Cambria – Wine and Empowering Women with Julia Jackson

Basking in the sun of Northern California in the cool maritime climate found in Northern Santa Barbara climate is one of the jewels of the wine-making business. The Jackson family can be found here continuing a tradition that goes back generations, the tradition of delicious wines grown in balance with the earth. Julie Jackson is the spokesperson for Cambria Wines, one of the brands produced by the rich and vibrant grapes that grow in the alluvial soil.

Julia has a strong background for running the family business, having inherited her philosophies and virtues from her parent’s examples. The current world of wines is experiencing a change in how wine is purchased, millennials often find themselves being drawn to artistic and trendy labels and don’t seem to hold much loyalty for any particular brand of wine. Regardless Julia knows that staying the course is going to be the key to success, and is determined to follow the traditions laid out by her family. “We’re not trying to chase short term trends or appeal to a specific audience,” was her statement on the subject. Her time at the Stanford Graduate School of Business has well prepared her to make these decisions, and it has served her well since she took her place as spokesperson and partner in her family business.

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It has also served her well in the creation of the non-profit Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting role models for young women in the media. It takes efforts to recognize those women who have challenged adversity and come out successful in the end. Her favorite wine while being an entrepreneurial superwoman? “Pinot Noir and Chardonnay”, which she believes to hold an unchallenged place as the best wines in Sonoma. If you should find yourself in the presence of one of the Jackson families complex and delicious wines, be sure to pick one up and treat yourself to a taste of Northern California.


Susan McGalla Is Equally Comfortable With Both Genders

One of the reasons that Susan McGalla is such a great leader is that she does not have any hang ups based on gender. She is very comfortable working with both women and men. She does not get any type of attitude towards someone because of their gender. Therefore, she is able to go through her day without antagonizing anyone. Therefore, she is someone who is able to reach women with the right mindset to have when it comes to working with people. It shows when she speaks about topics such as improving one’s life and reaching one’s own goals.

Among the things that Susan McGalla encourages women to do is adopt a mindset that they are people, not male or female. This will take them a lot further than being resentful to others on the basis of their gender. Susan McGalla has a lot of experience in holding leadership positions. Therefore, she can be trusted to tell women exactly what they need in order to advance in the company. This is a very important time for women because more women are getting hired than men these days. Therefore, Susan has a lot of things that she could say which would help people. Related articles on McGalla’s profile.

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One of the reasons that Susan McGalla has been comfortable with both genders is that she has had an upbringing with a father who has instilled in her the idea of equality. She has also treated her equally to her brothers. This has shown her how to relate to people. One thing that her father did was shield her from destructive thinking which includes resentment of the other gender. She has taken the time to make positive decisions that are life building. Therefore, she has a lot of wisdom to offer people that can help them overcome their disadvantages.  Follow Susan on her page.

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