Cambria – Wine and Empowering Women with Julia Jackson

Basking in the sun of Northern California in the cool maritime climate found in Northern Santa Barbara climate is one of the jewels of the wine-making business. The Jackson family can be found here continuing a tradition that goes back generations, the tradition of delicious wines grown in balance with the earth. Julie Jackson is the spokesperson for Cambria Wines, one of the brands produced by the rich and vibrant grapes that grow in the alluvial soil.

Julia has a strong background for running the family business, having inherited her philosophies and virtues from her parent’s examples. The current world of wines is experiencing a change in how wine is purchased, millennials often find themselves being drawn to artistic and trendy labels and don’t seem to hold much loyalty for any particular brand of wine. Regardless Julia knows that staying the course is going to be the key to success, and is determined to follow the traditions laid out by her family. “We’re not trying to chase short term trends or appeal to a specific audience,” was her statement on the subject. Her time at the Stanford Graduate School of Business has well prepared her to make these decisions, and it has served her well since she took her place as spokesperson and partner in her family business.

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It has also served her well in the creation of the non-profit Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting role models for young women in the media. It takes efforts to recognize those women who have challenged adversity and come out successful in the end. Her favorite wine while being an entrepreneurial superwoman? “Pinot Noir and Chardonnay”, which she believes to hold an unchallenged place as the best wines in Sonoma. If you should find yourself in the presence of one of the Jackson families complex and delicious wines, be sure to pick one up and treat yourself to a taste of Northern California.


Julie Zuckerberg – the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead

If you are looking forward to work in the financial services industry, you may see it necessary to try your luck and contact a recruitment lead for the job. One of the official enrollment leads at Deutsche Bank is Julie Zuckerberg. The Vice President and executive recruitment lead Julie Zuckerberg has worked for a couple of various organizations as an official recruitment lead. Currently, Julie is a VP and official talent enlistment lead for Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is a banking business investment that began in 1870, Germany. Julie Zuckerberg is presently situated in Manhattan, New York City.

Julie’s previous work experience began at Hudson staffing and recruitment. She began her position there in 2002 and remained there for an additional five years. She conducted her job there as a candidate placement for paralegals, attorneys, support staffing and case managers for law firms. While in October 2007, she moved onto the financial services business Citi and at Citi, she acted as a VP and enrollment specialist. Julie worked with contracting more representatives for Citi and conducted some employee training on the services that Citi offers, for example, the Citi Cards. Come 2013, Julie shifted onto New York Life Insurance Company where she became the senior Vice President and senior recruiter at New York Life Insurance Company.

Julie’s work aptitudes incorporate different talent acquisition capacities. She is moreover talented with interviewing skills, leadership, conflict resolution, strategy, employee training, human resources, coaching, succession planning, and applicant tracking systems. Julie Zuckerberg went to the City University of New York Brooklyn College and the New York Law School. She did her philosophy studies at the City University of New York Brooklyn College before going ahead to study law at the New York Law School after completing her philosophy course.

Julie Zuckerberg started her career in Hudson as the chief of candidate placement between November 2002 and October 2007 where she led recruitment of lawyers, caseworkers, paralegals, and care staff for various firms. The positions were both on perpetual and transitory contract terms. Her customers were financial institutions, reputable law firms and big corporations. She additionally assisted to resolve conflicts in workplace by going about as the link between clients and employees to guarantee consistence with the Employment Act.

In 2007, Julie shifted to Citi Global Functions as an official enrollment specialist, an organization she served until 2011. She gave a full life-cycle official enlistment for senior level staff in Auditing, Compliance, and Legal fields. Julie presented inventive enlistment strategies like online networking, coordinate sourcing, worker referral, and web look. Amid her time at Citi she offered selecting services for chief and overseeing executive positions for CitiCards and a Consumer Marketing firm, Citi Global. Moreover, she led the development and negotiations of complex occupation offers including migration, clawbacks, differed awards and equity buyouts.

Before working with the Deutsche Bank, Julie worked for the New York Life Insurance Company and Citi Global Consumer Bank as an official scout. She rose to upper positions in the bank in 2015 and immediately rose to the position of Executive Talent Acquisition Manager. She teams up with business pioneers from Private Wealth & Commercial Clients, Global Technology & Operations, and Asset Management to drive worldwide talent procurement systems and process change.