Chris Burch and the Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch is a dynamic entrepreneur and business owner who has had success in various industries. He enjoys owning and operating a business, and he also invests in real estate. He is the proud owner of the Nihiwatu Resort. Nihiwatu is one of the most luxurious locations in the entire world. He takes pride in the fact that prominent business owners spend money at his resort every year.

Despite his success with the Nihiwatu Resort, he is also looking for new investment opportunities in the coming years. As a real estate investor, he wants to look for new options for making money constantly.

The Nihiwatu Resort

One of the reasons that Chris is so successful is that he has the vision for the future. He understands trends in the economy, and he takes advantage of various economic cycles. He firmly believes that becoming an investor is a great way for him to impact the world.

Chris pitched the idea for the Nihiwatu Resort for several years before he received the funding he needed. A hotel like the Nihiwatu Resort took millions of dollars to build. Multiple banks and investors denied him the money to start the process. After receiving the funding he needed, Chris immediately went to work. Chris spends several weeks out of each year at his resort to relax and spend time with friends.

Other Investments

Chris is a passionate real estate investor who enjoys looking at homes around the country. Although he has a vast real estate empire, he wants to add to it in the coming years. He enjoys owning homes that produce monthly income from rent.

Anyone who wants to become a successful business owner should consider working with Chris. He is always willing to help other people achieve their goals for the future.

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Nick Vertucci Releases His Book on Amazon

First announced in April, Nick Vertucci, the real estate entrepreneur and mogul has just released his book Seven Figure Decisions; Having The Balls To Succeed. The book is a personal account of his early life, his struggles, and journey to where he currently is. Also recounting a series of fearful situations as an emerging entrepreneur who lost everything in his quest to succeed, Vertucci’s book has been endorsed by Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank alongside Dean Cain, Amazon’s best seller author.

Details of the Book

Nick Vertucci’s book retells the realities of his life when growing up. A dedicated individual who has put in a lot of work to achieve the much he currently owns, Nick grew up in a modest background that forced him to work in between two or more jobs in order to supplement some of his family’s needs. At that moment, his father was supportive as well. However, the entire happy –family scenario was short-lived when his father died. Just at ten years, Vertucci was forced to begin a taxi business. He also transformed the cab into a make-shift home. Seeing that the situation was not changing any time soon, he delved into a computer accessories business where he sold software and parts of different computer brands. Surprisingly, the business picked up. Nick was now in a position to marry and raise a family.

The Melt Down

In a few months, Nick Vertucci realized that business would take a negated shift. However, he was not well-versed with the right steps to make as the necessary measure to prevent the company from dwindling. The 2000 dot-com market crash impacted his business. He lost everything he invested in the business including capital and revenue. Vertucci fell into depression. His family had needs that could no longer be provided for.

Delving into the Real Estate Business

Nick Vertucci was bumming around the streets when a friend who had invested in real estate approached him with a business idea. However, he first had to attend a seminar to familiarize himself with product knowledge. Given that he had been through series of botched investment ideas, he was a bit hesitant. Luckily for him, the business turned out to be a success especially now that he decided to invest. Nevertheless, investing in real estate was not enough; he fused in discipline and resilience for him to evolve away from his past painful experiences. Nick Vertucci dedicated most of his time to dissecting the real estate market industry and comprehending the valuable lessons imparted to him by his mentors. Shortly after, he garnered sufficient resources to establish a real estate academy after his name. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is here to equip emerging entrepreneurs with the right skills to guarantee them success in business.

Hussain Sajwani Establishes Strong Entrepreneurial Relations for the Growth of DAMAC Properties

Without a doubt, networking is an essential personal skill in business. Most fundamentally, it is extremely crucial for the growth of entrepreneurs. Alongside communication and a brand’s strong presence in the market, these approaches will always help an entrepreneur along the way of the brand establishment. If there is an individual who has utilized the power of networking in business it must be Hussain Sajwani, a famous billionaire dealing with the real estate market in Dubai. Even though he seems successful as at now, it is clear that he spent a lot of time strategizing and creating ideas that would, later on, impress his customer base. As such, the real estate mogul has managed to garner more than 10,000 clients in his company. How he got to where he still remains the major question asked by most entrepreneurs in the same business. To answer some of those questions, let us look at his early life and final investment into real estate.

Early Life and Experiences

Sajwani was raised in a small town in the Middle East. Within the town, his father ran a shop where he dispensed shirts, pencils and other items that most men found useful in their day-to-day lives. While at it, he worked with his father and invested a lot of time in understanding the business with the vision of inheriting it eventually. However, he was not interested in taking over his father’s business as he had other dreams to pursue in different industries.

Joining School

Like any other teenager growing up, it was time to join the college for higher learning. The DAMAC owner decided to enroll for medicine, a course he deferred within a few months of studying. Even so, that was not the end of his career. Being determined to become an inspirational figure to his peers, the DAMAC owner went to America and was among the first students to earn government education scholarship for engineering and economics.

The Observation

Sajwani was too ambitious to the point of quitting his first job at GASCO to start a food catering. While there were risks involved in his resignation, he made sure that his research team established the viability of the catering business. That way, he was safe from any impending loss in future. As usual, his brilliance contributed to the development of the business as within a year, he was able to start DAMAC Properties, a commercial real estate business that focused on the development of residential and commercial property within Dubai. Over the years, Sajwani the DAMAC owner has grown DAMAC Properties into a successful real estate business that incorporates international projects like the Donald Trump Gold Courses designed by the prominent gold player, Tiger Woods.

Hussain Sajwani Social Accounts:

Reporter and Publisher- Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is a self-made entrepreneur and investor. Mr. Jeff has been a financial journalist who did not only report on financial matters but he also took advantage of financiers as well as investors h meet took their advice and he became among the successful investors today. After his graduation from High School he joined Florida University to pursue journalism, and after his graduation, he joined the media industry where he got an opportunity to work as a reporter for a local television station. Jeff Yastine was working hand in hand with markets such as Raleigh Durham which is located on the Northern side of Carolina. Learn more at about Jeff Yastine.

Jeff’s career as a journalist continued to grow as he was more involved in the industry. In 1993, he joined another organization; PBS’ nationally-broadcast Nightly Business Report. Jeff served as an anchor and a correspondent in Miami. The media house recorded the largest number of viewers at the time wit about a million homesteads watching the financial broadcast. While still serving in the media house, Jeff did not only work as a corresponded but he was also busy finding other business ventures for the organization. As time went by Jeff was able to get new business opportunities for Nightly Business Report’s viewers among them; Royal Caribbean, Intuitive Surgical, Petmed Express, SBA Communications, Mako Surgical, Lennar Corporation, as well as Carnival Corporation.

During his time as a financial journalist, Jeff was able to interact with different people especially those who have influence in the financial world. Some of the people he interviewed include; Frank Perdue who is the Perdue Chicken owner, Bill Gross, Herb Kelleher the founder of Southwest Airline, Warren Buffet, founder Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Steve Ballmer, as well as Michael Dell among others. Jeff Yastine also had an opportunity to interview Richard Thaler who won the Nobel Prize in 2017.

In 2015, Jeff joined Banyan Hill Publishing and was given the responsibility of Editorial Director. When he joined Banyan Hill Publishing Jeff Yastine brought with him his over two decades of skills and experience in the financial markets as well as financial journalism. Apart from being the Editorial Director he also contributes to Winning Investor Daily and Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily which are written on a weekly basis. During his days as a journalist, Jeff was at the forefront of assisting investors especially those in the real estate industry to know the seasons. Jeff Yastine was an Emmy Awards nominee in 2007. Visit:


The Legal Tax Issues, Productivity Solutions and Passionate Work of Ricardo Tosto

There’s a lot of profitable or commercial reasons why many people want to be lawyers. Being a lawyer can be one of the most financially secure ways to ensure a sustainable future. However, being a lawyer requires a morally calibrated personality that adheres to an acceptable level of ethics in the industry. This is the same concept that confronts among Brazilian lawyers these days. While they may differ in the way they serve the legal needs of the society, they share the same principles in how they go about their lawyer’s taxes and government obligations. One of the few people passionate about how to go through issues like this is Ricardo Tosto. In an article from Mundo Do Marketing, Ricardo shares his thoughts on the new law that tackles such tax affairs for lawyers in local and overseas location, which is the Law 13,254

The Law 13,256 Clauses

It is in this law that the guidelines on how lawyers both overseas and in Brazil can discuss some of their different rates that they get with their legal services. Ricardo Tosto believes that there has to be a mechanism or investigation process to make sure that the lawyers overseas are paying the equivalent of their tax obligations with the ones that local lawyers are paying.

Among the people that support Ricardo Tosto in his advocacy is Lawyer Gil Vicente Gama, the partner at the Nelson William Advogados and Associates office. With him, Ricardo believes that there has to be a joint effort to make the documentation of the taxes being paid by overseas lawyers be in in parallel with the ones being offered by the local counsels.

About Ricardo Tosto

It must be for your interest to know that Ricardo Tosto is right now a partner at Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados, which is based in Sao Paulo, Alagoas, Brazil. Other than the fact that he’s a dedicated and remarkable lawyer, he also maintains an honorable reputation for creating several legal mechanisms that can make processing of legal issues faster.

It is also through his breakthrough solutions and clever but reliable legal rules of thumb that most lawyers’ and paralegals’ increase their productivity. Click here

Chris Burch On Creativity And Productivity Working Together

Chris Burch is a notable entrepreneur and real estate development expert who recently became a billionaire and the owner of one of the world’s top vacation hotels on Sumba Island in Indonesia. He has also helped many new entrepreneurs build their own brands and his company, Burch Creative Capital has done more than just supply funding by also providing entrepreneurial support and helping ideas get started. Burch says a huge part of running a business is knowing how to consolidate creative thinking with productivity, a task that may seem hard to do but actually can be done.

Chris Burch says it’s about balance and that sometimes when things are going slower in the workplace, you can use that time to brainstorm ideas. It also is helpful to do collaborative brainstorming if you’re meeting with multiple people and want to bounce ideas around. Burch also mentioned that it’s helpful to capture thoughts by writing them down even as your working because that can keep them fresh when you have the time to discuss them with others later.

Chris Burch has been the CEO of Burch Creative Capital for over 10 years, but prior to that he was the owner of an apparel retailer known as Eagle Eye Apparel. He started the company while still attending Ithaca College and he took it from a small sales operation to a retail chain franchise that made over $140 million in profits. Burch sold Eagle Eye Apparel in 1998 and decided to invest in other business ventures including partnering with his then wife Tory Burch to launch the fashion brand with her namesake. Burch also was a shareholder for several years in the Internet Capital Group and a member of Guggenheim Partners.


Burch started becoming interested in real estate around 2004 when he decided to invest in the Faena Group’s Hotel + Universe in Buenos Aires, and Burch Creative Capital also joined in several other deals with them including purchasing condo units in Miami and investing in other properties ( He also bought several homes in the Long Island area of New York and sold them for high profits. He finalized the purchase of Nihiwatu Resort in 2013 and brought in some of the world’s top designers and contractors to turn that resort into a top vacation destination featured in Travel & Leisure. Burch has given to several charities and is a former trustee of Tilton School.

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GoBuyside (AD/nY)

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Having the right talent really counts. It can make the difference between having a well-run business or a poorly-staffed one, because of not having a sufficient amount of top talent or having people who aren’t talented at all, which is going to pose a hardship and liability for your company.

So when it comes to finding top talent, you know the place to go:GoBuyside. You’ve discovered the real secret of running a business, and it’s having the right kind of people in the first place.

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Southridge Capital walks you Through Low-Risk Investment Strategies.

Unquestionably, the financial landscape is transitioning rapidly to assist financial institutions, serial investors and entrepreneurs get better at finding solutions to banking challenges. As the role of financial services providers continues to evolve, particular trends in the financial services industry continue to change as well. As such, we cannot always be sure of the impending success or downfall of a financial trend. Therefore, we need to have an expert to predict various market trends in the industry of finance. Southridge Capital is here to handle that on behalf of clients. The Connecticut –based financial services firm is well known for its unparalleled services.

Background Information

Southridge Capital is synonymous with the professional outsourcing of financial services centering on capital flow in various phases of the client’s life cycle. From risk management to asset management, invoicing, debtor management, debt collection and the buyout of receivables among others, Southridge Capital has perfected the art of issuing the right services to match the needs of a client.

Serving Clients

Southridge Capital has a strong financial advisory team that has a well-built client-centric that reflects in various business models and economic structures. Alongside the intuitive understanding of multiple marketplaces, the company has so far, managed to invest about $1.8 billion into emerging businesses since its inception. Having financed more than 200 companies in the public sector, the financial services company is well versed with the concerns of the growing phases of companies. From transitioning into a public company then delving into an individualized financing technique alongside balance sheet management, Southridge Capital thrives on providing excellent services.

The Overview of Services

Regarding providing advisory services, Southridge covers a vast base of different structures. This encompasses financial analysis, a discipline that entails company designs with high projections, made for financial statements. Also, these financial statements are in line with operational assumptions. The second advisory service is on balance sheet optimization. This is based on assisting companies to uphold an appropriate balance between equity and debt.

Social Corporate Responsibility

Southridge Capital is mindful of social responsibility. Henceforth, employees have taken a stand to support the community by providing informal philanthropic services. For more details you can visit

Jeff Yastine: Recap Affliatedork Article

The All Time Educator, Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine lives in Florida, United States of America. He pursued Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications from the University of Florida. Before Banyan Hill Publishing, he was a financial journalist and a stock market investor. Jeff Yastine is an editor of the total wealth insider at Banyan Hill Publishing. He helps investors understand, business, economics and trends of money by contributing to money winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily. Moreover, he has had the opportunity to interview various successful business people allowing the public to acquire secrets to success in financial investments. Over the years, Jeff Yastine has helped overcome and prepare for various crisis such as the Deepwater Horizon, handover of Panama Canal and the impacts of Hurricane Katrina on financial investments among others. All these have been able to earn him honors and awards such as the Excellence Journalism Award and a nomination to the Business Emmy Award. Visit to know more.

From the article, Banyan Hill Publishing is an investment advisor with over four hundred thousand readers looking up to very many experts of financial analysts. The name is derived from the Banyan tree which grows as a canopy, although nit is larger. It has strong trunks which can withstand storm because, as the branches grow, they acquire aerial roots which extend to the ground forming a firm support. This company has been able to help investors plan for their future financial plan. Their main concentration being on natural resources, products, options, two citizenship, diversification of US Dollar and asset protection trusts. Additionally, the Ban Hill Publishing has a website where the analysts are able to help people. With the normal life of people being busy, it is important to have experienced experts guiding you on savings and investments. Their experts have been known to be well traveled and have had the opportunity to interview successful people. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Talk Markets.

Furthermore, Banyan Hill Publishing is important to people with no experience on wealth management. They provide a unique way, away from the normal advice of other investors that guide investments to satisfaction. Their methods are known by few investors who have acquired high levels of profits in their businesses. In conclusion, Banyan Hill Publishing provides transparent services with their fee and interest rates open to the public at any time. They also provide advice on technology such as cryptocurrencies. With the help of people like Jeff Yastine, investment solution is achieved.


Richard Dwayne Blair: Choosing A Reputable Investment Advisor

Are you looking for a reputable investment firm? Need help with investing or financial planning? When it comes to investing or financial planning, it often takes an expert to guide you properly. You need to get guidance from an investment advisor or financial planner that has a proven track record.

If you’re searching for a good financial planner or investment advisor, you need to get in touch with Richard Dwayne Blair. Choosing a reliable investment firm or professional, is a great way to ensure your success in reaching your financial goal.

Richard Dwayne Blair is an experienced and reputable investment advisor and financial planner. Richard Dwayne Blair has been in business for a long time and his firm, Wealth Solutions, comes highly recommended in the industry. This renowned firm has been providing top notch services to clients from all walks of life. Anyone who is serious about getting excellent investment advice, should consider contacting Richard Dwayne Blair for assistance.

Richard Dwayne Blair works hard for his clients and he will make sure that you understand how things work in the industry. He is passionate about showing clients how to invest wisely, and improve their financial situation. Richard Dwayne Blair will equip you with the resources you need to secure your future.

Once you decide to invest, save for retirement or grow your portfolio, you can discuss your needs with Richard Dwayne Blair. Investing is not something to handled without expert assistance. It is extremely important to get guidance from a professional who is well versed in money management and investment advisory.

A large number of people have achieved tremendous success by investing in the stock market. Many vast created vast fortunes and have secured their financial future. There are many investment vehicles and opportunities to improve your financial situation. Knowledgeable financial planners and investment advisors provide the guidance ambitious people need to take their money management or investing to the next level.

Richard Dwayne Blair will help you to navigate the investment process, and ensure that you make the right decision for your financial future.