Ancient History: Ancient Warfare And The Trabuco

One of the great hallmarks of studying human history is being able to track the development human ingenuity as it has been expressed through technology. The word technology, especially when it is used within a modern context, conjures up images of technology companies, computers and new electronic devices. While these things definitely constitute technology, it turns out that the definition of technology is much broader than that.

According to technology has been described as the application of scientific knowledge for industrial use. Within that context technology is much, much more than a smartphone, a self-driving car or an app that we use to order food or a website. It is essentially anything that human beings have done that involves the application of scientific knowledge for broader uses. Some of the most fascinating technology on has involved the systems that ancient civilizations developed to water crops in arid environments, to power vehicles such as trains and boats using steam or to design wooden boats that could withstand voyages around the world.

One fascinating if morbid part of the history of technology is learning the multitude of ways that past societies and civilizations developed technology that was meant to be used for war. One of the more interesting inventions that older civilizations used on the battlefield is one that is known as a trabuco. The name trabuco might be unfamiliar to most people but they are probably familiar with another ancient weapon that might be called a cousin of sorts to the trabuco. This weapon is known as a catapult. Like the catapult the trabuco solved an age old problem for armies of the past that were attempting to lay siege to an enemy’s settlement. That problem involved the question of how to prevail over an adversary that had a city that was well-protected by walls. The trabuco solved that question by giving these armies the ability to throw large projectiles from great distances. This meant that armies that used the trabuco would be able to throw projectiles over the walls while fighting their enemy. It also meant that they could damage their enemy’s defenses by using a trabuco to break down their wall.

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