OSI Spain Plant Upgrades Capacity and Makes Environmental Enchancements

Demand for high-quality chicken products has increased rapidly in Spain, and now the OSI Group’s Toledo plant operation is positioned better than ever to take advantage of this robust, growing market.

OSI Food Solutions recently added a high-production line to the existing plant in Toledo. The effort cost $20 million, or about 17 million Euro. This will increase capacity from 24,000 tons of product to about 45,000 tons annually. That includes chicken, pork and beef.

The expansion will also add 20 jobs to the 140 current workforce who help make this plant among the finest and high-tech, energy efficient meat processing operations in Europe.

The growth of the chicken market in Spain has been remarkable. Toledo plant manager José María del Río said demand for chicken products has increased by 6% annually, and at an 8% overall rate over three years. He said ramping up plant capacity will be key in meeting swelling demand. Market growth is expected at an even higher rate in coming years.

Upgrades to the plant include an additional 22,600 square feet. A new production hall has been added, new shipping and receiving areas, more storage space and refrigerated rooms dedicated to waste containment storage. Also included in the expansion are oil service areas, space for hot water and nitrogen tanks and a social gathering place for employees.

An additional key upgrade is a development kitchen. This is where new products are created and tested to anticipate the shifting, future needs of consumers. Spaniards are always looking for new and exciting product – the country is fertile ground for “foodies” and gourmet-minded folks who enjoy life and exciting new recipes.

As always, OSI Group has made intensive efforts toward making the Toledo plant extremely energy efficient, environmentally friendly and focused on sustainability. Some 20% in energy consumption reductions have been achieved. Much of that efficiency was realized by improvements in refrigeration techniques and new heat recovery techniques from the plant’s cogeneration system.

The energy and environmental enhancements were recognized by Spain’s regional government – this resulted in a grant of €1.5 million to OSI Spain from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund.

Finally, the plant was enhanced with an upgraded food defense system. This includes a perimeter surveillance system which monitors the exterior space of the facility, bolstered by indoor cameras to keep tabs on every square foot of the plant indoor grounds and outdoor areas.

Eric Pulier’s Innovative and Entrepreneurial Mind

Eric Pulier is a tough multi-talented public figure in the States with interests in entrepreneurship, public speaking, philanthropy, technology, and publication of books. Eric is the owner and leader of several firms including US Interactive, Digital Evolution, Media Platform, Enterprise Clod Leadership Council, Desktone, and ServiceMesh. He is heavily invested in hedge venture capital funds and has a passion for improving society through philanthropy. Eric has made numerous donations to various organizations and venture capital groups. He invests in technology and media inclined firms to improve their financial standings. Apart from his active business and charity engagements, Eric Pulier is a family oriented man with four children and reside in their Los Angeles home in California.


Eric jumpstarts his day with a moment of meditation and reading to activate his intuition and keep his thought process refreshed. He values family time and always ensures that he participates in preparing them for school before embarking on his endeavors. Eric is a strategist who delegates a time to every task allocation to ensure he meets daily demands. Eric understands that his line of work requires a sense of visionary, which is why he is diligent to write down emerging ideas as they occur. Through the process, Eric manages to draft plans for his investments and philanthropy acts.


Eric Pulier started vAtomic Systems to put out disruptive products and services that will revolutionize the economy and the gaming world by focusing on the growth digital items. Such items include mobile GPS, digital marketing and merchandising game mechanics and blockchain technology. Eric Pulier is a technology fanatic who enjoys technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9 which has enabled modification of genes permanently. He explains that powerful tech like blockchain could change the direction of future racial expectations, future economy operations and the nature of finances and business contracts.


Eric Pulier is an alumnus of Teaneck High School where he graduated in 1984 before moving on to join Harvard University. Eric’s interest in writing started in school where he wrote regularly for the Harvard Crimson as a student journalist. He earned an undergraduate in American Literature and Arts of English from the institution in 1988 and graduated with a magna cum laude.


Jeffry Schneider And Ascendant Capital LLC Continue To Grow Through Trust And Accountability

Why alternative investing? Succinctly, the very essence of market investing is volatile and often unpredictable. Diversification can be key in guarding your investments against unnecessary losses due to the market turmoil of more conventional investment types, like stocks and bonds.
Alternative investing offers investing in asset classes and derivatives like precious metals and stamps or other financial assets involving real estate, hedge funds and crypto-currencies.Risk Management is a key part of an alternative investment strategy so picking the right fund manager is crucial to minimizing loss.

In the alternative investment industry Ascendant Capital is a rising leader in investment advisory solutions and in the last five years has grown to raise nearly $1 billion in asset management.Ascendant Capital is led by founder and CEO Jeffry Schneider. Prior to founding Ascendant, Jeffry was already an experienced investment advisor having worked at leading financial services firms like Merill Lynch and Smith Barney and even holding senior positions at Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors.Visit his You-tube channel :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE6G9YzRzZphy04X7pUEn8g

His expertise, however, wasn’t the only notable trait he instilled into his investment firm. While growing his firm from just two to now more than thirty employees, Jeffry has kept as the company’s mission a culture of trust, transparency and responsibility. From the expert team to all it’s investors this has been the first priority since it’s inception.
These traits are essential to Jeffry and Ascendant in developing rewarding relationships between employees, partners and clients and insuring that alternative investment solutions are mutually beneficial for everyone.

Jeffry Schneider is a native of Manhattan and received his degree in Finance from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is a noted advocate for traveling and healthy living and a past participant in endurance events around the world. Jeffry is also dedicated to supporting charity endeavors which include the Gazelle Foundation, Gods Love We Deliver, Cherokee Home for Children and Wonders and Worries.

Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne Makes a Huge Stride by Incorporating the Raven Effect

Recently, Norman Pattiz made an announcement that left the majority of PodcastOne fans all smiles. In the announcement, the PodcastOne founder and executive chairman revealed that the advertising podcast network had finalized a deal that would see Scott Levy join them later this year. Levy, a WWE superstar, is famous for his finishing move while in the ring dubbed the Raven Effect. Norman made the announcement in the company of another WWE superstar, Chris Jericho, whose Jericho Network show runs on PodcastOne.

The Raven Effect

The Raven Effect will be a segment in Jericho Network where discussions will revolve around conspiracies, politics, current affairs, and pop culture. Scott, a self-proclaimed idiot, will also be at liberty to bring any topic or panel of his choice for discussion. The show will have weekly one-hour episodes that will be made available every Monday on iTunes as well as on both PodcastOne app and website. With this development, both PodcastOne and Jericho Network are bound for future success.

A Word from the Chairman

Speaking shortly after making the big announcement, Pattiz heaped praises on Chris Jericho for his brilliance and good masterly ability. He noted that he was impressed by the job Chris was doing at Jericho Network, particularly being able to comfortably navigate through other different topics outside the world of wrestling. Pattiz was also optimistic that the Raven Effect would be the next big thing.

Chris’ Word

Chris Jericho, on the other hand, could not hide his joy regarding the issue, especially because he was given a chance to work side by side with his fellow WWE superstar. He revealed that for the few decades that he has known Scott, he could only describe him as entertaining, intelligent, and hilarious. With that, he promised PodcastOne fans that Scott was the perfect bet for the position.

The Jericho Network show is centered on music, sports, wrestling, and pop-culture. Among the shows that have aired on the program includes, among others, Keeping It 100, Killing the Town with Storm & Cyrus, and Team Tiger Awesome.

Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz has spent the larger part of his life in the broadcasting industry. He started off at Westwood One where he served as CEO for two decades and as a board chair for three decades. He was then appointed to the Broadcasting U.S. BBG in 2000 where he served for six years. Norman is currently the president of PodcastOne.

Follow him on Twitter at @norman_pattiz