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Last year, Richard Liu Qiangdong visited Dallas, Texas for an interview with Davos-Klosters. In the interview, Liu Qiangdong talked about starting his company and building it from the ground up. He also revealed some personal facts that helped shape into what it is today.

Visiting Dallas wasn’t just about giving an interviewing. Richard Liu Qiangdong loves meeting people from around the world and hearing what they have to say. No business can grow internationally if its leadership isn’t listening to global opinion. In Liu Qiangdong’s words, he values times when he gets to hear from new people.

People also like hearing from Richard Liu Qiangdong. Liu Qiangdong’s story of success is inspiring to many people around the world. He built one of China’s most successful online companies out of nothing. Every entrepreneurial venture he took before 1998 failed, including a restaurant that went completely belly up.

His family was poor throughout his childhood, and his first degree was in sociology. After moving to the big city, he wanted to go into politics but quickly learned none of the jobs offered much money. Sadly, his grandmother fell sick, and he needed money to help pay for her treatment. See This Page for additional information.

With no money coming in, he learned computer programming and started taking freelance coding jobs. Eventually, he started making good money and put himself through business school. With an EMBA, he took a job at Japan Life, a health product company. He worked there for two years, playing various roles in the company until he wanted to give entrepreneurship another shot.

In 1998, Liu opened a magneto-optical product store in Beijing. He named the little four-square-meter store Jingdong. By 2003, he operated 12 Jingdong stores in the region. Unfortunately, 2003 was the same year of the SARS outbreak, which made face-to-face contact hazardous.

In 2004, he moved his business online, and by 2005, Liu Qiangdong had closed all of his brick-and-mortar stores. The newly branded soon attracted international attention and became one of the biggest Nasdaq floats after the company went public.


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Now that the holidays are over, many Americans are reviewing their shopping successes and failures during the holiday season. In China, is trying to find ways to make shopping easier for their customers. This has been done by making deals with Beijing Capital International Airport and East Mongolia’s Hohhot East Railway Station. is well established in the online shopping market, but it is progressing with its technology to open small physical locations with high foot traffic. These locations in China has some of the highest foot traffic in the world, and is capturing sales in these locations without having a single employee at the store.

Operating a store that is only 100-square-meters in a high-rent area such as an airport or a rail station saves JD’s a significant amount of money on rent. Their software has also tracked their customers purchases for years to know exactly what to stock these small transportation-centered locations with in terms of stock. Click Here to learn more.

Purchasing is being taken to a brand new level at this point as well. Customers can be recognized using facial recognition software to complete their purchases. JD’s typically focuses on convenience items for travelers such as clothing, beauty products and electronics used for travel in these locations. The key in their marketing strategy is to provide the right product at the right time, to the right customer. Customers will even be able to use an ordering option that will deliver the product to their next destination.

People flow through the walkways of China’s airports and railways hustling to get from one location to another. Now it is possible for passengers to truly purchase products “on the go”, by having the store process their purchase transaction by the time the door to the product’s case is closed. This convenience is bound to spread as the convenience it provides meets the needs of both frequent as well as occasional travelers. China is likely to be just the beginning for potential locations as once again stays on top of modern shopping trends.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong: Number One In China Today, Number One In The World Tomorrow


Jingdong Mall, or, is a cutting-edge company that seems to always have an answer to the next big thing in e-commerce. They have been at the top of their field since they were first introduced to the online world in 2003. This is partly because they provide such an honest service to their customers but primarily driven by the efforts of founder Richard Liu Qiangdong.

Richard Liu has been such an influential member of the Chinese economy that wanted to get his take on his success in the business world. It takes a lot to succeed and Richard Liu seems to have the recipe down pat these days.

Jingdong Mall was a business that Richard Liu Qiangdong started in 1998 to help his family survive. Already in debt from a failed business, Richard Liu did not have the luxury of feeling again. In his interview with, titled: “An Insight, An Idea” Richard Liu to shared that some of the work that he does with is a direct result of the lessons he learned at this previous business.

Jingdong Mall was meant to be an electronic hub for people who had technology needs. The company was extremely successful as a physical entity, but Richard Liu wanted to move it online. SARS had been growing in the media and become quite scary.

In 2004, the company became primarily focused on e-commerce. Richard Liu Qiangdong tells the crowd that the landscape for e-commerce was very concerning. There were a lot of companies online that were offering shady services and products. He did not want to become a company that provided their customers with such abhorrent service. It became a priority for him to move the company in a positive manner.

Today, the company can deliver most packages within a 20-hour window with many individuals receiving their packages in less than three. They have developed their own network of drivers and transportation hubs. This is just one step towards a future global goal that Richard Liu touched on in the interview. He has been very vocal about the fact that he wants to grow even further. It may be one of China’s top websites today, but he talks about the world tomorrow. Find More Information Here.


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