The Leading Railroad Transportation Under Greg Aziz Administration

Greg Aziz is a Canadian based chief executive officer of national steel car. It is the largest world leading railroad transportation and manufacturing organization. The manufacturing industry has over ten decades of experience in engineering, construction, and devotion to excellence. National Steel Car has gained a credit as Canada leading railroad freight car manufacturer. The company is also the first to be certified ISO 9001:2008, a family of quality supervision systems standards. The National steel car corporate headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario.


National Steel Car is more dynamic, diverse, innovative and values-driven. These features are as a result of the management team who are always persistently raising the organization’s bar. The primary focus is on the creation of incomparable and useful railroad in the enterprise. The industry has an approximate of over two thousand workforces.


Greg was born in the year 1949 in London. He attended Ridley College and then he later advanced his studies at the University of Western Ontario and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He started his career journey in the year 1971 by joining a family business which affiliated with food products. Under his management, the corporation became a leading foreign buyer of fresh foods across the globe, mainly in the United States and Canada. Refer to This Article.


Over the years of working in the family business, Greg left his position and moved to New York City where he later acquired National Steel Car from Dofasco. His primary acquisition goal was to transform the former great Canadian company into North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturer. Greg Aziz expanded the employment of new workforce with strong architectural capabilities and a mindset of team-building. Additionally, The Company has continuously received thirteen honor awards from TTX SECO highest quality award since the year 1996.


In addition to the corporate success, National Steel Car has sponsored developments Theater Aquarius, together with the Hamilton Opera. The railroad enterprise has also contributed to non-profit organizations such as the United Way, along with the Salvation Army. Other sponsored developments include the local charities such as the royal agriculture winter fair in Canada. National Steel Car honors the traditions of peoples past mode of transport with determination. The company always led because it performs with a relentless focus on excellence and quality. Greg Aziz also affiliated with the board of trustees of both National Steel Car Limited and National Industries, Inc. where he serves as the chairman.



Gregory Aziz –An Asset To The Community

The National Steel Car has been an asset to the community. For the 23 years that Gregory J Aziz has been the CEO, the community has been nothing but grateful. The success of the company is the success of the community as well.

With the many members of staff, the people around has numerous market gaps to fill. This has improved the economy of the community. The many vacancies at the National Steel Car is a source of employment.


The National Steel Car through their CEO Gregory J Aziz has been involved in donating to many charity organizations. This is noble because not many companies give back to the society. This is why the people of Ontario consider him the most prestigious business person.


The success of National Steel Car did not come in a fortnight. It also never came easy. It was fought for and worked for to come true. Before 1994, the National Steel Car was a one man’s dream. The company only existed in the mind of James Aziz.


His dream was to make the National Steel Car the most prominent railcar railroad and tank manufacturing company in North America. When he completed his education, he was invited to work in his family business. Within 16 years, the company had become the biggest fresh fruit importer and exporter. Read This for additional information.

In the 1980s, Gregory Aziz moved in search of bank facility jobs. He however never forgot what his ultimate desire was. This is why in 1994, James finally purchased the first National Steel Car. The company was not in good shape when he took over.


Gregory J Aziz had the determination to make his dream come true. He, therefore, spread the spirit of teamwork and cooperation to his employees. This must have worked because by 1999 the company was producing 12000 rail cars from the usual 3500.The employment posts had subsequently risen to 3500 from 500.


Apart from Aziz’s excellent business venture and his philanthropy work, Gregory Aziz is a family man. He enjoys spending time with his family on his free days. He is married to Irene, and together they have two amazing children. On family outings, they love to go for horse riding. His wife Irene is very supportive in his ventures and has helped him in fulfilling his philanthropy work.


The National Steel Car Company is privileged to have a free-spirited CEO. The occupants of the area are also glad to keep on reaping the benefits of living in the area.

James Aziz The Brains Behind The National Steel Car Company

This is the largest car manufacturing industry in Canada which was established in the year 1912 with Greg Aziz as the CEO. The company has proven 100 years of good performance in terms of manufacturing and engineering with the main of providing products of high quality. The main stakeholders in the company are the people at large. It is also driven by good quality product, innovation and miscellaneous.


According to Greg Aziz, the company is making sure that it is focusing on strength to improve efficiency in the rail industry. He also adds that they are making sure that they achieve their goals and objectives which will make their customers have trust in them while producing high-quality railcars considering delivery time.


Greg Aziz continues to explain that they do not concentrate on the previous achievements that they had made earlier. Their focus is to get the customers and pay attention to their voices so that they proceed to be the leading railcar manufacturers in North America. The national steel car company has main purposes which may include remembering the past and respecting it as it is the one that drives them to go further ahead, secondly, the company aims at moving forward with determination, the company also concentrates on working hard in making sure that they produce good quality rail cars and finally the company want to always lead. Gregory J Aziz commented that national steel car will continue to be the leading producer of high-quality railcars which customers have gain trust on them. Go Here To Learn More.


1The services that National steel car company offers includes cargo car parts and types of machinery depending on the type of car available. They also deal in after-market sales where the team that is selling will deliver the required part needed by the customer to his/her premises within a shorter time. In terms of employment in the National steel car company Gregory Aziz says that every person in the company is important and are the cornerstone of the company in terms of service delivery, production, and their excellent performance.


He also adds that their standing has been created through obligation and devotion of every individual in the company and also the loyalty that has been created between them and customers plus the leadership of their management by the team of the national steel car. Gregory James Aziz calls on people who have interest in joining the team would like to hear from him/her.


The Remarkable Achievement Of Gregory James Aziz As The CEO Of National Steel Car

National Steel Car is among the highly competitive automotive industries in the world today. Under the stewardship of Gregory J Aziz, National Steel Car has produced a lot of products that may have been a good competition to other companies. By present, the business must pay attention to the components of freight wagons. In addition to the maker of automobiles and components, the business focuses on providing services on the city. Born in 1949, Gregory J Aziz had almost all her childhood in Ontario, Canada. Because of their economics experience, Gregory J Aziz was in charge of planning and developing critical business to work. After a long period of work in the field of consumer banking, Greg Aziz gained an important stake in National Steel Car. The position in this area has not been a formal means, but it was an answer to its perspective of buying companies.


1For the ideal of his life, James Aziz became a member of Ridley College for his university or university education. Later, Gregory started out his degree in Economics at the University or School of Western Ontario. Following graduating, Gregory Aziz signed up with his family in his food business. Simply due to time it had lately joined the business, the focused family key was to provide services to surrounding areas. With her contribution, the family-run food business is becoming globalized. The assistance was expanded to Europe also to the complete United States. More than 30 years ago, James Aziz moved to America in search of healthier pastures. In this article, it has been considered for various careers, especially in the context of cookies. Since of their economics experience, Greg Aziz oversaw planning and developing critical business to work.


Following having a long period of work in the field of consumer banking, Greg Aziz won an important stake in National Steel Car. Its position in this field was not a formal means, but it was an answer to its eye-sight of buying companies. National Steel Car was bought by Dofasco in year 1994, where Greg James Aziz was named as the boss.


This year the company had about 59 employees. Through dedication and hard work under Aziz’s leadership, the workforce progressed to more than 4, 000 employees 16 years later. In a normal society, it takes years to accomplish this kind of improvement within the given time. Additionally, in 1994, the National Steel Car could produce up to 3 thousand vehicles in a good year. Gregory J Aziz improved this method in five years and 1999 the company could produce more than 12, 000 cars a year. See This Page for more information.

Gregory Aziz – Innovator Of Steel Cars

Founded in 1912, National Steel Car was an immediate success in the Steel Car industry; producing passenger and freight train cars in a period of extraordinary demand. Their progress surprised investors and workers alike, quickly rising to become an industry leader within its first few years of opening. After the great depression, however, the company experienced either lagged growth or outright decline. The business stayed alive, however it paled in comparison to what it had once been.

Gregory James Aziz changed all that when his company purchased Steel Car in 1994. In just six short years, he effectively increased the worker staff from 500 to 3,000 employees. He also nearly quadrupled their annual production output, a figure that is almost unheard of in any line of business. Today, Steel Car is the number one North American supplier of rail cars for the United States and Canada; not to mention being a major player in the global market.

A Canadian native, Greg Aziz was born and raised in London, Ontario; not far from where the National Steel Car headquarters are located today in Hamilton, Ontario. His initial education took place at Ridley college; followed by the University of Western Ontario where he received his Degree in Economics. This academic background gave him the foundation he needed to be successful in his family’s wholesale food business, where he spent the earlier stages of his career.

This experience eventually led him to New York where he would take part in a series of successful investments that gave him the capital he needed to purchase the once great National Steel. He knew that there was a demand in railroad industry, and that there was also not a particularly large number of competitors. Seeing this opportunity, he decided to purchase the company, and transform it into the profitable business that it is today.

Today, Steel Car specialized in cargo transport trains and the transportation of any material substance, solid or liquid. The modern industrial world has Gregory J Aziz to thank for the efficiency and speed at which materials are able to be transported. Without his advances in the field, North American industry may not have evolved to the point it is at today. See More Information here.


Gregory Aziz- the Canadian Native Behind National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the current Chairman, President, and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car Limited. National Steel Car is one of the globe’s top railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies. This Ontario-based company has over a century of eminence in manufacturing, engineering, and dedication to excellence. National Steel Car is known to be North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturer. From 1912 when it was established, the company has designed as well as manufactured freight vehicles which meet and surpass the ever-growing standards and requirements of its clients and the railroad industry. Visit This Site.


Greg James Aziz is an Ontario native who attended Ridley College and later majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario. In 1971, he became a part of the family wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods, a company that snowballed to become an international importer of fresh foods from Central, South America as well as Europe, supplying all prime fresh foods wholesale markets all over the United States and East of Canada.


Gregory J Aziz then invested in multiple banking opportunities in New York during the late 80’s and early 90’s, and in 1994, he was fortunate enough to arrange the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco. His aim was to transform this great Canadian company into North America’s top railroad freight car manufacturer. The company mainly stressed on National steel car’s strong engineering potential, substantial human and capital investment, and team-building. The company managed to triple its manufacturing capability within a short period of just five years and employment over the same period grew from 600 to an outstanding 3000.


The company currently leads the industry in new car innovation through its interminable pursuit of manufacturing and engineering eminence and simultaneously creating thousands of new railroad freight cars each year. The company is the sole railroad freight car, engineering, and manufacturing firm and has held this honor for the last two decades through various levels of re-certification.


Additionally, National Steel Car has been consistently applauded with the TTX SECO highest quality award for more than 20 years now.


Greg Aziz and his wife, Irene, are philanthropic. They are both financiers of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which happens to be Canada’s most important agricultural fair. Additionally, National Steel Car is dedicated to the Hamilton community and helps finance various local charities along with events such as the Salvation Army, the United Way, and the Hamilton Opera among others. The company’s employees and family attend the annual National Steel Car Christmas party and engage in the company’s major food drive for national food banks.


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Adam Milstein was born in Israel at a place called Haifa but later moved to Kiryat Motzkin where he spent his childhood. He has mastered the art of following the footsteps of his dad. The two have many things in common. Adam just like his dad has served in the Israel Defense Forces. The two have also served in the war. Adam’s dad fought in the war for independence for Israel while Milstein fought in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. The two are also immigrants as his father moved to Israel from Argentina. Many years ago, Milstein also moved into the United States of America. Finally, Adam and his dad are into the real estate business. Currently, Adam Milstein is a partner at an American company called the Hager Pacific Properties where some of his responsibilities are accounting and disposition.

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His academic background

Mr. Maluf attended the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) in Sao Paulo. He graduated successfully with a degree in mechanical engineering. Maluf left Brazil and traveled abroad to the United States in search of a job and also for further education. He enrolled in New York University where he studied business administration.

Employment history

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After his invitation to the company’s board of executives, he continued to explore his potential and helped the company yield good results. The group’s management recognized his efforts and accomplishments. As a result, they reached an agreement to make him the president of the Group.

Soon after he was appointed the president of the Group, he channeled his energy towards innovation and massive investments that saw the company launch new products. He also started a modernization program that saw him upgrade some of the company’s factories. In his modernization program, he also changed the management of the organization.

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Eucatex is a company whose roots can be traced back to 1923 when its parent company, Americana Sawmill Americana first opened its doors. The company’s first mill (currently, Fiberboard Industrial Unit), was established in Salto (SP), in 1954. At the time, the company manufactured ceiling tiles and panels. The company expanded rapidly and could handle its growing market that not only expanded locally but also internationally. Between 1956 and 1965, the company opened branch offices in different states in Brazil. The company also opened a representative office in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

In 1965, the company started exporting its products (ceiling tiles and panels) to Europe. As a result of the growing demand for its products, it increased its production capacity to 100 tons/day. Today Eucatex is an international company that works to fulfill the needs of different furniture manufacturers and large industrial construction organizations.