Bob Reina – The Man Behind TalkFusion

Bob Reina’s Background Story

Bob Reina has a degree from the University of South Florida. Prior to TalkFusion,he was an official Police Officer. Bob Reina is a originally from Florida. Mr. Reina is known for a variety of leadership roles. He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and CEO. He is the renown visionary of video marketing and technology.


Reina’s vision for the future of video technology began with a simple e-mail. Prior to founding TalkFusion, there was no way for individuals to send e-mails with videos attached. But thanks to the collaboration of Bob Reina and his good friend and IT expert Dr. Jonathan Chen, the humble beginnings and birth of video e-mailing came together.


What’s Bob Up To Now?

After achieving the impossible, Bob Reina ventured forward and created TalkFusion. Bob Reina is the CEO and Founder of TalkFusion. TalkFusions goals and main philosophy is based on two golden rules. The first rule, to envision and create a brand new way for individuals to connect via video technology. Secondly, to change the world of direct sales businesses with this new found video technology. By doing this he has changed the marketing world and created a new world for business owners to interact with their customers.


In addition to being the video technology guru, a great team builder, he is also a

motivational speaker and philanthropist. Reina has more than a hundred YOUTUBE motivational videos available to encourage individuals to succeed. He is a proud supporter of the Humane Society. He is also attached to many other non-profit organizations that are champions for helping animals. Bob Reina’s name is synonymous with hard working, inspiring, and caring. He is surely to continue to create more advances in the technology realm. In addition, his non-profit work and giving will continue to blossom for animals everywhere. Learn more: