Chris Burch: Owning a Piece of Paradise

The state of Indonesia is dotted with more than 13,000 beautiful islands, each with their unique character. Chris Burch, an American entrepreneur, and businessman has fallen in love with the beauty of Indonesia, and he decided to build up a hotel within the islands with the help of James McBride, his travel buddy who is also a hotelier. Together, they decided to purchase a lot within Sumba Island and develop it into one of the best resorts on earth. Sumba Island can be considered remote because it is far away from any major settlements in the country, but one could experience a unique experience when visiting the island because of the helpful and hospitable character of the locals.

The island of Sumba is also blessed with beautiful sceneries, and the beaches found on the island are still untouched. These beaches have not experienced any development, and Burch will be the first one to develop these areas. The resort he built on the island of Sumba is known as Nihiwatu, and it will cater to the upper class since it is a luxury hotel and resort.

Nihiwatu has been a paradise for many tourists, especially those who are coming from the west. It has been drawing their curiosity for years, and for those who braved the Indonesian archipelago just to visit the resort, everything is worth it. Nihiwatu has been around since 2012, and they have been recognized by different award-giving bodies for their service. The $30 million investment that Burch poured in into building the place has seen its full potential.

Travel + Leisure, an influential and widely read tourist magazine, declared Nihiwatu as the planet’s best hotel and resort. This distinction was given in 2016, and the editors behind the magazine stated that the natural beauty of Sumba Island compared with the hospitality of the resort’s staff is what makes the experience remarkable. Chris Burch and James McBride thanked the magazine for their nice complements, and they promised that they would continue to perform better to serve their visitors (

Today, the current project being implemented by Chris Burch and James McBride is the creation of roads that would connect Nihiwatu to the island’s port. They are also trying to create more jobs to feed more people who are living on the island. Nihiwatu has been one of the best employers for the locals who wanted to earn money.

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