Leisure and Fun At Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

Located in the beautiful coastal city João Pessoa, the capital in Paraíba, holds one of the largest shopping malls in Brazil. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping center continues to this day to amaze and entertain its patrons daily. An ideal tourist attraction as well as local hub for great concerts, gourmet cuisines and state-of-the-art cinema, the Manaira consists of endless entertainment with a lovely view of the beach.

With a very eclectic mix of things to do, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping offers a fun, laid back shopping extravaganza you will never forget. The full food court, or aptly named “Gourmet Space”, houses diverse foods from steak houses, burgers, to ethnic local dishes. Inside the cinema venue, you can choose from 11 rooms equipped with modern up-to-date features. There are 3D rooms available, and VIP rooms housed with perfectly arranged seating for the best visual experience. Feast on gourmet popcorn, candies, and drinks at the cinema’s bar service. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has a unique game station that is akin to an electric amusement park. There are over 200 machines for gaming and ballroom dancing in this 1800 square meter space; a site to truly see. A contemporary bowling alley is fully electronic and designed to amaze your whole entourage.

Roberto Santiago, 58, is an entrepreneur and the mastermind of the Manaira Shopping mall in João Pessoa. Born on July 16, 1958, Roberto studied business administration at Marist College Pius X. Later, he finished his schooling at the University Center of João Pessoa. He kick-started his career journey at the Cafe Santa Rosa where he initially got the idea to invest in his own cartonage company. The cartonage company manufactured decorative and utilitarian objects using a patented technique. Confident and quite shrewd in business, Mr. Santiago’s visionary has created pleasant entertainment venues that will be relevant for years to come. His main idea for the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is to express simply, pure entertainment, comfort and fun. Roberto also owns the Mangeira Shopping mall, one of Brazil’s contemporary shopping center located in the heart of the same city.

Real Estate Companies in Brazil: Construcap’s Tale


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Finding a Property

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If you want to buy a real estate property in Brazil, this is a company that can help you during that process. There are a lot of people who are excited about what this company is going to do in the future, especially with all of the investments they are making. If you want to take things to a new level financially in your life, there are a variety of ways to do that. Anyone who has ever worked in this area knows just how difficult it can be to find the perfect property. Not only do you have to spend a lot of time looking for it, but you also have to be prepared to invest more for the future.