Taking a leaf from Rodrigo Terpins, a successful Brazilian rally driver

The 41-year-old rally champion, Rodrigo Terpins was born in Brazil. He was born into a sports-loving family and he is the elder brother to Michel Terpins. The two brothers have dominated the Brazilian rally championships since they were young. Rodrigo started out his career in the car category while his younger brother started out with the bikes. Michel, later on, joined Rodrigo in the categories. The two have been racing together since 2002.


Terpins is an active participant of the Prototype T1 races. Together with his younger brother, they formed a Bull Serteos Rally team where they have won many trophies. Recently, Rodrigo participated in the Bull Serteos Rally competition with Fabricio Manchiana as his co-driver. They managed to finish in the sixth position while his brother Michel finished in the fifth position. Michel was racing with Sves Von Borries as his co-driver. Rodrigo set a time record of 56 minutes and 9 seconds while Michel completed the race in 56 minutes.


What motivates Rodrigo to perform well in competitions?

Rodrigo Terpins has a strong passion for speed and rallying. The urge to win trophies and make a name in the sports world motivates him to aim higher. Ever since he started competing in rally championships, Rodrigo has remained consistent and determined. He dedicates a lot of his time in training in a bid to emerge as the best. Check out mundoraiam.com to see more.



Besides racing, Rodrigo also runs several successful businesses. Their father, Jack Terpins was also a successful basketball player and a successful businessman. Rodrigo is also a family man. He splits his time between racing, business, and family. Unlike many other sports people, Rodrigo has managed to maintain a balance in his life with everything running smoothly.


Keeping up with the publicity

Winning trophies and being the best often attracts a lot of public attention. Rodrigo Terpins has a huge fan base where most of his supporters have been with him when he launched his career. Rodrigo Terpins runs several social media account where he keeps his fans updated with his recent engagements. He has a huge following in his LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. He uses the social media sites to build a good reputation with the public.



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