Sailing Through Your To-Do List According To Upwork

Upwork, a popular freelancing website, has created a set of valuable tips that will help get you through your to-do list very quickly. Freelancers, no matter their profession, normally compete for many projects and take on too much than they can chew. Doing this puts too much on their plates to the point they have trouble completing all their tasks. These valuable tips will show you how to plow through.

The Rules

The first rule is to capture everything on paper by writing down each task. People make the mistake of trying to remember the things they need to do instead of writing them down. This is the reason they always forget little important things.

The second rule is preparing your daily tasks beforehand, preferable at night. Your energy is at its highest in the morning, when your creativity is in full swing, so this is the time when you should complete priority tasks first.

Rule three is bringing all tasks into a central location so you do not need to search for them later. Keep track of everything you need to do because it is very easy to forget something.

Rule four is managing your time properly. Determine what time you will start a task and the duration. You need to know the time frame in order to manage it properly.

Rule five is preparation. According to Pareto’s rule, “80% of your value comes from 20% of your activities.” How is that possible? Of course, with preparation. You do not need to get read if you stay ready.

Rule six is limiting stress. A stressed environment can break down your mental capabilities which ultimately decrease productivity. Productivity means the world when trying to finish tasks on time.

Rule seven is creating small, manageable tasks. Big jobs are hard to do, but smaller ones are easier. If you complete a bunch of small tasks then the big project will done in no time. Try it.

Rule eight is doing the “batch process”. This means to complete every task back-to-back in a batch until they are all done. How else can you make a hundred phone calls in a day?

Last rule is to assign your energy levels. Make sure to control where you project your energy. When your energy is high, do priority tasks. On the flip side, when your energy is low, do non-essentials. Everything will connect together like a well orchestrated symphony. Do not worry.

These are just a few tips on completing your to-do lists. There are more. Visit to find someone to help you get through your to-do list quickly. Good luck!


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