OSI Food Solutions: A World of Possibilities

OSI Food Solutions continues to dominate the foodservice market. The Aurora-based wholesaler has stepped-up its game for the 21st century. The company has a wide range of services more so than any other foodservice provider. Growth and ingenuity are two of the main reasons for its success. OSI Food Solutions acquired Flagship Food Group back in 2016. This particular food provider is very popular in Europe thanks to its wide selection of products such as sauces, mayonnaise, dressings, dips, frozen poultry and pies. Strengthening the position in foreign markets is the name of the game. This business acquisition opens-up new doors for OSI thanks to the increased resources. “Flagship Food Group’s portfolio is similar to OSI’s,” said David McDonald, president of OSI.

OSI Food Solutions has a make-it-happen mentality. In other words, it gets things done. It would be very hard trying to find another company with this much clout and with this much progression. OSI is a huge umbrella type of business with smaller subsidiary businesses under its hood. There are a total of 65 factories and facilities that work underneath this huge banner. Germany, China and the U.S., are where its culinary-innovation centers are located. At each one of the major plants, there are test kitchens as well as boat-load of R&D specialists. OSI Food Solutions is basically a well-thought-out plan. It has facilities/factories in Hungary, in India, in Poland, in Australia, in Austria and in many more countries.

Developing end-to-end solutions for the marketplace is much easier here. The company’s supply chain is massive as it stretches from continent to continent. This supply chain handles the logistics much more effectively than other food providers’ supply chain. All in all, OSI Food Solutions is a class act, and there seems to be no slowing-down in the immediate future.

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OSI Food Solutions Is The Best Solution in Professional Foodservices

Professional foodservices truly makes the world go around. Without these fantastic services businesses would have to grow and harvest their own food products. Of course, this is easier said than done because it requires more than just planting a few seeds and hoping that the seeds will grow. Foodservices are used by restaurants, by grocery stores, by small supermarkets and by many other retailors. OSI Food Solutions is the leader of the pack, and it has been conducting business for over 100 years. Though the family-owned company started-out as a meat locker, it was able too expend its services beyond its statistical region.

OSI Food Solutions is in a class of its own because it does so many wonderful things. The company covers every aspect of the business. This includes sourcing, development, processing and management. The entire supply chain is being handled efficiently and progressively. This company just so happens to be one of the biggest private companies in the U.S. OSI Food Solutions is simply an industry rather than a company. It has facilities and factories all across the globe. This includes the countries of Germany, Brazil, Austria, Poland, Hungary, India, China, Japan, Canada and others. These are some of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the foodservice industry. Plant production means everything because this is where the magic begins. OSI Food Solutions has a well-educated staff, and its employee-base has reached an estimated 20,000 people. The numbers are simply amazing as well as staggering.

Over the past few years, the company’s stock has risen dramatically. KFC, Yum, McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, Subway and Papa John’s Pizza are just a few of its high-profile clients. In 2016, Forbes ranked the company at the 58th position for largest private companies in America. During the 2016 fiscal-year, the company earned over $6 billion. Yes, this is correct, and it’s a big jump from 2011’s $3 billion. The foodservice industry has a winner in its hands for sure. The future of OSI appears to be very bright, but who knows what this wonderful company will come-up with next.

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OSI Spain Plant Upgrades Capacity and Makes Environmental Enchancements

Demand for high-quality chicken products has increased rapidly in Spain, and now the OSI Group’s Toledo plant operation is positioned better than ever to take advantage of this robust, growing market.

OSI Food Solutions recently added a high-production line to the existing plant in Toledo. The effort cost $20 million, or about 17 million Euro. This will increase capacity from 24,000 tons of product to about 45,000 tons annually. That includes chicken, pork and beef.

The expansion will also add 20 jobs to the 140 current workforce who help make this plant among the finest and high-tech, energy efficient meat processing operations in Europe.

The growth of the chicken market in Spain has been remarkable. Toledo plant manager José María del Río said demand for chicken products has increased by 6% annually, and at an 8% overall rate over three years. He said ramping up plant capacity will be key in meeting swelling demand. Market growth is expected at an even higher rate in coming years.

Upgrades to the plant include an additional 22,600 square feet. A new production hall has been added, new shipping and receiving areas, more storage space and refrigerated rooms dedicated to waste containment storage. Also included in the expansion are oil service areas, space for hot water and nitrogen tanks and a social gathering place for employees.

An additional key upgrade is a development kitchen. This is where new products are created and tested to anticipate the shifting, future needs of consumers. Spaniards are always looking for new and exciting product – the country is fertile ground for “foodies” and gourmet-minded folks who enjoy life and exciting new recipes.

As always, OSI Group has made intensive efforts toward making the Toledo plant extremely energy efficient, environmentally friendly and focused on sustainability. Some 20% in energy consumption reductions have been achieved. Much of that efficiency was realized by improvements in refrigeration techniques and new heat recovery techniques from the plant’s cogeneration system.

The energy and environmental enhancements were recognized by Spain’s regional government – this resulted in a grant of €1.5 million to OSI Spain from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund.

Finally, the plant was enhanced with an upgraded food defense system. This includes a perimeter surveillance system which monitors the exterior space of the facility, bolstered by indoor cameras to keep tabs on every square foot of the plant indoor grounds and outdoor areas.