Jorge Moll: Unlocking the Secrets of Morality

The two neuroscientists used a specialized device that scans the brain thoroughly. To their surprise, they found out that when the volunteers were shown a scenario involving generosity, it managed to activate a small area of the brain that is also responsible for releasing hormones that would give pleasure to an individual, similar to the pleasures when eating and having sexual intercourse. Then, the two remembered a quote that is being used for hundreds of years – to give is better than to receive. Now, the two scientists have discovered that the old saying has a scientific basis. Giving is better than receiving because of the pleasure felt by the body. Visit Ideamensch to know more about Jorge Moll.

Jorge Moll is a Brazilian neuroscientist that has been researching about morality since 2006. Jorge Moll is working with Jordan Grafman, a fellow neuroscientist, since 2006. Together, the two are looking for answers about the real nature of morality and how it affects humans. In 2006, Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman invited several individuals inside their research facility. They explained to them that they would be a part of a grand experiment concerning the human brain, and the only thing that they will be doing is to watch a scenario unfolding right in front of their eyes. They were given two sets of scenarios – one depicting an act of generosity and the other, an act of selfishness. When the experiment began, the volunteers were shown the scene showcasing generosity first, and then come to the scene showing greed. Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman recorded the results of their study and started to brainstorm. Follow Jorge Moll on Facebook.

Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman continue with their studies, hoping to unlock more secrets about the human brain. The research that they have published already caught the attention of other scientists and theologians, who are already debating that free will exists, and that morality is not affected by any chemical reactions inside the brain. However, for the two neuroscientists, their research matter, and the results were based on a systematic research that has been proven with the use of Science. They understood were the theologians are coming from, but they are firm with their discovery.


Goettl Air Conditioning – Looking Out for Family

Dubbed as the longest race in the United States, the Best in the Desert race is a motocross race that covers a distance of 545 miles from Las Vegas to Reno. It attracts a lot of participants and sponsors, and this year Goettl Air Conditioning was one of the notable sponsors.

Looking Out for Family

Goettl Air Conditioning and its team contributed thousands of dollars to support one of their own: Brett Aguilera. Brett Aguilera is a son to one of the technicians who work for the company, and he is a great racer if his awards are anything to go by.

Brett Aguilera was racing with his partner Tallon Taylor against 99 other teams of racers. They entered the race in the 13th place and managed to finish 37th overall in spite of mechanical problems along the way – Aguilera emerged in the first place overall in 2016’s race. They also managed to finish in the first place in their class, and Goettl Air Conditioning CEO Ken Goodrich awarded Aguilera $1,000 for his achievement.

Brett Aguilera garnered support from wide and far as several organizations and individuals chipped in to fund him: The Williams Bros, Baja Nikki, Kayu Trucking, Team Aggie, Eddy King, Jason Roar, Dubya Wheels, Silver State Speed Shop, Fly Racing, X Brand Goggles, Fasst Co., Scotty Robertson, and Sidi Boots, among others.

Arch News says Goettl Air Conditioning proved that it has bonds that go beyond work alone as they are always looking out for each other. Brett Aguilera has been racing since he was five, and his participation in the recent Best in the Desert participation put him a step closer to becoming a professional racer.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl: it may be difficult to pronounce, but there is no one better to call for air conditioning and HVAC services. Having been in business since 1939, this air conditioning company has amassed great experience and built a flawless reputation.

Goettl offers several services all associated with air conditioning. The company is popular for installing the best quality AC conditions. The company, indeed has also adopted the latest technology in the industry to ensure that all air vented indoors is clean and fresh for utmost quality. Goettl has also specialized in installing advanced HVAC systems that are not only more efficient but also cost-efficient.

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