Toys for Boys Co-Founder Enthralls Guests at Exclusive Event

Danilo Diaz Granados pulled off yet another incredible feat by organizing an event in Miami for upscale patrons this summer. The TOYS for BOYS co-founder was behind an event whose highlight was an excellent menu, elegant and exceptional reviews, helicopter rides, vintage Dom Perignon champagne, and a boat ride in the sundown. Granados co-founded TOYS for BOYS in 2013, and since then, he has successfully held some very well planned and high profile occasions for elegant guest. Granados said that his intention in holding this exclusive event was to provide his guests with an unparalleled experience where men in Miami can find the most colorful and extraordinary products and places.

Handpicked Guests Get a Rare Treat

Guests were handpicked and indulged in a very private and exclusive breakfast at Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum Sales Center. They also had a rare opportunity of taking a special sneak peek into the hugely awaited residential building in the affluent Biscayne area of Miami. Granados and his guests took a 30-minute helicopter ride to Palm Beach Race Track with each of the guest getting an opportunity to hop behind the wheels to have a drive on a racetrack. The guests then jumped into the helicopter and headed back to be presented with the Dom Perignon champagne and lunch at the River Yacht Club on the Miami River with Dom Perignon as the hosts.

About the Toys for Boys Co-Founder

The Toys for Boys co-founder graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics at Babson College. After graduation, his base became Miami, and he worked as an investment advisor and an entrepreneur. He also worked as an Associate of FCP and is the wing liaison for Equity Investments programs at the organization. He has also been an Associate at Fireman Capital Partners since 2015 and worked as a researcher in issues concerned with equity investments and specifically hedge funds, energy efficiency and the advancement of groundbreaking startups. His background has equipped him well for his role as an investment opportunity adviser, and he always makes sagacious decisions even when providing investment consultation for clients.