How Does Ryan Seacreast Maintain His Work-Life Balance

As the newest host this past spring on ABC’s American Idol, as well as co-host for Live With Kelly and Ryan since May 1st 2017, Ryan Seacrest also makes time for his morning radio show, On Air With Ryan, and his Macy’s exclusive menswear line, Distinction. Even with all that on his plate, Ryan has also been an active philanthropist with a focus on youth oriented development and his own foundation, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation. One may wonder how he holds everything together.

Ryan Seacrest keeps his health as a priority, noting that having a healthy lifestyle allows him to be more focused in his profession. He wakes every morning with a super healthy drink, Matcha, followed by coffee and exercise. Ryan is so dedicated to keeping his workout routine, that he has been known to take a personal trainer with him on vacation. He enjoys jogging through parks, cycling, and he is currently training with a boxing coach. Ryan Seacrest also maintains a mostly vegan diet, despite being a self-proclaimed foodie.

Ryan, having Attention Deficit Disorder, admits to having to work hard to remain focused. He credits frequent meditation and putting his phone away as key to keeping a clear mind. He even locks the phone away in a safe on vacation. Ryan has also trained himself to only answer questions or emails in the mornings, and reserves the rest of the day for long term projects. Realizing that not everything or every question needs a reply immediately, and it’s ok to save things for later, was his biggest challenge.

With all the constant publicity, and projects Ryan has going on, he is also careful to remember to make time for leisure. Being a foodie, Ryan Seacrest’s favorite leisure activity is dining. Noting that he works hard mainly to enjoy eating, Ryan loves to indulge in lengthy, family style dining accompanied by an exceptional bottle of wine.

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