Jim Tananbaum Is Excited About Healthcare Innovation

Jim Tananbaum is a person who loves to network with the healthcare thought leaders. Besides, the family is always his highest priority. This is why he ensures that he has dinner with them. Next, he likes to be with his friends. He realizes the importance of physical fitness and hence does a workout each day for an hour in between his meetings.

Jim Tananbaum knows that it is important to make ideas real. This would require more than just capital. It would also mean engaging the services of the most effective as well as persistent thought leaders in the field of healthcare. He is into the business of giving these leaders in healthcare all the relevant means to make those scientific discoveries which can have a major impact on healthcare.

He is excited about the science that is behind innovation in healthcare. He feels inspired with the ways entrepreneurs are using it to solve the unmet needs of healthcare. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Just getting the tissue, blood or saliva sequenced in order to prevent disease or facilitating treatment requires a use of data science. All these concepts are now being applied in genomic sequencing as well as in drug development. This can be used to lead to much greater biological insights in the next few years.

Jim is an entrepreneur. His focus is on the business side of healthcare. Still, he is an academic who loves learning. He is always looking for the best solutions that science has to offer. This passion along with persistence as well as commitment helps to grow his firm and expand its innovative portfolio.

He does not like it when people working with him do not complement each other or do not complement him. Jim Tananbaum feels that team dynamics are highly important as people are substantially more productive when they are with their partner. But when partners are insecure with each other, there can be several dysfunctional ties that may occur.

Jim Tananbaum feels that he should have always believed more in himself. He always listened to others a lot. Hence he did a lot of compromises. This could have been avoided.

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