Doe Deere Spills Out the Secret on Her Success with Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a bold individual with a great personality, and her stunning make-up and striking hair tells it all. The famous founder of Lime Crime is far from being termed as an introvert, and her brand is a great way to seal the statement. Despite the various challenges that they have faced, the company has been able to soar high and produce some of the best products and brands in the market. For instance, the Polly pocket eye shadow palette is a great example. During an interview with Stylist, Doe Deere, Lime Crime’s founder revealed that their aim as a company is to provide their clients with quality products which helps them stand out in the competitive market. She continues to say that their products are top-notch and it’s a trend that they have has since the year 2008. Interesting to note, Lime Crime is 100 percent vegan, and Doe Deere says that it’s a choice for their brand which hugely, reflects her personality and attitude. Not to forget that they engage in numerous animal testing which is among the company goals; not to engage in any form of cruelty.


When asked if she has made any mistakes in her entrepreneurial journey, Doe Deere says that everyone is prone to make mistakes at one point or the other. However, the steps taken to counter those mistakes is what matters, and the lessons learned all together as they determine one’s growth. The company has faced various challenges along the way, but they have been able to overcome and come out quite strong. When asked about their next move in the market in terms of beauty trends that people should watch out for, Doe Deere says that there are various fantastic beauty products and some of them include the newly-launched Venus 111 Eyeshadow Palette. She says that they are looking forward to exploring new colors such as lilac, lavender as well as various shades of purple.


Doe Deere says that entrepreneurship has always been her passion. Her advice to women that hope to one day venture into entrepreneurship and start their beauty brand is that they should watch out for any existing market gaps. One should then formulate strategies that will enable them to make their dreams fulfilled, having in mind to pay close attention to current trends and upcoming innovations. Doe Deere reveals that when the company started out, she was behind product formulation. However, today, they have a fantastic team that ensures that product formulation is at its best. She says that her team upholds product belief which is an ingredient for their success. Doe Deere believes that people are becoming intertwined with glitter products, whimsical, and unicorns as they come quite handy in people expressing themselves. She says that people have positively embraced the art of being different and unique, something that Lime Crime is all about! Doe Deere says that she always looks forward to her customers’ feedback, especially on social media as it is a great way of improving their ideas to develop successful beauty products. Learn more:


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