Ian King Guiding Investors thru the Cryptocurrency Universe

Unicorns in the Making

Rarely do venture capitalist expect a startup to be given a $1B valuation at the starting gates; they have a special word for them: “unicorn.” Unicorn startups are in 13 states and valued at $360B. According to King, there are at present 276 companies valued at over $1B.

Unfortunately, the persons who profit from these “unicorn” startups are the high-end investor. It is rare the value returns to the investor. Could the big cryptocurrency boon be another “unicorn” for investors and the venture capitalist? Today there are over 200 bitcoin currencies on the market. Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.

Altcoins vs. Bitcoin

The blockchain technology is being diversified to fit many kinds of applications and services. In order to meet the demands of innovative entrepreneurs applying the technology new sources of capital are arising to invest in these technologies.

King envisions this may be creating a type financial mania in the market; that is, the mindset of getting in on the next best thing.

Rise of the Cryptocorn

Ian King calls attention to the blockchain mania as the rise of the “cryptocorn” Within a year of one another, Bitcoin stood out at one side of the spectrum as the first, then following only a few months, nearly 47. At the same time as crypto coins increased the market share has continued to drop to 33% market share.

There a New Kid in Town: ICO

This new wave of cryptocurrencies has been named “altcoins,” and at present, the market has seen a huge proliferation of them; growing from 64 in early 2014 to today with a total of 1,398, says Ian King.

When a new authentic “altcoin” is placed on the market for purchase investors can use an ICO to purchase shares in the new cryptocurrency and that usually refers to a type of Bitcoin exchange. The good thing for investors is that investors who get in on the new altcoin purchase have an investment which can show a market liquidity.

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Ian King

Ian King trades cryptocurrencies and is a senior analyst for Banyan Hill Publishing. He edits the Banyan Hill Publication Crypto Currency Trader, which offer investors an easy way to get into the cryptocurrency investing world.

He has over twenty years experience trading and analyzing the financial markets. Ian King has been covered by Fox Business News, Investopedia and other financial market news journalist. He’s worked at Salomon Brothers’, Citigroup, and Peahi capital. He began his work with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017. Read this article at Medium.com.

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