Chris Burch and The Necessity of Making a Business Fun to Sustain A Business’ Operations

If you’re itching for some practical finance story or article, then you might want to check out Chris Burch’s Medium page. It is filled with so many stories and ideas on the ideology of finance, generation finance gaps, curriculum needed for investors and the interference of the government that’s needed for financial systems to function.

But a curious article that’s getting a lot of engagement from all the articles that he wrote is his review and analysis of the general expenditure of the work needed for most entrepreneurs. It is there that he shot from the hip about how any business should at first be exciting.

The Excitement in Running a Business

Chris Burch shared in his Medium article that despite the initial impression of people about what business seems to be about – numbers, logistics and boring details like that – , people should appreciate business as what it really is : to pursue something exciting.

Business is more dynamic, fun, exciting and thrilling than most business schools make them to be, and to appreciate the fun side of running a business is critical, according to Chris. He even mentioned some of the reasons why a business should always be exciting.

Business needs to be exciting because there’s a lot of challenges. Without the energy to do these arduous mundane tasks of running a business, people wouldn’t last in business. People can also detect if entrepreneurs are having fun in their business, and when they’re not, they are less likely to attract the right people, clients and workers who can make their business grow. Without making it fun, there might be hidden risks that people wouldn’t want to search because they’re too bored to do so. The result: bankruptcy.

About Christopher Burch

Mr. Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, of which she’s also the CEO. He has been sustaining the success of his company because of his impressive investment philosophy that showcases the entrepreneurial values that he has nurtured in his company.

He is able to leverage the company’s sagacious strengths and maximize its ability to be creative, innovate and incubate ideas to generate practical business solutions that help people with their investments.

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