Barbara Stokes Is The Expert Disaster Relief Builder

As the Chief Executive Officer of Green Homes Structures, LLC Barbara Stokes has been helping to restore communities throughout the U.S., especially when a disaster has devastated neighborhoods. Green Homes Structures is headquartered in Alabama, but Barbara has also helped build homes for victims in Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Under the aegis of Barbara Stokes, Green Homes Structures has been in existence since 2011. In this brief time, Barbara has provided innovative manufacturing structures as residential homes, including products and services to government facilities. Mrs. Stokes is no neophyte to the building and manufacturing industry. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Mrs. Stokes studied at Mercer University in the field of biomedical engineering. Barbara possesses experience and skills from her work in project engineering/management, home manufacturing, government contracting, and the field of construction. Barbara has worked for many years in disaster management because she has managed diverse organizations in relief constructions.

After Hurricane Harvey, Barbara Stokes and her company Green Homes Structures were awarded a high-level million-dollar contract with FEMA and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to erect amazing modular homes which Mrs. Stokes is known for.

Each of the homes constructed in Alabama by Green Homes Structures include safety and engineering features that can withstand any future windy and flooding Hurricanes. Further, all Green Homes Structures are equipped with an advanced automatic fire repellant scheme. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

The premise of Green Homes Structures involves design planning, delivering, building, installing, on-site construction, and the inspection of modern residential and commercial structures. At the side of Barbara’s modular home construction is her husband Scott Stokes who is the Chief Operating Officer. Together, Barbara and Scott have over 30 years’ experience working in disaster relief areas.

In its seven-year existence, Green Homes Structures has proven to be an industry leader in the manufacturing and engineering of buildings. The state of Alabama and the neighboring eight states have greatly benefitted from the jobs that Green Homes Structures has created wherever they construct their state-of-the-art properties.