Siteline Cabinets Keep Up With New Trends

Cabinets in the home provide a place to store items and offer a chance to increase the value and decor of the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms. Siteline Cabinets designs custom made cabinets to customers tastes and budget. Cabinets are designed for home and business offices too.

Their custom made cabinets are not build in bulk but made to order according to customer design requests. Their professional cabinet makers have high standards and produce quality work. The cabinet makers work quickly and deliver the cabinets on time.

Kitchen cabinets are one of their most popular categories. The company has many different styles. Shaker style cabinets are still in demand and due to new technology better designed. They have recessed door panels with a clean look. Sometimes the cabinets are painted with white or black paint. Shaker style cabinets are made of quality wood found in North America.

Siteline Cabinets are custom made which means customers can choose different woods and colors to match almost any decor. The design of custom cabinets make a kitchen or room unique and adds value to your home. Some trends for custom cabinets are increased use of quality woods, custom colors like gray, yellow and green, using multiple finishes in one kitchen, technology, and under the cabinet lighting.

High tech options can be built into your kitchen cabinets depending on the customers need. Many customers have charging stations build in to charge mobile devices that they use. Some customers install a docking station so they can use a table or smartphone to follow recipes. Often customers have TV’s, speakers, or tablets built into the cabinets using a wireless connection.

Designs for the cabinets should be functional and improve the space in the kitchen or room. The Corsi Group opened a furniture manufacturing plant in Virginia to make their Siteline Cabinets. It began selling the cabinets in later 2015. They employ about 200 people. Siteline sells traditional and contemporary styles of cabinets.

For more information on custom cabinets contact Siteline Cabinets at 1-800-999-7606.

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