OSI Food Solutions Is The Best Solution in Professional Foodservices

Professional foodservices truly makes the world go around. Without these fantastic services businesses would have to grow and harvest their own food products. Of course, this is easier said than done because it requires more than just planting a few seeds and hoping that the seeds will grow. Foodservices are used by restaurants, by grocery stores, by small supermarkets and by many other retailors. OSI Food Solutions is the leader of the pack, and it has been conducting business for over 100 years. Though the family-owned company started-out as a meat locker, it was able too expend its services beyond its statistical region.

OSI Food Solutions is in a class of its own because it does so many wonderful things. The company covers every aspect of the business. This includes sourcing, development, processing and management. The entire supply chain is being handled efficiently and progressively. This company just so happens to be one of the biggest private companies in the U.S. OSI Food Solutions is simply an industry rather than a company. It has facilities and factories all across the globe. This includes the countries of Germany, Brazil, Austria, Poland, Hungary, India, China, Japan, Canada and others. These are some of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the foodservice industry. Plant production means everything because this is where the magic begins. OSI Food Solutions has a well-educated staff, and its employee-base has reached an estimated 20,000 people. The numbers are simply amazing as well as staggering.

Over the past few years, the company’s stock has risen dramatically. KFC, Yum, McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, Subway and Papa John’s Pizza are just a few of its high-profile clients. In 2016, Forbes ranked the company at the 58th position for largest private companies in America. During the 2016 fiscal-year, the company earned over $6 billion. Yes, this is correct, and it’s a big jump from 2011’s $3 billion. The foodservice industry has a winner in its hands for sure. The future of OSI appears to be very bright, but who knows what this wonderful company will come-up with next.

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Why Is OAI Group The Top Custom-Food Provider

Custom foods are some of the most purchased and sought-after food products on the market. Custom foods are basically standard foods with a twist. This means that the food itself may have slight differences via the ingredients. Just about every kind of restaurant serves some form of custom food. The same thing goes for supermarkets. The honest truth is that most restaurants and supermarkets do not posses their own farms for harvesting foods. In general, most restaurants and supermarkets depend on custom-food providers to deliver the goods. This is where OSI Group enters the frame, and it represents custom-food solutions to the highest degree.

OSI Group tops the list of custom-food providers as well as standard-food providers. The company was founded back at the turn of the 20th century by a German, and it has entered the 21st century with a sizeable lead over the competition. Before we get into the actual process of producing the foods, just know that this company is always seeking individuals who share a love for foodservices. Employment is bit here and OSI definitely has plenty of opportunistic options. The environment here is very challenging, but being challenging keeps the employees on their toes. These individuals have a chance to grow within a bustling industry. To simply state it, OSI Group is a stimulating and rewarding place to work.

The company has an extended supply chain that spans through numerous countries. Clients will receive an array of options to choose thanks to the company’s manufacturing facilities and global network. OSI can basically reach just about every continent because many of its factories, its offices and its facilities. They are located on just about every continent. This can’t be said with much confidence from the competing brands. OSI Group definitely sits at the Mt. Olympus of the foodservice industry.

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OSI Food Solutions Continues Its Path as a Global Leader in Meat Production

When many major corporations in the food industry have announced times of trouble, the global entity, OSI Food Solutions, has announced incredibly strong advances over the past year. The company is one of the largest in the United States to be privately own, yet the global reach that the OSI Food Solutions corporation has also continues to grow at a rapid rate.

OSI Food Solutions is a world leader in the production and distribution of extremely high-quality meats. The company specializes in value-added meats that are healthy and held to the highest industry standards. In additions to its offerings, OSI Food Solutions also has garnered a sterling reputation as the go-to company for any type of custom meats that are needed by restaurant chains or grocery stores.

That is one of the largest benefits of working with the OSI Food Solutions Group. The company operates on a multitude of levels. First and foremost the company has several sub-entities that is distributes its quality meats to. Beyond that, the company also provides its quality meat products directly to some of the country’s largest restaurant chains, as well as smaller restaurant branches. For example, the company works to provide quality meats to some of the largest names in fast food, fast-casual restaurants and also pivots to provide the best quality meats to some of the world’s best fine dining restaurants. The ability to pivot and to change its offerings based on seasonal trends and menu changes has earned OSI Food Solutions the reputation as a company that not only listens to its customers, but is happy to be versatile with its offerings to meet seasonal and regional needs of a variety of restaurants.

OSI Food Solutions made major headlines this year when it acquired the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, Illinois. The plant is over 200,000 square feet and was on the road to be shut down late last year, putting nearly five hundred people in Chicago’s Southside out of jobs, many who had been with the company for a very lengthy period of time. OSI Food Solutions purchased the facility and was able to offer most of those employees’ positions with OSI Food Solutions. To know more about the company click here.

In addition to its growth in North America, OSI Food Solutions also announced that it had purchased a major stake in Baho Foods, based out of the Netherlands. The company also specializes in the production of meats and is a household name in many European countries.