Nick Vertucci Releases His Book on Amazon

First announced in April, Nick Vertucci, the real estate entrepreneur and mogul has just released his book Seven Figure Decisions; Having The Balls To Succeed. The book is a personal account of his early life, his struggles, and journey to where he currently is. Also recounting a series of fearful situations as an emerging entrepreneur who lost everything in his quest to succeed, Vertucci’s book has been endorsed by Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank alongside Dean Cain, Amazon’s best seller author.

Details of the Book

Nick Vertucci’s book retells the realities of his life when growing up. A dedicated individual who has put in a lot of work to achieve the much he currently owns, Nick grew up in a modest background that forced him to work in between two or more jobs in order to supplement some of his family’s needs. At that moment, his father was supportive as well. However, the entire happy –family scenario was short-lived when his father died. Just at ten years, Vertucci was forced to begin a taxi business. He also transformed the cab into a make-shift home. Seeing that the situation was not changing any time soon, he delved into a computer accessories business where he sold software and parts of different computer brands. Surprisingly, the business picked up. Nick was now in a position to marry and raise a family.

The Melt Down

In a few months, Nick Vertucci realized that business would take a negated shift. However, he was not well-versed with the right steps to make as the necessary measure to prevent the company from dwindling. The 2000 dot-com market crash impacted his business. He lost everything he invested in the business including capital and revenue. Vertucci fell into depression. His family had needs that could no longer be provided for.

Delving into the Real Estate Business

Nick Vertucci was bumming around the streets when a friend who had invested in real estate approached him with a business idea. However, he first had to attend a seminar to familiarize himself with product knowledge. Given that he had been through series of botched investment ideas, he was a bit hesitant. Luckily for him, the business turned out to be a success especially now that he decided to invest. Nevertheless, investing in real estate was not enough; he fused in discipline and resilience for him to evolve away from his past painful experiences. Nick Vertucci dedicated most of his time to dissecting the real estate market industry and comprehending the valuable lessons imparted to him by his mentors. Shortly after, he garnered sufficient resources to establish a real estate academy after his name. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is here to equip emerging entrepreneurs with the right skills to guarantee them success in business.