Tony Petrello: Nabors Industries CEO And A Philanthropic Man

Tony Petrello is a well known member of the society for his philanthropy but also for heading one of the largest oil drilling companies, Nabors Industries. As the CEO of this company, Petrello is among the highest paid CEO in the country. Although Tony is now one of the wealthiest men in the country, he is from a humble background which makes him humble and generous. Tony has contributed and continues to donate to many philanthropic causes, and under his management, Nabors Industries have also been very charitable.

Tony Petrello grew in a very humble background, so he understands the challenges that are faced by people living in these types of backgrounds. For instance, access to education is a challenge among the people who are living in low-income communities. Tony having grown in a low-income neighborhood also had to rely on sponsorship, and luckily he got a full scholarship from Yale University. Having been lucky to get a scholarship, Tony felt the need to establish aids that would provide opportunities for students from humble backgrounds to learn. Subsequently, after he completed his studies at Yale University, he founded a Yale scholarship that allowed bright students from modest backgrounds to access education.

Tony also played an essential role in helping victims and his employees after Hurricane Harvey. He gave a paid off to the affected employees. The off was to allow the employees to recover and assist the victims of the hurricane. Apart from that, Tony and the company created a Nabors relief fund that helped the victims that needed it. The company also established an on-site kitchen that served the victims three times a day.

Tony is a family man, and he has children. Among his children, one of his daughters was born with PVL which later developed to Cerebral Palsy. Tony and his wife sought to find a cure for this condition, and they found that there were very few researchers and institutions that were researching this ailment. As a result, Tony and his wife decided to work with hospitals and research institutes by donating and heading fundraising activities to find a cure for neurological disorders among children.

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Discover The Secrets Behind The Growth Of Sussex Healthcare Homes

Healthcare has continued to receive tremendous improvements from one level to another. The way health care was a few decades ago, is not the same way it is today. Most people have appreciated the kind of revolution the healthcare sector has continued to receive. This hasn’t happened without the intervention of some organizations or companies such as Sussex Healthcare. The operations of Sussex Healthcare in the healthcare sector cannot be undermined and they have boosted its global level of reputation. It is one of the companies with highly-qualified and competent staff and this has made their healthcare services great.

This independent healthcare company is based in Sussex and it is primarily concerned with providing quality health support services and care homes. The company mainly focuses on caring for the old people and it has about 20 homes it runs. People with health issues that come with such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia get fulfilling services from this company. People with learning and physical difficulties have specialist care services to enjoy in this company. The company has perfected its services to an extent that they even offer care services to people suffering from neurological disabilities. The company has 24-hour services for people who need nursing care.

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Most of the facilities you find in Sussex Healthcare are properly designed and purpose-built. This means the company has integrated the latest therapies and technologies to ensure the facility doesn’t just look homely but also peaceful. The quality of life is the most prioritized thing in all the company’s care homes. The patients in these homes are given meals that have been thoughtfully prepared using local, fresh ingredients. The organization is serious about its mandate of ensuring its educational opportunities and activities are not only offered within the facility but also in the outer community at large.

Sussex Healthcare was initially set in 1985 with just one home. Today, the group offers more than 580 beds. Actually, the company has become a leader when it comes to providing quality nursing and residential care services in Sussex. One exceptional thing about Sussex Healthcare is that its philosophy hasn’t changed for all this time it has continued to experience exponential growth. The kind of social, spiritual, emotional and physical care standards it has continued to offer has always remained unique. The organization has also ensured the environment of its patients is safe and comfortable so as to foster the independence, self-respect, and dignity the patients need.

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Ian King: The Cryptocurrency Epitome

The rate of technology is rapidly rising. Every decade something new comes up, and the least people can do, is embracing it. The surprise of the 21st century is the cryptocurrency system. It has been hard for many individuals to take in the changes in the market. It is only through the experts that they can get to understand the importance of the system.

Ian King is an expert of the cryptocurrency system. He studied a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but in the process of his schooling, he realized that he had an interest in trade and business trends. He, however, says that the phycology plays a huge role in convincing people on the importance of a commodity.

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital payment that helps you purchase products across the globe. It does need an intermediary. This makes it cheaper and more convenient than the mortal businesses. Follow Ian King at

Ian King writes for Banyan Hills. He majors in the education of the cryptocurrency system. He researches and enlightens the readers in the latest trend in the field. He also advises the firm on the buying and selling of the cryptocurrency. Ian King was hired for the job because of his deep interest in the field. Banyan Hills needed someone who was not simply reading about it but an individual who had been involved in the business.

Ian is very careful about what he publishes for his readers. He has to go through a systematic process to decide whether an idea is valid or not. First, he exclusively researchers on the project to come up with the best crypto idea. He first tries to see whether the centralized system can solve the problem that the crypto idea is solving. The other factor that Ian King considers when dealing with the cryptocurrency is whether the supply will lead to the currency deflating. He then reaches out to the provider to understand the whole structure of the system. After a detailed analysis, he discusses the findings with his colleagues and publishes the article for the readers to invest. He sees the idea come to life through the success of his readers.

Ian King says that he easily gets distracted by new ideas that come his way. He also says that he is not a process-driven person and he, therefore, needs a timetable to keep him updated and remind him of the tasks that he needs to accomplish in a day. Read more:


Jordan Lindsey Gives Take on Bitcoin

Anyone that is looking to build long-term well will inevitably need to learn how to invest their personal assets. While it is always a good idea to invest in the stock market, mutual funds, and other strategic Investments, people should also have a portion of their portfolio allocated for alternative investments. One investment that has been in the news a lot over the past year has been the investment of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin.

In 2017, millions of investors across the world were awed by the dramatic increase in the price of Bitcoin. During that year alone, people saw the price of the point increase more than two thousand percent as it nearly hit $20,000 per coin. While the price of Bitcoin has declined in 2018, there are still many people that believe it has a lot of potential to be a major part of the economy in the future. This can make it a great investment opportunity and now could be a great opportunity to get in at a low price.

One individual continues to believe in Bitcoin and other digital currency Investments is Jordan Lindsey. He is currently the founder and CEO of JCL Capital. In his role with this firm, he is responsible for finding unique ways for investors to invest their personal capital. In the past, he has focused a lot on Foreign Exchange currencies and other unique investments. While these investments have provided a great return on investment in the past, he believes that digital currencies could be the future and will provide an even greater return than other alternative options.

While it is clear that there is a potential for a big increase in value in Bitcoin, investors still need to be aware that there is a lot of risk involved with these investments. Because of the risk that is present with investing in digital currencies, investors should limit their investment allocation to a reasonable level. Investors also need to be willing to ride through the waves of the investment cycle as the coin could continue to fluctuate a lot in value in coming years.

Getting Money for Your Startup When Its Needed the Most

What can an entrepreneur doo get the money he needs for his project when it is needed the most? Chris Burch of Burch Creative Capital says to try to find the things in your company that others can’t do and then play on those strengths. Besides showing your investors you have a strong positive inflow of cash they like to see how you set yourself apart from others (

There is no need to rush thru your presentation but be prepared to answer as many questions as you can and don’t be stumped if they throw you a curveball. Don’t try to fake it, but simply admit you don’t know and promise to get back with them. Do everything as if they were about to say yes, and avoid any words that will cause pitfalls in your presentation. Be organized and ready to be grilled, but remain confident, so the Venture capitalist or Angel investor understand you know your business inside and out on a practical level. When necessary, depend upon rely on your team to keep things flowing. If you need someone to help you with a projector or slide use your team.

Burch Creative Capital

Christopher Burch is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, which reflects the entrepreneurial values and the investment thinking of Christ Burch. Where Chris Burch envisions market opportunities he leads consumers. He applies imagination, coupled with creativity and timed incubation methods, to arrive at leads that disrupt businesses and brands. Christ Burch believes his investment philosophies have a positive and direct impact on the consumers with whom he collaborates.

Chris Burch’s investment philosophy has endured over a 40-year career as an investor and entrepreneur. Chris Burch has been influential in helping 50 companies rise to financial success. He combines a unique combination of understanding which is intuitive and insightful about the behavior of the consumer. Chris Burch has welded together innovation with practical methods for impact.

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Christ Burch’s Creative Capital portfolio includes companies like Jawbone and Voss Water, Ellen DeGeneres and Cocoon9.  More on

Matt Badiali, natural resource expert

A natural resource specialist, Matt Badiali is a publishing supervisor of Stansbery Resource report, monthly advisor dealing with natural resources such as gold. At the Penn State University, he pursued his degree in Geology, Master’s degree at Florida Atlantic University and presently undertaking Ph.D. He is also known for being a factor to the Growth Stock Wire updating people on money making trading opportunities. Apart from being a natural resource specialist, he has skills in hydrology and mentoring in the oil industry. Luckily, he was employed by Banyan Hill. Informing subscribers on the investment opportunities likely to be undertaken in the agricultural, oil and energy department is his role. He was so pleased to work with the team in assisting people to create wealth. For a certain period, Banyan Hill subscribers have increased because of his employment. Consequently, the company made some extra capital. As Real Wealth Strategist’s originator, he advises the readers on productive investments. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

Matt Badiali has visited deserted mines looking for opportunities that can be profitable. A certain well known financial expert contacted him as he was lecturing in North Carolina. The man was interested in investing in the natural resources sector and urgently needed a geologist. He increased my paycheck due to the trips I made to various countries such as Singapore, Iraq and more conducting the research. He made up his mind to do the research and never looked back. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunbchbase. On December 5, 2008, he purchased Kaminak Gold. Most people thought he was insane, but with time they appreciated his effort. The stock market dropped, and he sold his at an increased price, this enabled him to generate more income. The man who gave him a task was also lucky enough. Matt Badiali supposes that you do not understand something until you see. The best way to ensure your investments are secured is to see it by yourself. Occasionally, he meets with CEOs, resource financiers, and metal specialist to keep him informed on the current technologies, inventions, and developments. His primary concern is to hunt down money making opportunities for his readers.

As he worked on a certain project, he found out that MLPs gave out freedom checks. These companies deal with oil and gas, searching for gas wells. The firms are obligated to pay a minimum of 90% of their pay to its investors, the fee paid is what Matt Badiali refers to as freedom checks. The financiers do not pay taxes on them because they are taken as a return of money. The freedom checks pay out so much compared to other investments. Visit:


Starting a Small Business With Jeunesse

The health industry is a great industry to start a company. There are numerous people who are passionate about helping others reach their health goals. One of the best ways to help people reach their goals is to offer health products that actually work. There are a lot of health products that are expensive and ineffective.

Jeunesse offers a broad range of products for customers to choose from. Although Jeunesse is a small company, it is growing rapidly and helping thousands of people around the world. Jeunesse also allows people to become business owners. With the direct selling program that is offered by the company, anyone can start buying and selling inventory.

Getting Started

Before starting any business, it is important to have a thorough plan. There are some people who wrongly assume that it is easy to make money in the direct selling program. The people who are successful selling Jeunesse products are people who work hard every day.

One of the most important aspects of having success with a direct selling program is consistency. It is critical to advertise the products every day in order to have success. Jeunesse is the type of company that supplies quality products at an affordable price.

Online Marketing

Another great way to increase sales is to advertise the products online. Some of the most successful people in the direct selling program have a website to help sell the products. These are people who are fully committed to taking their business to a high level. In the coming years, investing in a website will increase sales and profits for the business owners.

How Much to Buy

Jeunesse allows business owners to purchase inventory at a discount. This is a great way to build inventory at a low cost. Some people struggle with deciding how much to purchase. There are many people who end up buying too much inventory and later regret their decision. It is always a good idea to conduct thorough research before buying a lot of products from Jeunesse to sell to other people.

Adam Milstein Revisits the Blind Anti-Semitic Agenda by the Far Left

In a commentary posted on Jpost, Adam Milstein analyses the forces that cement anti-Semitic grievances in the Middle East. For several years now, the world knows that the future of Israel is in danger because of the resolve by radical Muslims to annihilate the Jewish nation. The Muslim extremists have vowed to clear Israel off the face of the earth by infusing poisonous propaganda with others wherever they go. Interestingly, the growth of radical anti-Semitism has been growing on the left and right flank in similar measure. While the forces of anti-Semitic hatred are of diverse historical origin, they seem to converge on the same agenda.

Anti-Semitic Forces outside the Middle East

In a surprising turn of events, many anti-Semitic groups have mushroomed in Europe and in the Americas. The development has led to an alliance of odds between the already-known-and-established radical Muslims and the leftists from elsewhere. Some of the practices that characterize radical Muslims include stoning of women, killing gay people and shredding of the rights of minorities in their face. They also abhor any discussion on human rights. They will not stand feminist ideas either. Ordinarily, Adam Milstein observes, those on the extreme left should be shocked at such a stance by people living in the 21st C. However, the far left seems to prefer to look the other way from these concerns and would like the world to treat it as noninterference with the affairs of others. The common hatred for the invasive influence of Western countries seems to overshadow anything and everything else. These are countries that would rather maintain monopolistic authority, and gag the media among other excesses.

The Blind Support

Adam Milstein opines that the blanket support informed by sheer hatred creates complications even among the Muslim faithful. The far left fails to make head or tail of what is true and genuine Islamic practice. It suggests that anyone who hates Jews and the Western World qualifies to be a Muslim. There is the temptation to handle Islam as if it is a monolithic entity. The far left, thus, tends to portray Muslims as victims of oppression by the Westerners and the Jewish establishment.

Adam Milstein Background Summary

Adam Milstein is a Jewish philanthropist who is actively involved in efforts to better the lives of the Jewish people. He co-founded Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Milstein was born in Israel at Haifa. His parents migrated from Mexico and Argentina at the end of WWII.

Oxford Club Offers Unique Options and Services

Saving your money and investing for your future financial freedom is very important. While most people know that they need to do this and be dedicated to the practice, many end up becoming intimidated by the thought of putting their own money into the financial markets.

For those that know that they would like to invest in the markets, seeking out advice from a professional organization, investment advisor, could be a great option. One great source of financial advice and information is the Oxford Club. This organization has been around for more than 25 years and today has more than 100,000 members located across the globe. Members of the Oxford Club will receive a number of different benefits that can help make them more savvy investors.

And you are a member of the Oxford Club, one of the main advantages of membership is that you will get to take advantage of the publications that the organization provides. The Oxford Club may be best known for their regular newsletter that is sent to all members in the organization. This newsletter will include a wide variety of stories and input into the current state of the financial markets. This can help to give someone a unique perspective when it comes to trading and investing. The organization also sends out a variety of other materials that can act as educational and trading tools.

Those who are members of the organization will also enjoy the incredible networking opportunities that membership provides. Overall, there are more than 100,000 members of the organization that are spread out across more than 100 countries across the globe. While the organization is based out of a Baltimore office, it continues to have a major impact on regions across the world.

To ensure that members are able to get the most out of their membership, the organization hosts a wide variety of different networking and educational seminars throughout the year. At these events, you will be able to meet many different people who are investors in the global markets, are members of the organization, and work full-time and a variety of different industries. You can visit their FB page to know more about this company:

Matt Badiali Has the Right Background at the Right Time

There’s an enormous shift coming in the world of energy consumption. We have batteries powering cars now, but when will we have batteries powering cities? The technology is coming and when it arrives, the investment opportunities that arise will be amazing. Natural resource investing is highly speculative so it’s important to have expert advice in this specific field when you commit your money to these types of investments. Read more at PRNewswire about Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali has a background in geology and has been actively using his knowledge of natural resources to succeed financially. He has a B.S. in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and holds a Master of Science degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. In May of 2017, he started a newsletter with Banyan Hill called Real Wealth Strategist and has steadily increased his influence through making solid natural resource stock recommendations. Just so you know, this is not someone who solely sits in an office and postulates about what might happen in the near future. He travels the world speaking to experts who operate on the sites that directly concern his interests and advice. Matt has been to Turkey, Singapore, Haiti, Iraq, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Papua New Guinea, and Peru, collecting information at mines and oil projects.

One thing that Matt Badiali is recommending is something he calls “freedom checks.” This is a tax-free investment that is treated as a return on capital instead of being classified as income. They originate from companies who operate in the processing, production, transportation, and storage of natural resources in the United States. Due to the practice of fracking, these companies expect to see their profits soar. Savvy investors could see remarkable returns in the coming years through this opportunity. Visit to know more.

It’s always a good thing to learn that someone you trust with financial advice spends a good portion of their day reading and writing. These are skill sets that complement each other and are signs of a person who is actively engaged in growth. Matt Badiali spends his mornings writing and his afternoons reading. It’s important to stay connected and informed about trends and ideas happening worldwide. He is frequently absorbing the information appearing in The Mining Journal, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg to help inform his perspective.