Getting Money for Your Startup When Its Needed the Most

What can an entrepreneur doo get the money he needs for his project when it is needed the most? Chris Burch of Burch Creative Capital says to try to find the things in your company that others can’t do and then play on those strengths. Besides showing your investors you have a strong positive inflow of cash they like to see how you set yourself apart from others (

There is no need to rush thru your presentation but be prepared to answer as many questions as you can and don’t be stumped if they throw you a curveball. Don’t try to fake it, but simply admit you don’t know and promise to get back with them. Do everything as if they were about to say yes, and avoid any words that will cause pitfalls in your presentation. Be organized and ready to be grilled, but remain confident, so the Venture capitalist or Angel investor understand you know your business inside and out on a practical level. When necessary, depend upon rely on your team to keep things flowing. If you need someone to help you with a projector or slide use your team.

Burch Creative Capital

Christopher Burch is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, which reflects the entrepreneurial values and the investment thinking of Christ Burch. Where Chris Burch envisions market opportunities he leads consumers. He applies imagination, coupled with creativity and timed incubation methods, to arrive at leads that disrupt businesses and brands. Christ Burch believes his investment philosophies have a positive and direct impact on the consumers with whom he collaborates.

Chris Burch’s investment philosophy has endured over a 40-year career as an investor and entrepreneur. Chris Burch has been influential in helping 50 companies rise to financial success. He combines a unique combination of understanding which is intuitive and insightful about the behavior of the consumer. Chris Burch has welded together innovation with practical methods for impact.

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Christ Burch’s Creative Capital portfolio includes companies like Jawbone and Voss Water, Ellen DeGeneres and Cocoon9.  More on