Sam Tabar’s Plans for Full Cycle Energy as the New COO

In 2015, Sam took a COO position at the Full Cycle Energy and stated that he was looking forward to applying his long history in law and finance to progress Full Cycle’s mission of attaining an environmentally friendly fuel alternative for the toxic high-cost fuels. Sam Tabar is presently a specialized hedge fund manager and capital planner. He earned his Master’s degree from Columbia Law School and a Bachelor od Arts degree from Oxford University, graduating with honors.

Mr. Tabar exercised his law schooling by beginning his career as an attorney for Skadden, Slate &Flom, Arps LLC, and Roth Schulte & Zabel, LLC. While working for his first legal firm, Sam Tabar advised clients on investment management, hedge fund creation, employment issues, side letters and regulatory and compliance matters. His other legal ventures include editing for the Columbia Business Law Journal and current membership at the New York State Bar.

His career also includes working for Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch under the Bank of America. As the firm’s head, Tabar introduced fund managers to the relevant institutional investors offering foundations, funds of funds, endowments, pensions and family offices. His other role at the firm was providing consultancy services on legal and operations and structuring the back and front office teams.

Tabar has worked as the co-leader of marketing for the Sparx Group (PMA).The fund occupied the position of leading independent fund in Asia Pacific. He oversaw the global marketing strategies of the company. Sam Tabar participated in the beginning investment in Tribute and SheThinx. SheThinx is a firm that focuses on redefining the hygiene industry for women while maintaining a social mission.

Full Cycle Energy Fund began its operations in 2013to finance and created projects targeted to changing the high costing environmental waste into a clean and alternative energy that can serve communities all over the world.

The business strategy of the firm aims to invest in innovative electricity generating plants and reduce the use of toxic fuels that damage the environment. The source of the new energy is set to be the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).