Retired UTC Chairman Louis Chenevert

Canadian-born businessman Louis Chenevert received his education in Production Management at HEC Montreal, a business school that’s affiliated with the University of Montreal. After completing his studies there, and earning a Bachelor’s degree, he went on to work in management positions at several reputable companies such as Pratt and Whitney, where he was elected as President in 1999. He worked at the company for 6 years before moving on to the General Motors company, where he worked for 14 years. While there, he managed to acquire a deal with Goodrich for an estimated $17 billion.

After he joined the jet engine manufacturing company known as United Technologies Corp, or UTC, in 1993, Louis Chenevert maintained its stability during a time when the U.S. was experiencing a recession by choosing not to use outsourcing methods for the production of the company’s military and commercial planes, but to instead bring in a very skilled aeronautical team to its Connecticut-based operation so they could use their professional engineering talents where they were most needed. Because of this strategic move, the company’s yearly income increased substantially, and by 2006, the astute businessman was elected as UTC’s President and CEO.

UTC is not only a builder of advanced military planes, but it also operates the elevator and escalator company called OTIS. Since becoming the leader of the business, Louis Chenevert has been recognized by a number of organizations that honor excellence in the corporate world. One of those organizations was Aviation Weeks and Space Technology, who named him Person of the Year in 2011. He’s also received a Humanitarian Award from the FDNY Fire Commissioners, and a Pace Award for Leadership in Business Ethics, as well as a National Building Museum Honor Award.

Although Louis Chenevert is now retired from UTC, he continues to serve as a Senior Advisor for the Goldman Sachs Group’s Merchant Banking Division, where he searches for investment opportunities in the aerospace industry. Now that he has more time to enjoy pursuing his hobbies, he spends most of his time aboard his 110 ft. yacht, which has always been one of his passions.

OSI Food Solutions Continues Its Path as a Global Leader in Meat Production

When many major corporations in the food industry have announced times of trouble, the global entity, OSI Food Solutions, has announced incredibly strong advances over the past year. The company is one of the largest in the United States to be privately own, yet the global reach that the OSI Food Solutions corporation has also continues to grow at a rapid rate.

OSI Food Solutions is a world leader in the production and distribution of extremely high-quality meats. The company specializes in value-added meats that are healthy and held to the highest industry standards. In additions to its offerings, OSI Food Solutions also has garnered a sterling reputation as the go-to company for any type of custom meats that are needed by restaurant chains or grocery stores.

That is one of the largest benefits of working with the OSI Food Solutions Group. The company operates on a multitude of levels. First and foremost the company has several sub-entities that is distributes its quality meats to. Beyond that, the company also provides its quality meat products directly to some of the country’s largest restaurant chains, as well as smaller restaurant branches. For example, the company works to provide quality meats to some of the largest names in fast food, fast-casual restaurants and also pivots to provide the best quality meats to some of the world’s best fine dining restaurants. The ability to pivot and to change its offerings based on seasonal trends and menu changes has earned OSI Food Solutions the reputation as a company that not only listens to its customers, but is happy to be versatile with its offerings to meet seasonal and regional needs of a variety of restaurants.

OSI Food Solutions made major headlines this year when it acquired the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, Illinois. The plant is over 200,000 square feet and was on the road to be shut down late last year, putting nearly five hundred people in Chicago’s Southside out of jobs, many who had been with the company for a very lengthy period of time. OSI Food Solutions purchased the facility and was able to offer most of those employees’ positions with OSI Food Solutions. To know more about the company click here.

In addition to its growth in North America, OSI Food Solutions also announced that it had purchased a major stake in Baho Foods, based out of the Netherlands. The company also specializes in the production of meats and is a household name in many European countries.

Why Should You Listen To Ted Bauman’s Advice?

Ted Bauman holds an influential role at Banyan Hill Publishing. At Banyan Hill Publishing he holds the title of Editorial Director, among one of his duties is his monthly newsletter, The Bauman Letter. In this newsletter, Ted Bauman gives his readers his personal advice on how to grow their personal finances and better invest. His long career has given him the knowledge to provide solutions and knowledge to his readers. Visit Ted Bauman at to know more.

Ted Bauman started his career in South America, having moved their from Maryland when he was still young. After attending the University of Cape Town, where he got degrees in history and economics, he started to work for many non profit organizations mainly as a fund-manager for projects on low-cost housing. His work in this area took him all over the world and helped clients from the United Nations to European grant-making agencies find solutions for housing issues. His work with Slum Dwellers International has gone on to help millions of people from 35 different countries.

After Ted Bauman left South America, he continued to work on low-cost housing solutions by joining Habitat for Humanity as their Director of International Housing Projects. All of these experiences helped him better prepare for his role at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Throughout his career and his travels  Bauman learned to not put all his resources into one area. This knowledge and experience has allowed him to become more aware on how to make better financial decisions, something he shares through his work at Banyan Hill Publishing. The knowledge he shares through The Bauman Letter, as well as the many other newsletters and journals he contributes too, aim to help people find solutions to their many personal and business questions and problems. Follow Ted Bauman on twitter.

Ted Bauman’s unique career has prepared him for his role at Banyan Hill Publishing. After leaving Habitat for Humanity, he fully immersed himself in writing and research and has continued to find solutions for people, as he always has done throughout his career. His career has helped him to attain a different perspective on financial decisions and has taught him valuable information on investing safer and smarter. Read more on Talk Markets:


Todd Lubar: Obtaining

When one is successful there is a certain aura around them. People want to know who, when, and where did this person emerge to become such a great success. Few are honestly ready to divulge the secrets of their success, but some are quite different. People like Todd Lubar, a business man with experience in real estate and many other ventures doesn’t mind sharing his secrets and that’s what he recently did.

First, the apparent thing about Todd Lubar is that he always had an entrepreneurial spirit. From a very young age he was selling lemonade and hot chocolate while other children did the regular and played outside. Now he is the president of TDL Global Ventures. He is very goal and teamwork oriented. Lubar believes in the classic concept of hard work being one of the most serious determining factors in success and it was instilled in him from a young age to do so. Building businesses and then inspiring others to come aboard is what he does, and it seems to work wonders for him. For more details visit LinkedIn.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar believes he can do this so well from his unique strength of positive motivation. By creating an environment that is open and free where everyone is on the same level he creates comradery between partners and employees. It is his belief that “one cannot be successful in business without also being successful personally.” Though it has not always been easy, and he feels that at times it was challenging having business doors and opportunities closed in his face just for him have to create his own path and direction. By being grateful and understanding of second chances he suggests it helps build loyalty on a team. Todd Lubar regularly helps smaller business by giving them these second chances. In fact, that’s what he does as an entrepreneur, gives smaller business the platform they need to be successful. Furthermore, his fear from his younger years of not closing deals kept him on his toes and that feeling remains with him to this day. By staying on his toes and showing legitimate care he got a lot of customers and business because they can see the sincerity within him. This is what helped him when he first broke in to the real estate business along with his knowledge from working for the mortgage industry in his younger days. Todd’s goal is to get his businesses to run at 80% efficiency without him being present and it seems based on what we have learned of his mindset and approach to business that he will obtain it.

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Telereal Trillium: A Brainchild Of Graham Edwards

The prosperous career of Graham Edwards is as a result of the meticulous education he obtained during his formative years. He attended the University of Cambridge and obtained a Master of Arts in Economics. He also holds a Master of Arts in International Relations and National Security Studies from the King’s College of London.

Graham Edwards worked at Merrill Lynch, which is an asset management firm. He worked at British Telecom’s property department before he moved on to Talisman Global Asset Management  (

This firm began as an asset management branch of Pears, and it had an asset base of £50 million, which Graham Edwards turned to £1billion. Other than Talisman, He has stakes in mining, software, water, and engineering businesses.

This goes to elicit how Graham Edwards manifests his leadership skills in any business he leads. He has established core principles at Telereal, which have led to the success of the company.

Real estate business is a complicated business. The firm prides itself on giving simple solutions to their clients by using a talented pool of employees who deliver results despite the many challenges Telereal Trillium encounters.

The firm serves Barclays, Virgin Media, Royal mail, Birmingham City Council among other organizations. This has served to build a reputation for excellence and exceptional service.

Telereal Trillium has clinched many prestigious awards such as the Investors in People, The Norwood Property Deal of the Year in 2009, and Corporate Supporter of the Year 2016.

The success of an organization is determined by those who have been mandated to lead it. Telereal Trillium is no exception. Graham Edwards has set the bar high with his tremendous success. The firm can only progress towards higher levels of success because employee talents and potential are nurtured to deliver the highest level of customer service.





OSI Food Solutions in Spain to Produce More Chicken

The OSI Food Solutions is an institution that was founded several decades ago. The company main headquarters were based in Aurora. The company was introduced to the consumers in the United States, and later on, it grew to offer its services to the communities in many parts of the world. When the founder of the company was starting the meat processing company, he only wanted to supply meat to the people living in Aurora. Several years later, the OSI Group local market expanded significantly, and it gave employment opportunities to hundreds of people living in the country. After realizing that customers liked the kind of products they were getting, the OSI Group chose to expand and cover the international market.

Running an international firm, especially one that deals with food products can be a very challenging affair. When Sheldon Lavin, the chief executive officer of the firm joined the company several years ago, he was only interested in ensuring that the company was in the right financial terms. The businessman had been in the finance consulting department for a while, and he had a lot of knowledge when it comes to handling large companies. The institution never knew that hiring Sheldon Lavin was one of the best things they did. Under the leadership of the businessman, the OSI Group has managed to expand so much, and it has increased the amount of products it offers its customers. Not long ago, the company started the production of chicken and other food products.

With the production of meat products, OSI Food Solutions is conquering the markets. This was evident just recently when the branch in Spain announced that they were going to double the amount of chicken produced so that they can meet the growing demands from the customers in the country. OSI Group understands that their success depends on the customer satisfaction, and this is why they have chosen to increase their chicken products. The organization food plant found in Spain has also made it clear that it will be increasing the number of employees working in the facility so that the chicken production is a success. The people living in Spain will have more reasons to smile. Apart from having great chicken products to enjoy, these people will have an opportunity to work with an international company that is doing so well. The company food plant has also been significantly increased to cater for the growing chicken production.

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Graham Edwards, CEO of Telereal Trillium Mentors on Methods

Telereal Trillium, one of the UK’s largest property companies, has played a significant role in developing the country’s landscape this century. Their portfolio includes a very impressive 86 million square feet that house 1% of the UK working population. Telereal Trillium is led by CEO, Graham Edwards, who has led the company since it was founded in 2001. At that time it was only Telereal coming several years later. It was in 2001 that Edwards helped Telereal enter a crucial 30-year strategic property partnership with BT Plc.

In 2009, Edwards led Telereal to acquire Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc. This massively revolutionary deal has resulted in Telereal Trillium having annual revenue of around £1 billion. Edwards began his career by working as a fund manager at Merrill Lynch Investment Management and as head of finance for BT Group Plc. Prior to joining the Telereal team, Edwards served as CIO of Talisman Global Asset, which began operations in 1998. He is known in the UK as a leader who truly makes the complex real estate industry easy for his clients to understand.

The methods of Telereal Trillium have not always been as good as they are now. Edwards has led the company in perfecting its services throughout its existence. One thing that Edwards learned early on is that he needed to give flexibility to the talented employees in his company. He has also been instrumental in many principals that have been important in guiding the company to success ( Telereal Trillium currently has a long list of top company names as clients, including Virgin Media, Royal Mail, Barclays, BT, The Birmingham City Council, and The Department for Work and Pensions. The company is so respected that it has garnered many top industry awards through the years. Some of the honors and awards included The Norwood Property Lunch Property Deal of the Year award in 2009, Tomorrow’s People Awards ‘Corporate Supporter of the Year’ in 2016, and inclusion on The Sunday Times Top Track List of 100 Biggest Privately-Owned Companies list in 2016.


Gregory James Aziz is a Revered Organizational Leader

1In the past 15 years and over, National Steel Car has managed to carve out a name for itself as a leading company in the manufacture of freight cars and non-rail products. From 1912 when the company was established, it has accomplished so much in the hands of different leaders. Even so, there is a leader who has tremendously transitioned the company into one of the best in Canada’s industry. Mr. Gregory James Aziz is a revered leader whose skills and input in the business cannot go unnoticed. Here is a look at his career and contribution to the industry.


A Look at Who Aziz Is

Gregory J Aziz is a successful leader whose efforts to guide his employees manifest through National Steel Car. Born in 1949, the enthusiastic leader is the head cheerleader of National Steel Car. He grew up in Canada’s Ontario and graduated from the prestigious Western University Ontario. Specializing in economics, he garnered extensive managerial skills, especially in resource allocation and logistics. Perhaps that is why Aziz was able to work in the family business straight from graduation.



The family business, Affiliated Foods exported food to Canada’s neighboring cities. With the guidance of Aziz, Affiliated Foods managed to expand its supply scope to several towns. Consequently, it became an international food supplies company. Seeing that he needed to explore various options in the industry, Aziz decided to move to New York City. There, he worked with various banking as well investment firms. Of course, while working in the two industries, he ensured that he was well-versed with accounting and finance. This is because later on, he would acquire National Steel Car. Greg Aziz arranged the purchasing of National Steel Car. Hamilton National Industries purchased it.


Additional Information

Unfortunately, National Steel Car was not doing so well at that moment. For a company that manufactures railroad freight cars, its performance was below average. As such, the company needed an extraordinary leader who would jumpstart its performance. Greg Aziz was that leader. He joined the company and right away, worked on implementing topnotch managerial skills. His input turned the firm’s fortunes around.


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Some of the roles Gregory J Aziz has played include recruiting competent employees and contributing to the community charity. Aside from that, Aziz has pushed the firm’s production capacity from the initial 3,500 units of cars to 12,500 annually. Mr. Aziz is a dedicated leader whose roles are instrumental to the firm’s expansion over the past years.


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CEO of Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards, Educates on His Mission

Graham Edwards is the CEO of Telereal Trillium. He graduated with a degree in Economics from Cambridge University. Edwards has lots of experience in the assets management and investment management industries. Some of his credits include:

  • CIO for Talisman Global Asset Management
  • Fund Manager at Merrill Lynch Investment Management
  • Head of Finance for the BT Group

Graham Edwards showed his expertise from the beginning when he became CEO of the company. He secured a deal that put Telereal (the company was known as just Telereal at this time) at the top of the game in the property management industry. In 2001, the deal secured Telereal and the BT Group into a 30 year deal and also granted Telereal with 6,700 new properties. With Edwards’ experience in investing, he was able to recognize the value that Telereal would gain with the deal.


History of Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium is a property investment and management company. This company came into existence with a series of merger and joint-ventures. Founded in 1997 as Trillium, the company started out strong. In the year 2000, Land Securities acquired Trillium and the company became known as Land Securities Trillium. In 2001, Land Securities Trillium signed a 30 year contract with BT which was privately owned by the Pears Trust and Group, and the joint venture became known as Telereal. Graham Edwards became the CEO in this year. In 2005, Pears bought the remaining 50% of Telereal. In 2009, Land Securities sold Trillium to Telereal, and the company became known as Telereal Trillium.

Graham Edwards has secured two major deals for Telereal Trillium since 2001 that has easily put this company at the top of the property management and investment fields. These types of deals are envied in the corporate world, and they show just how competent Edwards is in his field. With Graham Edwards as CEO, Telereal Trillium has a bright and profitable future ahead.


Graham Edwards Helps Telereal to Outpace the Competition

Telereal Trillium is a well-known name in the UK. The company boasts being one of the country’s most prominent privately-owned companies that handles strategic land development and investments. The company makes its presence known in almost every major UK city and town.

Telereal’s investments, 8000 properties and counting, across the UK total almost one percent of the country’s workforce. Telereal maintains dominance by raising funds for projects through the bond and loan market. Projects range from land contracts and planning consents to single housing and major projects that involve thousands of units. Experience matters, and Graham Edwards brings plenty of it to each project.

Several past experiences include fund manager at Merrill Lynch, and head of finance for the BT Group. His professional affiliations include membership in the UK Society of Investment Professionals, a Fellow of FRICS, membership in the AMCT, and an association with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

As is stands, Graham Edwards and Telereal Trillium impact the UK’s economy in a major way. Its portfolio is worth $6 billion, which equates to nearly 86 million square feet of space and one percent of the UK’s workforce. This has definite impact and influence on the country’s housing market.

Graham Edwards is leading the charge. His focus has been on developing guiding principles that help drive the company’s success. Real estate can be a complex business, but companies can remove most complexities by offering effective solutions. His company also creates an environment where people gain inspiration to fulfil their potential ( Their tools are strong business acumen and an applied intellectual rigor that will help them chart a course that leads to success.

The company can also measure its success by it caliber of clients, which include Royal Mail, BT, Barclays, Virgin Media, and the Department for Work and Pensions. Graham Edwards has the knowledge and business acumen to help his company outpace the competition for years to come.