Energy Stream Brings Delaware onboard with Energy Services

Stream Energy founded in 2005 by Pierre Koshakji and Rob Snyder as direct selling company of energy services. They offered services first to Texas, following the deregulation of the Texan electricity marketing. Moving forward to George in 2008, and then to the Northeast in 2010. Stream moved into servicing other aspects of life as well. On Tuesday, December 5th, 2017. Stream Energy announced their line expansion into Delaware. They also launched their wireless, protective and home services at the same time.


Delaware became the eighth state to join Stream’s Energy providing list. The states include Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Maryland, and Illinois, plus Washington D.C. While other states don’t have access to their energy services, they do carry their other services. 2018 may open other doors for Stream Energy as for providing clean and efficient energy. However, due to regulations of some given states, it could take a moment for these doors to let anyone through. This does not mean they have to wait for one geographical area to open, they can explore other avenues in the meantime. Delaware was a great capstone to ending 2017, there is plenty of excitement left for Stream Energy to have x. The new leadership, the open markets in Delaware, the growing markets in other areas.

Stream Energy is a leading life services direct selling company, started in Texas and now reaches into eight different states with new leadership and a clear focus on providing clear value for its customers and associates. They have earned $8 billion in less than 15 years and is quickly becoming one of the largest direct selling companies in the global energy market today. Stream Energy focuses on word of mouth advertising and quality service over main stream companies. Associates enjoy freedom to grow and independence from the mainstream work force. You can connect with them socially, they are people friendly.