Boraie’s Visionary Transformation of New Brunswick

The Central Jersey Working Moms recently published an article about Omar Boraie being a visionary. Omar Boraie latest investment after 40 years in New Brunswick was the high rise elegant residential building in The Aspire. The project was his dream come through after decades of hard work.


Omar heads Boraie Development. He traveled in Europe as a scholar and desired to build New Brunswick to similar standards. The desire came because New Brunswick was terrible and one couldn’t be able to walk in the streets in the evening because it got deserted at that time. He dreamed of making the city a better place.


Omar bought all the buildings that were crumbling on the same block. He restructured the buildings into towers that housed office spaces. He built a grand edifice for residential areas. The building became the tallest in the city with 25 stories. The stately building also housed offices, a garage, retail businesses, and outside places for dog walking and barbecues. Omar’s accomplishments of transforming the city made people start believing in his visions. Omar Boraie thanks the people who helped him achieve his dream.


Omar started his real estate development firm known as Boraie Development that has a specialty in urban development. Omar is the head of the company and prides himself of having achieved his dreams of rebuilding New Brunswick. The Boraie Development designed the Aspire as a residential home to younger and trendy residents. The Aspire’s surrounding is full of restaurants, nightlife, and entertainment. The firm also develops quality condos and office buildings in Newark, New Brunswick, and Atlantic City.


Boraie Development provides a wide range of services that focus on all parameters of the real estate industry. The company offers property management, real estate development, and sales and marketing. The institution dedicates itself to the provision of unmatched service to clients as well as building well-designed buildings. The company works alongside prominent financial firms, experienced contractors and visionary architects that ensure the success of Boraie’s projects.


Boraie Development is among the most popular New Jersey’s developers following its 30-year record in development. The company employs private institutions such as commercial banks as a source of capital that complements their own. The real estate company builds properties that attract residents, financial partners and tenants hence making them appreciate the firm’s commitment to long-term ownership.


The company’s property management arm creates additional value for the firm’s assets. It maintains the company’s properties with remarkable detail. The property management specialties include administration, customer service, maintenance, marketing, accounting, and leasing.



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Hussain Jawani’s Blooming Real Estate Company DAMAC Properties

The real estate industry is one of the businesses that generate lucrative profits in the whole world, especially in the developed economies. Most prominent businesspeople are venturing into this market to grow their income.

One such entrepreneur is 57 years old, Hussain Sajwani who is a Dubai national. His Linkedin profile gives a brief career history. Sajwani, a graduate of the University of Washington, started his career as a contracts manager in Gasco. In 1982, he became an entrepreneur by starting his catering company where he attracted clients such as the US military and the construction giant Bechtel. In 2002, the Dubai government encouraged foreigners to start investing in real estate through the purchase of properties. Hussain leveraged on this opportunity by starting his real estate company known as Damac Properties where he serves presently as the chairman and chief executive officer.

Damac Property’s website reports to date 8,890 units are complete, and another 19,136 units are at advanced stages. An estimated 5,193 units were complete by the end of 2013. In the same year, Hussain teamed up with Donald Trump to develop two golf courses. The first one, known as Trump World Golf course opened in February 2017. The opening of the latter, designed by Tiger Woods, will be in 2018.

Damac is known to come up with luxurious building perhaps in fulfillment of building a multi-billion company as per the chief executive officer’s wish. The company has employed close to 2,000 employees and has an initial public offering of shares and stock exchange.

Hussain’s life is one of growing from small beginnings and grabbing all opportunities at hand. It also highlights the crucial role that all governments should play in influencing investment to contribute to the growth of the citizens. Hussain Jawani has also been involved in charity through his contribution of 2 million AED to a campaign of clothing deprived children around the world.

Real estate remains space where businesspeople looking towards steady success can venture to add to investment, an increase in employment opportunities and overall growth of the economy. Those seeking to own investments in other countries should take the risk and ensure that they team- up with well- established companies like Damac Properties.

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