Roseann Bennett’s Discusses Current Medical Trends

Roseann Bennett is a well regraded individual in the medical community. She co-founded the nonprofit organization Center for Treatment and Assessment in New Jersey. Her experience includes degrees from Seton Hall University in marriage and family therapy, and certifications as a Clinical Trauma Professional and Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional.

Roseann Bennett goal is to change the therapy scene and create better experiences for all patients. In recent years, technology has begun to change how practices interact with clients. An article on the website Release Fact discusses the recent Telemedicine trend in the community.

The concept of Telemedicine is using electronic means to transmit medical information. This can be as simple as sending a picture, or as complex as detailing symptoms for the doctor on the other end. The idea has been around for a while with telephones, and even earlier in Australia. However, thanks to modern technology such as phone cameras and video calling, it’s easier than ever to communicate electronically.

There are many reasons why a patient may use telemedicine. The pure convince of talking to a doctor from your home, in addition to not having to pay for a doctor’s visit are a major perk. That allows for illnesses to spread less effectively as well. A patient can also find a specialist more easily, since a person may not have one in a reasonable distance. View Additional Info Here.

As useful as telemedicine can be, there are many cons to this treatment method. Using online servers means there is a chance your information could be hacked. There’s also the simple fact of not being face-to-face with the doctor. That could potentially lead to the doctor not getting the full picture or miscommunication about the severity of the problem. The doctor quality can also greatly be depending on luck. It’s important to recognize these issues when using telemedicine.

In the modern era, doctors such as Roseann Bennett have to be well versed in the current technology options. Roseann Bennett believes that while telemedicine can be a great solution for a lot of patients, many already have great doctors available locally. If a patient is able, she firmly believes going to the doctors is always the superior choice.


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