Technology and Creativity Merged at Academy of Art university

Academy of Art University provides an opportunity to individuals yearning to for a career in entertainment, fine arts, design and liberal arts. Since its inception in 1929, it has rapidly grown has provided specialization skills to many students with notable alumni like Heidi Montang who is a singer and Margaux Avedisan, an entrepreneur affiliated to Bitcoin and a comedian. The University equally has a well-resourced and experienced staff including lectures like Adam Savage the brains behind Myth Busters, Tom Bertino an animator and Diana Barker, a prominent actress.

The learning institution has state of the art facilities for student accommodation and dining, lecture auditoriums, resource centers and libraries. It has numerous student organizations and clubs that provide for socialization. The Athletics Club that has a sports team called Urban Knights which boasts of excellent performance in national and regional events and competitions.

The University runs and owns a museum with a collection of 200 expensive vintage cars whose worth Forbes approximates to be $70 million. It’s called Academy of Art Automobile Museum. Over the years, the students going through the university have added significant resources and skills to the society for its betterment. Recently four students from the institution’s School of Game Development launched a mobile application called Tederfeels that employs augmented reality concept.

It is an application that is intended help improve the security of Tenderloin District in San Francisco. Students from Academy of Art University are passionate about using their talents to help the neighborhood and enhance sustainability.The application utilizes augmented reality to collect real-time data from Tenderloin locals when they select a mood over the full range of emotions like disgusted, happy and angry to express their feeling on their local.

The results are real-time too and enable other application users to see why a specific emotion has been selected for a particular block or surrounding. This information could allow security agencies and schools pinpoint trouble locations and come up with ways to improve the neighborhood. Augmented reality is the new concept as it can also be applied in other sectors of the economy like agriculture to boost productivity.

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