Guilherme Paulus: The Epitome Of Shrewd Entrepreneurship

     The Brazil shared property sector holds an annual Top Seller Event that brings together the best business minds. The 2017 edition was held at the Mabu Thermas Grand Resort and had Guilherme Paulus as the first speaker.

He spoke about his role in the establishment and growth of CVC tour operators whose board he chairs. He started out with IBM as financial constraints kept him from pursuing a career in the medical field. He enrolled in their internship program but the work with calculators did not suit him.

Casa Faro provided a way out and he worked as an airfare salesman for two years. He met a federal deputy looking to set up an outlet in Santo Andre. His proposal was enticing and Guilherme Paulus became a partner. His experience and labor would serve as his investment at the beginning.

The idea of CVC came to life in 1972 but 9 years down the line he contemplated closing shop. The challenges in the market were proving to be more than he was prepared for while the tough financial times only made matters worse. His big break came from Mercedes Benz who was organizing a tour for some of their employees. His sales skills saw him win the bid and this marked a turning point for the firm.

Guilherme Paulus has worked closely with Valyer Patriani, his partner, to establish CVC to what it is today. The latter was responsible for the Roberto Carlos show that placed CVC in the limelight. They became eligible for a number of charter flights that translated in amazing income for the firm.

Their innovative ideas have had a great impact in the market. Virtual stores, hotels, shopping malls and an airline have made them stand out from the other service providers. Guilherme Paulus has also overseen the acquisition of a number of firms. They recently completed the acquisition of Visual Tourism.

Having enjoyed great success in the tourism sector, the accomplished entrepreneur ventured into the hotel business. Guilherme Paulus founded the GJP Hotels & Resorts firm in 2005 to provide a reclining spot for his traveling clients. The group serves more than 11 states in Brazil with close to 20 hotels to its name. The hotels cater to the financial needs of their diverse clients as they range from the premium line to the five-star hotels. Three stars and four stars are also part of the line.

The 68-year-old has won the entrepreneur of the year award a couple of times thanks to his hard work. He continues to provide solutions to his clients while providing job opportunities to numerous Brazilians.

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