Kim Dao Visits Enoshima Beach in Japan

Before Kim Dao left Japan to go back home to Australia, she wanted to visit Enoshima, Japan with her friends Sunny and Rachel. Kim Dao was going to take the Enoshima Line, but she missed it and ended up taking the monorail instead. To ride the monorail, you have to buy a physical ticket not online facsimiles. The friends had to cross the street from Enoshima train station to get the bridge they had to walk over, to get to the beach. Kim Dao feels like she compares every  beach she sees to the beaches of Australia that have the most beautiful ones she’s ever seen. She could see the beach from the side of the bridge rail. Learn more:


Kim Dao and her friends ate at the Hello Kitty Cafe. The cafe put a Hello Kitty cracker in a green tea latte kind of soup. She had some salad and a ham steak. The cafe had coasters in the Hello Kitty design, and the cooks cut sliced carrot in the shape of Hello Kitty. If dining at the cafe was not enough, the women sampled snack balls and meatball soup from the street food vendors outside. Learn more:


Kim Dao and friends could see Mt Fuji right across the lake where the beach was . After visiting the beach, Dao couldn’t resist putting a coin into a slot and then sticking her hand into a jar to get her fortune. It was so-so, and the vlogger tied it up on a string, and left. Learn more:

EOS Has a Variety of Flavored Lip Balms for All

EOS, Evolution of Smooth, has become a world leader when it comes to some of their beauty products that they offer. One of their unique items that they offer is the famous lip balm. Their unique packaging and wide selection of flavors make it easy to see why they have a huge fan base and following in this product line. EOS offers flavors such as Passion Fruit, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, Summer Fruit, Honeysuckle Honeydew and more. While all these flavors are very popular one of the best sellers, according to the site, is Passion Fruit. Hop over this cool site,

EOS ingredients are just as unique as their packaging. Besides offering a vast selection of wonderful flavors they include a handful of ingredients that treat your lips like royalty. The flavors add a wonderful touch and taste but each lip balm is packed with antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, soothing shea butter, jojoba oil and more. These natural and organic ingredients are dermatologist tested and free of such things as hypoallergenic, paraben and petrolatum to help create beautiful, luscious and soft lips

EOS has been in business for almost a decade, but it has picked up the pace from the average, dull everyday chap sticks that you find at your local grocer or pharmacy store, available also here on They have rapidly gained popularity at the site of celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian using these unique shaped balls of EOS in their makeup bags. More and more the product has been showing up on billboards and glamor magazines. Currently, at the rate of growth, the company is selling over 1 million units a week and only getting bigger, buy now!

EOS has pushed the envelope in creating a quality product targeted at both style, flavor, smell, and taste to the otherwise boring and static chapsticks that don’t offer too many options. The company, at present, is valued at over $250 million dollars. The founders have explained how they listened to their customers to help create a better product for them and their results have proven just that.



Tammy Mazzocco Helps Buyers And Sellers

Are you looking for a tolerant place to go where you can practice your religious, sexual, ethnic or racial identity freely? Ohio has what you are looking. Situated in the Midwest, you can find areas of tolerance, as well as areas with specific types of communities. There are many different types of places of worship in Ohio, testifying to the existence of certain religious and ethnic communities, as well as tolerance within the state.

Knowing this, it is not surprises that more people are being enlightened to the great things that Ohio has to offer. The figures testify to the rise in demand to settle in Ohio. Counting from the summer of 2016 to the summer of 2017, there has been an 8.1% rise in the prices of homes. Within one month, from May to June of 2017, the homes went up an astonishing 1%. As the values and demand of homes go up, it is becoming a friendlier atmosphere to those who want to sell their homes. Check out Ideamensch for more info.

Whether you want to buy or sell your home, Tammy Mazzocco will welcome you with wide arms. She has been passionately working in real estate for roughly around 20 years. Tammy has experience with both buyers and sellers—64% with buyers and 36% with sellers. The range of money that she has sold properties for range from fifteen thousand dollars to five hundred and fifty five thousand dollars. Visit Blogwebpedia to know more.

You can check out Tammy Mazzocco’s twitter to see what she has recently sold, as well as what she is currently selling on the market. Tammy Mazzocco has worked for Judy Gang & Associates since the year 2000. She is extremely passionate about her job, and does her absolute best. For many years, Tammy Mazzocco has been inspired by mentors who have taught her about the business.

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The Healthy Deliciousness of Purina Beneful Originals with Real Salmon

You love your dog, right? And you want him or her to know that you do, right? One of the most effective ways to do this is by feeding them the best in healthy and delicious food. Purina Beneful Originals is known for being a dog food that is both healthy and that dogs love. And one of the best in this line is Purina Beneful Originals With Real Salmon. This dry dog food gives the dog amazing flavor while also giving them 23 essential vitamins and minerals. As a result your pet will not only be very healthful, but have a lust and beautiful coat as well.

Aiding with the end of this beautiful coat are the amino acids. The vitamin E in this vitamin mix also insures that he or she will a good, healthy immune system as well. We guarantee your dog’s satisfaction with this incredibly healthy dog food. Besides the obvious healthy and delicious ingredient, which is real salmon, other primary health ingredients include whole grains and vegetable accents. The vegetable accents include sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots. While these three are the primary ingredients of Real Salmon, they are by no means the only ones.

Real Salmon is chock full of the highest quality ingredients. This certainly includes top-grade protein such as Chicken, Pork Digest, and Beef Tallow. This means that literally every single bite is filled to the brim with nutrition. You will also find delicious ingredients like egg and chicken flavor. Real Salmon, like all Purina products, is produced entirely in U.S. facilities. You can feel safe with our product because we painstakingly follow the guidelines of the FDA, USDA, and AAFCO and are accepted by all of these companies because of that. Although we do guarantee the complete healthiness of our products, you would be wise to continue to see your veterinarian regularly.

Could Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Really Surpass Amazon?

To answer the question about any other clothing company being able to surpass Amazon, you really need to understand how far ahead of the pack this giant is from the field. Currently, Amazon takes in about 20 percent of the sales in the clothing market online, leaving thousand of competitors to scramble for the remaining sales. Now take a closer look at how successful Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been in the last few years in the same space as Amazon, raking in $250 million in sales of women’s active-wear. This is not just a one-time fluke, it looks like this company may have what it takes to surpass Amazon.


Talking to Hudson all about her athleisure brand, she keeps going back to how her membership plan and the sales process called reverse showrooming has been the foundation of the success of the company. To better understand how these two components work together to drive such impressive numbers, we have to take a look at what is really going on inside the mall and one of Hudson’s many retail stores. Look at what is going on, these shoppers are taking the lifestyle quiz, browsing the racks for new arrivals, and trying on every piece of workout apparel inside the store. Sales associates actually encourage shoppers to enjoy the experience without any sales pressure.


So here is where all the pieces come together, it happens when these same women visit the Fabletics e-commerce store. Now every piece of clothing that you were wearing inside the mall has been moved to your online cart, so you don’t have to worry if those pieces are actually going to fit you. Since you eliminate the size concerns from the equation, these customers are loading up the cart with new arrivals in leggings, yoga pants, and tank tops. When in the past these shoppers would buy a single piece of clothing to see how it fits, now they buy a dozen pieces to show off at the gym the new clothing they own.


Membership perks at Hudson’s Fabletics do not end there. One of the reasons sales are exploding is these shoppers get free shipping for all online orders combined with discounts on all the active-wear. Amazon may be wondering why their profits are getting smaller, it might just have to do with the explosion in sales over at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics over the last few years.

Karl Heideck Explains The City Of Philadelphia’s Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo

Karl Heideck explains the recent lawsuits against Wells Fargo
Karl Heideck explains the recent lawsuits against Wells Fargo

On May 15, a lawsuit against Wells Fargo, Inc. was filed by the City of Philadephia in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania alleging that the bank used predatory lending practices aimed at minority mortgage borrowers. According to the city, the bank steered minority borrowers who should have qualified for low risk, low interest mortgages, to loans with riskier, higher interest loans, while steering white borrowers towards lower interest loans. This violates the Fair Housing act of 1968. When the recipients of the higher risk loans applied to refinance their loans, they were rejected, resulting in multiple home foreclosures, which ultimately ended up hurting the City of Philadelphia.

Wells Fargo is accused to have intentionally withheld low interest loans to applicants based on racial profiling. The City of Philadelphia is not the only entity suing Wells Fargo. The City of Miami has also recently filed a suit claiming that the bank had violated the Fair Housing Act. They were also accused of creating fake customer profiles to help their employees to meet their sales goals.

Karl Heideck has his B.A. in English Language and Literature from Swarthmore College a graduated with Juris Doctor from Temple University Beasley School of Law with honors. He currently is working with the law firm Grant & Eisenhower PA. Karl Heidek has over ten years of experience as a lawyer in Philadelphia. He specializes in civil litigation, compliance and risk management.

Mr. Heideck was also a project attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP as well as holding an associate position at Conrad O’Brien. In addition to his work as an attorney, Karl Heideck is also a prolific writer, primarily blogging about current legal news in the city of Philadelphia and its surrounding area to keep better inform the public about what is happening in courtrooms.

Traveling Vineyard’s Genius Multi-Tier Marketing Strategy

In this technologically savvy age, more people are beginning to realize the possibilities joys of working from home. It saves time, energy and even money that could be otherwise spent on commutes and food while at work. There are thousands of businesses with varied chances to make money online. Traveling Vineyard is one of these firms. The company sells wine using multi-tier marketing teams that operate solely online. The company began working in 2001 after a simple wine tasting session at home and has grown to provide the same services bigger scale. Traveling Vineyard signs up any interested persons as guides on their marketing platform, to offer prospective clients opportunities to learn about wines.

The company’s recruiting strategy is a simplified model that only requires a potential guide to submit an application letter or a message detailing the interest. The person is then linked with the closest team leader in the region to receive more guidelines on the process. The initial kit provided includes five wine types that the person can offer visitors and customers for tasting. Additionally, sufficient supporting documents are availed for easy access to info regarding each product. Traveling Vineyard has an excellent customer care team that caters to ay emerging needs of wine buyers and guides who may need more documents. One of the most vital tools is the Sommology kit which showcases how one ought to pair wines and foods and mix the wines.

Working with Traveling Vineyard has proven beneficial for a multitude of people. These upsides are not limited to finances only but cover social and familial sense. A guide has the option to decide when the best time to conduct the business is. As a result, one has ample time to bond with family and friends, execute other duties of life and make new friends while selling products. Traveling Vineyard flexible training sessions since the materials required to learn about wines and business are available online at all times.

The firm’s documents allow each guide to amassing invaluable information about wines from around the world, hence sharpen their business skills and ultimately raise the revenue. Traveling Vineyard is a genius wines’ sales company that offers more than money can afford.


Aloha Construction is Growing and Renovating

Aloha Construction is a leading Illinois-based general contracting company that it still family owned. Since their founding in 2008, they have achieved many accomplishments, industry certifications and memberships from organizations such as the National Roofing Contractors Association, Chicago Roofing Contractors Association and the Building Trades Association. They are also members of the Better Business Bureau, where they maintain an A rating. Aloha is licensed, bonded and insured. They offer a 10-year warranty on all of their work.


Since they began the business, Aloha Construction has primarily focused on roofing, seamless gutters and home siding projects. They have also become experts in storm damage repair and cleanup, with extensive experience in dealing with hail damage, wind damage, flooding and just about any other form of storm-related damage. Aloha has recently launched a new website at that they are very excited about, with the goal of making their services easier to access for more people. They are planning to expand their reach and become the preferred contractor in the entire Midwest region of the country. To this end, they have continued to open up new branches throughout the area.


Aloha Construction is currently completing over 20,000 construction projects a year. With all of this experience and expertise, they passively began to work on some kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. Before they knew it, they had completed hundreds of these remodeling jobs. Having gained all this experience renovating, they feel it is time to launch this as a new stand-alone portion of their company. With this in mind, they have assembled a team of renovation experts working in the field to provide the ultimate service to their clients. Aloha will still be offering all the great services they have in the past, but now remodeling will be a brand in their vast contracting expertise.

Adam Milstein’s Indefatigable Initiatives to End Discrimination Against the Jews in America

The hate that many Pro-Israel and good Jewish organizations have worked hard to fight against for many years is now growing by leaps and bounds in all American campuses, although the problem seems to be growing worse. The harassments and intimidations have been brought by the Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) groups. A case that has got wide publicity is the attempts to prevent a Jewish student from joining the Judicial Board for the students because she was accused of dual loyalty at the UCLA due to her Jewish background and Identity. Another incident took place at Stanford when a Jewish woman who was contesting a seat in the Student Senate was discriminated against and subjected to open hostility from any quarters because of her support for Israel. And during a public lecture at Harvard, a student derided the former foreign minister of Israel as being smelly.

On and on campuses, there have been several other incidents of physical assaults and abuse of Jewish students and AEPI Houses. It is believed that the hate activities are well-funded, professionally organized and coordinated nationally by anti-Israeli hate groups. Whenever such groups stage huge demonstration events, they just overshadow the counter protests by pro-Israeli activists operating locally because the hate campaigns are always massive, and they are organized by professional agitator on the campuses. Most of them are doctoral students who have stayed on the campuses for many years because they are paid to run anti-Israeli campaigns.

The situation is made worse, according to Adam Milstein, by the lack of organized support for Israel in America. However, events and conferences that are pro-Israel continue to attract thousands of participants. Millions of Americans also support Israel. But the formation of groups supporting Israel like the University of Minnesota’ Students Supporting Israel (SSI) is changing all that now.

The best solution as Adam Milstein sees it is the creation of grassroots support groups that will bring together all pro-Israeli supports. Mr. Milstein is a famous man in the Jewish community who plays leading roles in many organizations such as the Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships, and the AIPAC. He is the co-Founder and Chairman of the Israel-American Council (IAC).



George Soros Instigates Social Progress in Return to Politics

The world of politics seems to change every single day, every single hour, and every single moment. With the election of President Trump, a statement that is still odd to acknowledge, all rules seem to have been thrown out the window. With that being said, however, there has been some silver lining for progressives who value their beliefs. George Soros is one of the most noted progressives in the world as well as the most giving philanthropist that we can think of. For a while Soros had been sitting on the sidelines of the political world but now he appears to have returned, ready to fully embrace his role as opposition to the destructive agenda of President Trump.

George Soros of course returned during the middle of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. The rise in prominence of Donald Trump as a real GOP nominee helped to get Soros off of the sidelines and ready to get back into the game. Soros returned by bringing back his trademark enthusiasm and investment abilities to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Soros has previous experience working with politicians as they run for the highest office in the world, so his experience and his financial backing were immediately important for Democrats and progressives everywhere.

The 2016 Presidential Election is definitely one for the history books and it includes some rock solid financial backing and political maneuvering by George Soros. Soros would go on to donate nearly $25 million across several different Democratic platforms, including $7 million to a Pro-Clinton Super PAC. Despite these high profile donations, Clinton would end up barely losing in a contentious and controversial election. Still, the return of Soros is an action that is going to have long ranging repercussions in a good way for Democrats and a bad way for conservatives as they try to bludgeon America with their agenda. Learn more about his profile at

Historically speaking George Soros made his biggest impact in politics back in 2004 when he backed Presidential nominee Al Gorge against the incumbent President George Bush. Soros would throw around his heavy weight behind Gore in order to try and get the progressive minded man into office. This didn’t happen, despite controversy, and Soros sat on the sidelines for a while as he opted instead to focus on his Open Society Foundations.

Philanthropy has been a huge part of the George Soros business model and that has made huge changes in America for the better. George Soros believes strongly in grass roots campaigns from every day, regular people. That is why he put nearly $33 million into grass roots campaigns in and around Ferguson. When the infamous Officer Wilson/Michael Brown shooting hit the press, people were ready to look into the event. Grassroots funded individuals were able to get the Ferguson Protests national attention. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Without people like George Soros funding these grassroots campaigns, we would never see the kind of social justice and equality that America should be prided on. Soros and his return to the political world are going to pay huge dividends in the coming years.