.


Gregory James Aziz recently held a celebration to unveil their newest railcar and show all they could do. The workers were all given cash bonuses due to their hard work. Visit This Page for additional information.


National Steel Car has seen over $5 billion worth of new contracts come in ever since this new railcar was invented. Projections say that this kind of growth will continue for some time.



The Role Of Michael Burwell In The Success Of Willis Towers Watson

Running large and successful organization requires the leadership of people with experience in financial management. The directors of Willis Towers Watson found out that Michael Burwell was suitable for the job. Michael Burwell was appointed as the chief financial officer of the company in 2017.Willis Towers Watson is a reputable company that provides services in the field of broking .it also provides advisory services to various has assisted many companies to invest in risky businesses and reap a lot of profits. The company is currently operating in more than 140 countries .it has also created employment opportunities for many people in the employs more than 40000 people. Michael replaced Roger Millay as the chief financial officer.


The CEO of Willis Towers Watson was pleased with the entrance of Michael into the leadership of the company. He noted that Michael has enough experience in the financial sector that was vital in running the operations of the company. Michael has the required credentials that will guarantee the achievements of long term goals of the company. Michael has improved the operations of the company since he took over the leadership as the chief financial officer.


Michael Burwell has outstanding education qualification. The Certified Public Accountant is an alumnus of Michigan State University. He pursued BA in business administration. Michael was equipped with leadership skills at PWC. He joined the institution when he graduated from the university. His productive contribution to the company led to his promotion to serve in various executive of the positions that he occupied is Chief Operating Officer. He has been doing an audit of various companies for more than 11 years. He has also provided advisory services for many companies for over 12 years. He has been lauded by various companies for guiding them in pre-merger deals. See This Page for related information.


Michael Burwell served in various reputable companies before joining PWC. He assisted the companies to buy and sell projects successfully. He is good in evaluating business models. He has built a competent team in the department that will enable him to achieve the goals that have been set by the company. Michael Burwell is optimistic that many clients will be retained by the company. He has devised various strategies that will guarantee success in the department. The high-quality education in business administration is vital in managing clients and the employees. The operations of Willis Towers Watson are expected to increase through the able leadership of Michael Burwell.



Retired UTC Chairman Louis Chenevert

Canadian-born businessman Louis Chenevert received his education in Production Management at HEC Montreal, a business school that’s affiliated with the University of Montreal. After completing his studies there, and earning a Bachelor’s degree, he went on to work in management positions at several reputable companies such as Pratt and Whitney, where he was elected as President in 1999. He worked at the company for 6 years before moving on to the General Motors company, where he worked for 14 years. While there, he managed to acquire a deal with Goodrich for an estimated $17 billion.

After he joined the jet engine manufacturing company known as United Technologies Corp, or UTC, in 1993, Louis Chenevert maintained its stability during a time when the U.S. was experiencing a recession by choosing not to use outsourcing methods for the production of the company’s military and commercial planes, but to instead bring in a very skilled aeronautical team to its Connecticut-based operation so they could use their professional engineering talents where they were most needed. Because of this strategic move, the company’s yearly income increased substantially, and by 2006, the astute businessman was elected as UTC’s President and CEO.

UTC is not only a builder of advanced military planes, but it also operates the elevator and escalator company called OTIS. Since becoming the leader of the business, Louis Chenevert has been recognized by a number of organizations that honor excellence in the corporate world. One of those organizations was Aviation Weeks and Space Technology, who named him Person of the Year in 2011. He’s also received a Humanitarian Award from the FDNY Fire Commissioners, and a Pace Award for Leadership in Business Ethics, as well as a National Building Museum Honor Award.

Although Louis Chenevert is now retired from UTC, he continues to serve as a Senior Advisor for the Goldman Sachs Group’s Merchant Banking Division, where he searches for investment opportunities in the aerospace industry. Now that he has more time to enjoy pursuing his hobbies, he spends most of his time aboard his 110 ft. yacht, which has always been one of his passions.

OSI Food Solutions Continues Its Path as a Global Leader in Meat Production

When many major corporations in the food industry have announced times of trouble, the global entity, OSI Food Solutions, has announced incredibly strong advances over the past year. The company is one of the largest in the United States to be privately own, yet the global reach that the OSI Food Solutions corporation has also continues to grow at a rapid rate.

OSI Food Solutions is a world leader in the production and distribution of extremely high-quality meats. The company specializes in value-added meats that are healthy and held to the highest industry standards. In additions to its offerings, OSI Food Solutions also has garnered a sterling reputation as the go-to company for any type of custom meats that are needed by restaurant chains or grocery stores.

That is one of the largest benefits of working with the OSI Food Solutions Group. The company operates on a multitude of levels. First and foremost the company has several sub-entities that is distributes its quality meats to. Beyond that, the company also provides its quality meat products directly to some of the country’s largest restaurant chains, as well as smaller restaurant branches. For example, the company works to provide quality meats to some of the largest names in fast food, fast-casual restaurants and also pivots to provide the best quality meats to some of the world’s best fine dining restaurants. The ability to pivot and to change its offerings based on seasonal trends and menu changes has earned OSI Food Solutions the reputation as a company that not only listens to its customers, but is happy to be versatile with its offerings to meet seasonal and regional needs of a variety of restaurants.

OSI Food Solutions made major headlines this year when it acquired the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, Illinois. The plant is over 200,000 square feet and was on the road to be shut down late last year, putting nearly five hundred people in Chicago’s Southside out of jobs, many who had been with the company for a very lengthy period of time. OSI Food Solutions purchased the facility and was able to offer most of those employees’ positions with OSI Food Solutions. To know more about the company click here.

In addition to its growth in North America, OSI Food Solutions also announced that it had purchased a major stake in Baho Foods, based out of the Netherlands. The company also specializes in the production of meats and is a household name in many European countries.