A Brief History of Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech is currently one of the managing partners of Politank. It’s well-renowned for being a government affairs law firm that is dedicated to finding ways to help best represent the interests of private firms when they go before a government forum. Of course, he has also served in many other roles throughout his career. Mr. Francisco Domenech served as the president of the student council whilst matriculating at the University of Puerto Rico. During his time at the university, he also served as president of the student body and an academic senator in the student government. After graduating, he later served as a member of the democratic national committee and eventually ended up becoming the deputy campaign manager for Hillary Clinton during the primaries. View Francisco Domenech’s profile at visualcv.com

During the campaign, she polled particularly well with over double the amount of votes of then-senator Barack Obama. She also did well in the primaries, scoring significantly higher than her opponent, and eventually won the primary. Her presidential bid, however, was unsuccessful. A few years later, though, he served as the campaign manager for Jennifer Gonzales’s successful campaign to become the first Puerto Rican woman and youngest person to attain the title of Resident Commissioner and serve as a representative for the US territory before Congress. He is also well-renowned for serving on the national finance committee for the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016.

Additionally, when Ms. Clinton made a campaign visit to Puerto Rico, Mr. Domenech was responsible for arranging and organizing her trip to ensure it went off without a hitch. While serving as one of the finance co-chairs for the organization, Ready For Hillary, he was responsible for coordinating fundraisers and various activities to help raise money for the organization and ensuring its success throughout her campaign and beyond. He is also affiliated with multiple philanthropic endeavors such as The Clinton Foundation, The Washington Center For Internships and Academic Seminars, and The Hispanic Heritage Foundation. He is currently licensed to practice law throughout all fifty states and Puerto Rico. So we wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors. Read more: https://www.slideshare.net/francisco_domenech


End Citizens United: Reform Campaign Finance System

For those not in the know, End Citizens United is considered a public action committee that was founded in March 2015. Their goal is to petition for certain changes in the United States campaign finance system. This public action committee managed to garner more than $4 million within the first three months of the year (2017).


They believe they will be able to raise at least $35 million by the 2018 midterm elections. This projected total would represent an increase of approximately $10 million from the total they were able to raise for last year’s election. End Citizens United hopes to use the funds to advance the campaigns of Democrats in hopes of having more of them in Congress during the next elections in order to further reforms in the U.S. campaign finance system. Some of their early choices include Sherrod Brown, Jon Oscoff, and Jon Tester. They are vying for offices in Ohio, Georgia, and Montana respectively.


End Citizens United receives donations from individuals. The group does not accept any individual donation over $5,000. This is done to remain consistent with their campaign to end funding of any political campaign by large corporations which the Supreme Court made legal seven years ago via its decision in a specific case wherein it defined corporations to actually be people.

Impact Of End Citizens United

The people behind End Citizens United feel their actions have had a significant impact on elections in the United States. Tiffany Muller, the president of End Citizens United, told the press that the funds they raised during the first quarter of the year came from almost 100,000 different people. She added that 40 percent of these individuals were “first-time donors.”
Muller speculates that this could possibly be because some individuals are still upset over Hillary Clinton’s losing the 2016 election, and are doing everything in their power to make certain their candidate wins next time. She said that their public action committee has not yet made an official final decision on exactly who they will support next year. They believe that with more Democrats seated in Congress, they may be able to reform the United States election finance system.

End Note

End Citizens United is fighting to make significant changes to the U.S. campaign finance system. Even with the set limit on the total amount that any one individual donor can make, End Citizens United was reportedly among the major contributors during the last election campaign period. They say this demonstrates that it is possible for public action committees to make an impact without accepting any funds from special interest unions or corporations.

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George Soros Instigates Social Progress in Return to Politics

The world of politics seems to change every single day, every single hour, and every single moment. With the election of President Trump, a statement that is still odd to acknowledge, all rules seem to have been thrown out the window. With that being said, however, there has been some silver lining for progressives who value their beliefs. George Soros is one of the most noted progressives in the world as well as the most giving philanthropist that we can think of. For a while Soros had been sitting on the sidelines of the political world but now he appears to have returned, ready to fully embrace his role as opposition to the destructive agenda of President Trump.

George Soros of course returned during the middle of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. The rise in prominence of Donald Trump as a real GOP nominee helped to get Soros off of the sidelines and ready to get back into the game. Soros returned by bringing back his trademark enthusiasm and investment abilities to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Soros has previous experience working with politicians as they run for the highest office in the world, so his experience and his financial backing were immediately important for Democrats and progressives everywhere.

The 2016 Presidential Election is definitely one for the history books and it includes some rock solid financial backing and political maneuvering by George Soros. Soros would go on to donate nearly $25 million across several different Democratic platforms, including $7 million to a Pro-Clinton Super PAC. Despite these high profile donations, Clinton would end up barely losing in a contentious and controversial election. Still, the return of Soros is an action that is going to have long ranging repercussions in a good way for Democrats and a bad way for conservatives as they try to bludgeon America with their agenda. Learn more about his profile at Forbes.com

Historically speaking George Soros made his biggest impact in politics back in 2004 when he backed Presidential nominee Al Gorge against the incumbent President George Bush. Soros would throw around his heavy weight behind Gore in order to try and get the progressive minded man into office. This didn’t happen, despite controversy, and Soros sat on the sidelines for a while as he opted instead to focus on his Open Society Foundations.

Philanthropy has been a huge part of the George Soros business model and that has made huge changes in America for the better. George Soros believes strongly in grass roots campaigns from every day, regular people. That is why he put nearly $33 million into grass roots campaigns in and around Ferguson. When the infamous Officer Wilson/Michael Brown shooting hit the press, people were ready to look into the event. Grassroots funded individuals were able to get the Ferguson Protests national attention. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Without people like George Soros funding these grassroots campaigns, we would never see the kind of social justice and equality that America should be prided on. Soros and his return to the political world are going to pay huge dividends in the coming years.

End Citizens United Seeks to have Political Finance Clause Amended

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled for corporations stating that these institutions constitute people. The ruling gave the organizations the power to spend billions of untraceable money in funding the elections. Consequently, it was evident that these giant financial institutions would use their resources to influence and sway the elections to their benefit. As a result of this ruling, a political action committee called End Citizens United was formed. End Citizens United sought to counter the effects brought about by the ruling and reform the campaign finance system. The Institution acquires it funding from grassroots donors.


End Citizens United seeks to dismantle the rigged political system. As it moves towards achieving its mission, the institution champions for the election of leaders who advocates for campaign finance reforms. Additionally, instilling strict state ballot measures is among the core goals the political committee seeks to see through. The election of pro-reform candidates, consequently, gives the institution an upper hand in the fight to end unlimited political funds and dark money. While seeking sanity in the political finance structure, the reforms group, by the use of grassroots memberships, shows their political might and capability to mobilize people and resources to this endeavor.


The political action committee funneled millions of dollars to candidates using the Democratic tickets. The distribution of the funds went to candidates that sought the Senate seats across the country. Additionally, all candidates dedicated to financing reforms both in the competitive house and the senate received a good will package. After its launch, the group raised over $ 2 million from small donors and aimed at reaching the $30 million target before the elections took place. A month after its launch, the political finance reform movement registered over 350,000 people who demanded the reversal of the 2010 Supreme Court ruling. The institution partnered with Ready for Hillary and upped its reach to over four million citizens. Additionally, the partnership enabled End Citizens United to reach out to the potential liberal supporters.


The group endorsed and continued to support democratic leaders. It showed support to leaders who are pro-reform and that were attacked by corporates related to dark money. In the course of the campaign period, the group incorporated the media by including television ads to back their candidates. A separate arm of the group spearheaded the ads, direct mailers, and polling. To have a constitutional amendment done is one great achievement. End Citizens United, therefore, stands to make a name for themselves if the overall mission gets realized.


Rick Hasen, a professor of law, said that End Citizen United participation in the effort to create awareness to the people ensured the Supreme Court and other political actors remained in check. Access to over $ 30 million ensures the group remains active and consequently effect change.