Rodrigo Terpins Looks To Sustainable Wood Empire Outside Of Race Track.

By now we’ve all heard the commercials about the ‘Most Interesting Man In The World’ and we all understand that they are fictional. Rodrigo Terpins, a Brazilian rally car driver and sustainable wood producer, is competing for the real-life title. Terpins is a well-known rally car driver in Brazil but he has established himself as far more than just an athlete, like his brother and father before him, by paying serious attention to environmental concerns while pursuing a career as an entrepreneur. Let’s take some time in order to learn about Terpins, his work with Floresvale, and what life may be like outside of the track.


Rodrigo Terpin belongs to a family that has shown athletic dominance for generations. His father, Jack Terpins, was a famous professional basketball player in Brazil and his brother, Michael Terpins, is also a professional race car driver. While we don’t like using words like ‘destiny’, it seems all too obvious that Rodrigo himself was destined for great things on the race track. However, to call Rodrigo Terpins nothing more than an athlete would be doing a very large disservice to what appears to be a rapidly growing entrepreneurial empire, explains


Terpins founded Floresvale in order to address a very real need for his home country of Brazil. The wood industry in Brazil is perpetually booming but far too many companies are looking away from pursuing sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. In doing so, Terpins fears that Brazil will be irreparably harmed by unethical business practices. While he can’t change what everyone else is doing, Rodrigo Terpins can provide a sustainable business model to customers who want to purchase high-quality wood while still caring for the land that it grows on.


As an entrepreneur, Rodrigo Terpins knows that his time is almost as valuable as his efforts at the business table. Terpins spends his time equally in both the country and the city and he uses his commute as a chance to network and connects with his partners. Speaking of his partners, Rodrigo considers his partner meetings to be the most valuable way he spends his time as they serve to be the launching board for profitable ideas.


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