Freedom Checks by Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a mining, energy and agriculture guru. He has an experience of over twenty years in these industries. He is a former geology lecturer at Duke University and the University of North Carolina. He has been to various parts of the world. Matt is also an investment guru and works closely with Banyan Hill Publishing. He is well conversant with the world of investments. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Matt Badiali is the father of Freedom Checks in the sense that it was him that first discovered them. Due to his expertise, Matt is often assigned projects by different investors. He stumbled upon the idea of freedom checks while working on one of his assignments from a renowned financial expert. That particular assignment involved a lot of interaction with top officials of oil and mining companies.

Freedom Checks are a legit investment and have received Congress’ approval. They are not a form of social security fund nor are they a retirement plan and are non-governmental. Matt Badiali affirms that the returns from the Freedom Checks can be up to four times of the monthly social security payments and are open to people of all ages. The “26-F” law enables the existence of these checks.

The law allows tax exemption for companies that give Freedom Checks as an enticement. This encourages companies to enroll in the program. So far, about 568 companies have enrolled and are issuing the Freedom Checks. However, there are requirements that a company has to meet to be eligible to issue the checks. These are:

  • The company must be operating in the United States of America oil and gas industry. At least 90% of its revenue must be generated from processing and distributing oil and gas in the US.


  • The profits must be shared out amongst the shareholders.

When Matt Badiali was working on his global project, he formed the master limited partnerships (MLPs) that are made up of the 568 companies that can issue Freedom Checks. These companies satisfy the conditions named above. The money that the shareholders get is a return of capital and is tax exempted, unlike incomes.

The returns are similar in characteristics with any other shares from other limited liability companies such as Apple or Google. However, the lower gains capital rates are used to impose a tax cut on any MLP investment that changes ownership. The Freedom Checks are easy to access, and the initial capital is relatively low and affordable. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

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