Reasons Why The Contactless Payment by PSI-Pay has the world Excited

A mere 30 years ago, consumers carried their cash in wallets and other forms of money bags everywhere. If one forgot his/her wallet at home, they would be distraught and often have to borrow cash from colleagues. A decade later came the ATM cards, and consumers collectively breathed a sigh of relief. Consumers only had to remember a short pin code to pay for their transactions or get money from their banks. This solution came with its problems too. Forgotten pins, extended time periods swapping the card or forgetting it entirely at home. PSI-Pay, however, has come to the rescue of consumers.

Consumers are already excited at the prospect of not having to memorize pins or continuously swerve a card that is defective. The new technology involves the use of a ring or mobile phone to make a payment, borrow, deposit or withdraw cash fast and conveniently. The advantage to this new method is that most people do not take off their rings and no one could ever forget their phone in today’s world.

Reasons why PSI-Pay is a Consumer’s Best Friend

The technology is contactless; meaning it saves more time. The technology uses Near-field communication (NFC), helping consumers get service with just a tap from their ring or smartphone to an electronic device. Contactless payments will ensure that people evade queuing or waiting for attendants to swipe cards. It is comfortable and as effortless as ABC and with just a tap; one gets service in seconds. The transactions are made secure by short-range communication; no illegitimate connections are approved. The rings can be turned on and off after each transaction. A banking app where one can make a follow up of their bank accounts is also available and they can effortlessly download it on their smartphones.

All about PSI-Pay

PSI-Pay believes in partnerships that offer solutions and for this reason, has partnered with companies like Kerv to make the contactless payment ring and MasterCard to improve consumer satisfaction. These partnerships ensure that innovation continuously makes alternative payments possible. Consumers are already asking for an increase on the thirty pound, a factor that shows that they already trust the system and are excited about what is offered. The world is excited for the first ever invention of wearable technology in a ring. The future promises limitless innovations in pay-on-the-move.

How To Succeed As An Entrepreneur By Paul Herdsman

Most people in the world wish to start their own companies and become their own bosses. Some make it while others do not meet their dreams. The following are some of the things; Paul Herdsman, the NICE Global CO-Founder advice people to make their entrepreneur dreams come true.

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Have a positive attitude. As an entrepreneur, you should have a positive attitude towards what you do. Show your gratitude to increase your positivity. Have a positive mind in your daily lives for you to solve your problems. Do not complain about what you do but be thankful, it will help you do great things in what you do.

Be ready to take risks. Paul Herdsman states that a risk taker has a chance to succeed in what they do. You should be ready to fail for you to succeed. Business involves many risks that you need to overcome. Always get enough information before you get involved in any business activity. It will help you know the kind of dangers that you might encounter; hence, you will know how to overcome the threat.

Go for things you are passionate about. Do not go for something that you do not like. Have a passion for what you want to do because business takes a lot of time and needs many sacrifices. It is best for you to enjoy what you do. Paul Herdsman advocates that one should work for what he or she cares most.

Have goals. Have in mind what you want your business to look like in years to come. Try your best to make your business be what you want it to be. Let nothing hinder you from achieving your goals. Work hard to change your situation to make it better than it was yesterday.

Surround yourself with the right people. It is hard to work alone in achieving something significant. However, it is good if you choose the right people to work with you. Work with people who have the same goal. They should have a positive mind towards the business.

Put more efforts towards your goals. It is hard to achieve your dream if you do not work towards achieving it. You have to put more efforts to make your vision real. You have to do all type of work in your business before signing the duty to someone else. It will help you know what your customers love. This way you will be able to meet your customer’s needs.


Business is a good thing for you to have; however, it is hard to achieve your goals if you are not passionate about it. Paul Herdsman came up with the best tips that can make you succeed in your business. Following the above tips, you will be able to achieve the best. (Read; 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman)




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