Evaluation of the Infrastructure Industry by Felipe Montoro Jens

Serving as the CEO of the Energipar Captacao in Sao Paulo Brazil, Felipe Montoro Jens understands the infrastructure industry like the back of his hand. The cessation of 2,796 projects in Brazil of which 517 are in the infrastructure industry is a subject of interest to the infrastructure expert. Bearing in mind that the 517 transportation projects constitute a percentage of 18.5 to the total number and a value of 10.7 Billion Brazilian Real, it is a huge loss to the country. The inability of the public sector to execute its projects properly has led to the utilization of resources without visible results. Read more about Montoro Jens at mundodomarketing.com

Factors That Have Led To the Cessation of the Projects

Even though the transportation sector receives little funding of about 2% of the GDP, other factors have contributed heavily to the stoppage of the projects. They include the following;

v Financial and budgetary constraints

v Poor interactions between the project managers and the control bodies

v Poor planning and poor quality projects that point towards technical issues

v Economic crisis indicated in the case of cessation of smaller projects

v Land ownership issues and expropriation of the same

As the infrastructure specialist projects, Brazil is still experiencing economic difficulties to the point of containing expenditure affecting many other industries in the country. All is not lost because proposals of measures to be taken are in place.

Suggested Measures by the National Confederation in Industry

According to the Director of Policy and Strategy at CNI, the country seems unable to grasp the gravity of the situation and therefore, strategies should be set to make sure that previous mistakes are not repeated. The measures are as follows;

  1. Improve the internal control system
  2. Refine macro-planning
  3. Choose the most suitable execution modality
  4. Equip teams in a better way
  5. Accomplish micro-planning efficiently
  6. Draw more balanced contracts

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