CEO of Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards, Educates on His Mission

Graham Edwards is the CEO of Telereal Trillium. He graduated with a degree in Economics from Cambridge University. Edwards has lots of experience in the assets management and investment management industries. Some of his credits include:

  • CIO for Talisman Global Asset Management
  • Fund Manager at Merrill Lynch Investment Management
  • Head of Finance for the BT Group

Graham Edwards showed his expertise from the beginning when he became CEO of the company. He secured a deal that put Telereal (the company was known as just Telereal at this time) at the top of the game in the property management industry. In 2001, the deal secured Telereal and the BT Group into a 30 year deal and also granted Telereal with 6,700 new properties. With Edwards’ experience in investing, he was able to recognize the value that Telereal would gain with the deal.


History of Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium is a property investment and management company. This company came into existence with a series of merger and joint-ventures. Founded in 1997 as Trillium, the company started out strong. In the year 2000, Land Securities acquired Trillium and the company became known as Land Securities Trillium. In 2001, Land Securities Trillium signed a 30 year contract with BT which was privately owned by the Pears Trust and Group, and the joint venture became known as Telereal. Graham Edwards became the CEO in this year. In 2005, Pears bought the remaining 50% of Telereal. In 2009, Land Securities sold Trillium to Telereal, and the company became known as Telereal Trillium.

Graham Edwards has secured two major deals for Telereal Trillium since 2001 that has easily put this company at the top of the property management and investment fields. These types of deals are envied in the corporate world, and they show just how competent Edwards is in his field. With Graham Edwards as CEO, Telereal Trillium has a bright and profitable future ahead.


Property Management with Graham Edwards and Telereal

As the chief executive officer at Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards has played a major role in their success and growth since its start in 2001. Located in London England, Telereal is a property management and investing company worth billions in revenue. With the expertise of Graham Edwards, it’s no wonder the company is well known in its field (Relationshipscience).

Cambridge University in England is well known for producing major players in business and Graham Edwards is one of these success stories. He has had much experience gaining huge sums of money for companies all over the country. Business with Land Securities Group Plc in 2009 marked a major time for Telereal Trillium. With acquisition negotiations led by Graham, he company was able to bring in billions of money. This was just one of the many ways Graham’s knowledge has earned the company major recognition.

In addition to revenue, Graham has also brought in property for Telereal. He has been able to obtain over 6,000 properties, one of the biggest outsourcing deals of its time. Graham is also interested in foreign affairs and is pursuing a master’s degree from King’s College London. His degree in International Relations and the Middle East will give Graham more of an advancing his field.

Telereal is lucky to have Graham as he is the leader in gaining a billion dollar contract to manage buildings in England. One such company is the Department for Work and Pensions. Graham has also been managing properties such as Barclay’s Bank and Norwich Union since 2004. There are many committees in England and Wales that Graham is a part of. He is also apart of the Institute for Chartered Accountants.

When he isn’t making his company large amounts of moment, Graham loves to study on engineering and other subjects. He has a love of real estate and should have much success in the field of his skill in business is any indication. There is much to learn from Graham Edwards and it is advised to take a look at Telereal Trillium’s website for more information.