How Does Ryan Seacreast Maintain His Work-Life Balance

As the newest host this past spring on ABC’s American Idol, as well as co-host for Live With Kelly and Ryan since May 1st 2017, Ryan Seacrest also makes time for his morning radio show, On Air With Ryan, and his Macy’s exclusive menswear line, Distinction. Even with all that on his plate, Ryan has also been an active philanthropist with a focus on youth oriented development and his own foundation, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation. One may wonder how he holds everything together.

Ryan Seacrest keeps his health as a priority, noting that having a healthy lifestyle allows him to be more focused in his profession. He wakes every morning with a super healthy drink, Matcha, followed by coffee and exercise. Ryan is so dedicated to keeping his workout routine, that he has been known to take a personal trainer with him on vacation. He enjoys jogging through parks, cycling, and he is currently training with a boxing coach. Ryan Seacrest also maintains a mostly vegan diet, despite being a self-proclaimed foodie.

Ryan, having Attention Deficit Disorder, admits to having to work hard to remain focused. He credits frequent meditation and putting his phone away as key to keeping a clear mind. He even locks the phone away in a safe on vacation. Ryan has also trained himself to only answer questions or emails in the mornings, and reserves the rest of the day for long term projects. Realizing that not everything or every question needs a reply immediately, and it’s ok to save things for later, was his biggest challenge.

With all the constant publicity, and projects Ryan has going on, he is also careful to remember to make time for leisure. Being a foodie, Ryan Seacrest’s favorite leisure activity is dining. Noting that he works hard mainly to enjoy eating, Ryan loves to indulge in lengthy, family style dining accompanied by an exceptional bottle of wine.

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Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart on The Evolution of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers didn’t always consist of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. As explained by Taggart himself in an interview, Pall’s manager contacted him saying that an opening in a band has opened up and Taggart should contact the remaining member of the band.


“We just literally met and the next day started grinding every day in his apartment until we hit our stride,” Taggart explained. “We hit our stride, and four years later, here we are.”


Taggart drove from Maine to New York City to meet this person. It was Alex Pall, his future business partner.


Alex Pall was a DJ, working around the New York area. He considered it a hobby for a long time, but eventually realized that music was the biggest thing in his life. He wanted to make a career out of his hobby, and soon after, he was was introduced to Andrew Taggart.


Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall were able to work so cohesively as a duo because they first discussed exactly what they intended to do with their careers. They also discussed their musical inspirations, the music they listened to growing up, and the music that was currently popular. With these conversations, they were able to create their own unique sound – a sound that has been evolving as time passes.


Each one of The Chainsmokers songs are different enough from everything else that is currently out to make it stand out. Prior to the release of “Closer,” neither of the members of the group had ever sang on their song, yet it is very easy to distinguish a Chainsmokers song from whoever else is currently on the radio.


The group began making typical dance music, primarily in the EDM sub-genre, but now their sound is more cheerful. “Closer” features Halsey and Andrew Taggart exchanging verses in the perspective of two people in love.


Other hit songs from The Chainsmokers include “Paris,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and “#Selfie.”

Top Billboard Duo: The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are a well-known DJ and Production duo made up of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. The duo became famous from there huge hit songs “#Selfie” and “Closer.” “#Selfie” was a very popular single in a number of countries in 2014. The song “Closer” was a collaboration with popular recording artist Halsey that peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts in 2015. Ever since, the Chainsmokers have only been growing in popularity. The duo has created a number of songs that have been on the Billboard Hot 100

Charts including: “Paris,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and Something Just Like This just to name a few.

The Chainsmokers have been in the news recently due to a respectful tribute that they made to the late Avicii at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada last Sunday. The Chainsmokers and Halsey went on to present the award for Top Hot 100 Song of 2018 at the Billboard Music Awards, but not before acknowledging the life of the great Swedish DJ and Producer Avicii. The Chainsmokers always looked at Avicii as a huge inspiration to them and wanted to take some time to pay tribute to the late DJ. The Swedish DJ took his own life on April 20th at the age of only 28 years old. The Chainsmokers wanted to make sure that they spent some time remembering the great DJ that they looked up to and had a huge part in them pursuing their musical career. Halsey and the Chainsmokers then went on to talk about how Avicii was such a huge inspiration and joy to work with and will be missed.

The Chainsmokers later went on to dedicate the award they won later in the show for Top Dance/Electronic Act to their inspiration Avicii.

Alex Pall’s Musical Evolution

At times our hobbies and passions may turn out to be some rewarding lifetime careers just like that of Alex Pall of the band Chainsmokers. His DJing career kicked off after his current manager introduced him to Drew and as a result, Alex quit his job and Drew moved down from Maine to New York.

On meeting, they both knew that it would work out well since they understood their musical capabilities from the start. After learning each other’s dreams and ambitions, it was then time to get to work, to create an identity for their own. The band kept in touch for long hours for they both understood that it was a journey and they had to learn a lot along the way if at all they were to achieve their dreams. This new career was not all about paying bills but rather a self-discovery journey. With the keen understanding of their music’s deep engagement with their audience, it became more than just a job to them.

The two have decided to take active roles by singing some of their songs since most of their previous work involved songwriters. At times the two write some of their songs, but whenever they involve a songwriter, they are always there to guide them to make it more about them. The Chainsmokers has always wanted to work with a unique artist who has a strong voice. The song “Closer” featuring the incredible Halsey was written in a tour bus by Drew and one of their buddies, and they saw it as a great step to create an identity for them alongside the song “Don’t Let Me Down”.

With respect to social media, the band’s music has become international, stretching far to South Africa, Philippines and more places. What matters to them is the connection between their music and the fans irrespective of their appearance or age. Due to their forever expanding audience, the duo finds the need to keep on pushing themselves and doing more exciting things. Their live show “#Selfie”, can only get bigger and more exciting due to some of their musical changes. Moving forward, The Chainsmokers is taking its production further and also putting on a festival which is an entirely curated show. For the duo, it has and will always be about pushing new boundaries and giving their audience a whole new exciting musical experience.